100K Blueprint Masters Edition Review: Dan Dasilva Shopify Dropshipping Masterclass?

Thanks for checking out my review on Dan Dasilva's 100K Blueprint.

Here we are going to get into his course, see what he's offering and then decide if it's a program for you to pick up or not. Sound fair?

The course has been out for a few years now but is currently in version 3.0. and soon he will be launching the 100K Blueprint Masters Edition. See more below. 

You’re getting 12 weeks of content so that’s quite some time before you can view the entire course. Personally I like getting all the content up front so I can work at my own pace.

Hey, want to have a chance to with a cash prize ($2000 giveaway) just for listening to a webinar? On August 20, 2020 Dan Dasilva will have a live training workshop.  This is now closed!

There are 4 different times to choose from and in this workshop you are going to learn how his 3 step formula allowed him to earn over $420K in just 32 days.

You'll also learn about some secret software to find "big opportunity products" easily,

There's a ton more to learn but just choose a time and jump on one (or all) of the webinars to see what it's all about - and maybe you'll win some free money while you're at it!

About Dan Dasilva

Before we jump in, some of you might not know much about Dan so i'd like to preface this review with a bit of backround on him.

Like a lot of successful dropshippers, Dan started at a young age. It's actually a pretty cool story that many may not know about him but he had a very troubled childhood and one day everything just turned around for him when he realized he was going nowhere.

He found himself a mentor and with his mentor they made something like 100K together - I'm not sure if that was dropshipping or not but it obviously sparked a fire in him to make more money.

His course breaks things down for you with incorporating a process. It all starts with doing research, getting your asset created, growing your asset and then repeat the process all over again.

These actions are typical for any entrepreneur to follow because it just makes sense. It’s not exactly unique to dropshipping and ecom.

He’s pretty popular on Youtube with a following of about 129K subs as I’m writing this. His videos offer some basic training with topics such as branding your drop shipping products, Top 3 AliExpress alternatives, what products you should never drop ship and so on.

Enough about who Dan is, you probably know already so let’s dive in.

100K Blueprint Review

The first week essentially is an introduction to dropshipping and Shopify. You'll get videos on topics like the free+ shipping model, funnels, retargeting and an over-the-shoulder video of store creation.

The second week goes more into depth with dropshipping theory and setting up your own Shopify store. Other topics include choosing a niche, shipping settings, setting up Adroll, ad research basics etc.

In the third week, you'll learn marketing basics, ad design theory, website conversion ads, commenting, ad techniques, flex targeting, Ad reporting, retargeting pixels, look-a-like audiences etc.

The fourth week gets into influencers, how to find them and what to look for. There's also a case study and a workshop.

You'll find some funnel training with Clickfunnels in the 5th week. Obviously you'll need a Clickfunnels account to make this work for you.

The rest of the modules for the remaining weeks discuss scaling, hiring a project manager and all that stuff for when you no longer can handle things on your own. 


For the members that got in at the time of version 3.0, you'll also get Dan's latest bonuses which include access to his product lookup tool (which helps you find winning products) more live case studies, an email campaign, 20 done-for-you ad creatives and access to 10 week live coaching calls.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're feeling squirmish about spending the $997 and feel you're not getting your money's worth, you'll need to act fast to get a refund. You've got 3 days so not much time to make up your mind.

Final Thoughts on the Course

There's no doubt that you are going to learn how to do dropshipping from Dan Dasilva.

He has a good course and by the time you complete all the modules you should be good to go out there and start your store.

However you've already invested a grand in the course and will need money to fund your business. If you've got deep pockets then hey good for you but if not, listen up to what I have to say.

For those that like to get value for your money, I have an alternative which you should also consider.

If you haven't read my reviews yet, you might not know that I rave about eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

I've bought and reviewed many courses both in dropshipping and affiliate marketing and I can honestly say this is the best course for your buck. Even the low cost aside, with over 175 videos in everything a newbie needs to start a dropshipping business is included.

I am talking training like how to set up your store, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Funnels, Chat bots, email marketing and so on. It's a ton of info and from a marketer that doesn't just teach, he does this stuff too.

I have learned from the course too and i'm also a member. I do a review of eCom Elites and a video walkthrough of the course you should check out.

If you must have Dan's course then by all means buy it, but if you're smart and savvy you'll check out what I have to offer.


100K Blueprint Rating
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Overall a decent course but may be pricey for some. See my alternative for an option.

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