7 Figure Shop Ecom Secrets Review: Rafael Cintron’s Dropshipping Course

Hey, Drew here. Today i'm going to review another Youtuber's course. This time it's from Rafael Cintron and his 7 Figure Ecom Secrets. 

The course costs $997 (another $997 course!) which is on the more expensive side. I've seen many courses that cost this much and have yet to find a one worth the money. Let's see if this one is.

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Who is Rafael Cintron?

Rafael is a self proclaimed 7 figure earner in ecommerce. He's got a Youtube Channel that has about 13,000 subscribers at the time of this writing. He seems to post regularly at least once a week,

Topics range from top 10 products to dropship right now (be careful of these because everyone will do them and they are probably saturated already) how to get celebrity shout outs, how to sell ANY product,and many other case studies of products/stores doing 6 and 7 figures.

His channel has one goal in mind and that is to get you through his free training where you will then be offered to get into his paid course. It's good he offers value up front, but the tactics in the free training are pretty basic and readily available online. He's not going to give away all his 'secrets' up front.

A strange discovery...

I've seen others point out the same thing that he sells other unrelated courses on Udemy.com. Check this out:

When you check his BIO pic, it looks like the same guy. So is he a master of ecommerce, anxiety management, confidence building and willpower? 

Here's what's on his BIO page. You can look this up yourself.

Is it possible his angle is to research what courses people purchase at high rates and develops them for the market for profit? After seeing this I do question the authenticity of his ecom course now. Is this how he makes money in ecommerce, by selling courses on ecommerce?

What's in the Paid Course?

One thing I do find confusing about his course is the branding. It's not clear what the actual name is. I have seen "eCommerce Secrets Inner Circle" along with the other name "eCommerce Profits Inner Circle" and then there's the "7 Figure Secrets."

His branding doesn't seem to be very strong. That's the first red flag because in Ecommerce, you better have a strong and recognizable brand. His course name is all over the place and not clear. Maybe that is his strategy, I am not sure.

In the course itself, there's two opening modules then 10 sections for the rest of the training.

Module 1 - Introduction to Ecommerce Profits Inner Circle

All you're getting here is a video less than 2 minutes long - and that's the end of module 1 lol. It's an introductory video that just tells you what to expect in the course. Typical, but not exactly worthy of an actual module. 

Module 2 - Beginning Your Shop

You'll get 4 short videos here showing you how to set up your store, how to set up emails, payment methods and how to increase conversion rates. The longest is the first video at 45 minutes. A lot of other courses break this down into chunks but Rafael has decided to jam it all together in one video.

Section 1 - Finding Winning Products

In this section (or module, however you want to call it) you're going to learn about product research. In total there's 8 videos that cover the following topics:

  • How to find a niche for Shopify
  • Winning product mastery
  • How to find winning products - 3 videos on this, 1 is a live call
  • Product validation - AliExpress
  • Pexda - finding products
  • Oberlo mastery
  • DSers App - fill orders faster than Oberlo?

Section 2 - Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads will be the most critical aspect of your training and in this section you'll find just 9 videos. Taught is Ad account setup, analyzing competition, converting your ads, target your ads, video ads and lookalike audiences. A lot of this basic training can be found on Youtube.

Section 3 - Advanced Facebook Ads

Here you'll get 3 videos teaching dynamic targeting, scaling lookalike audiences and scaling ads that have proven to be successful.

Both of these modules combined are very basic and there's nothing advanced about them. Rafael tends to 'gloss over' most of the strategies and doesnt to into great detail. Contrast this with the intense Facebook training on Ecom Elites, where you'll get over 50 videos in Facebook traning alone.

Section 4 - Google Ads Domination

There's 7 videos in this section that teach you about Google Tag Conversions, product specific campaigns, retargeting and negative keywords.

I don't see how you are going to dominate Google with 7 videos that appear to be also quite random. There's full courses on dropshipping with Google. Check out my article on the Best Google Ads Courses to see more.

Section 5 - Instagram Marketing

Another lacklustre module - the instagram training is nothing groundbreaking. It has some basic strategies such as how to test products with Instagram, how to track influencer shout-outs and also provides scripting to contact them. 

It's a very basic module and again, pales in comparison to training in a course like eCom Elites. No surprises here.

Section 6 - Content Marketing & SEO

There's just one video here at 20 minutes in length. The video is actually a live call with some guy in the UK that owns an SEO agency. He talks about some aspects of SEO and what to look out for, etc.

There's really nothing to learn here but you might pick up some tips. You'd be better off just Googling SEO for eCom and see what comes up. Again, a very lacklusture module with just one off-the-cuff video.

Section 7 - Shopify Apps to Make an Extra $5000+

I have to take issue with the sheer nature of the title of this module. Not sure how he comes up with that number but it is true, apps can help you earn extra money.

Apps recommended include reviews by Loox, which helps with converions. Also discussed is Recart, Abandoned cart emails, SMS Bump and Mail Munch. 

What Rafael doesn't tell you and i'm surprised he doesn't, is that getting a premium theme enables you to ditch the apps that you're paying monthly for. A good premium theme will have all these apps included and more. What's better is that because it's built into the code, it won't slow down your site like addon apps will. 

Check out my review on the best premium Shopify themes to get more information on how this can benefit you over getting apps.

Section 8 - How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

I've noticed that a lot of courses in dropshipping will usually give you some ideas on how to hire a virtual assisant and Rafael's course is no different. He just cites Upwork and Fiverr for this. There's other ones out there like people-per-hour, etc. 

Anyway, you won't need to worry about this until your business starts getting too overwhelming. You can skip this 6 minute video if you want to because that's all there is in this "module."

Section 9 - High Ticket Dropshipping Webinars

You may have heard the term high ticket dropshipping before and that's what this module is about. 

Here, Rafael tells you how you can make higher profit margins on single sales with high ticket offers through 2 webinars. 

Some people get turned on by this idea of selling expensive items netting big commissions but the truth is it is much harder to "sell" these people. Selling inexpensive items can be very easy because they are impulse buys. High ticket items are usually well researched and if you don;t have a recognizable brand, no one is going to buy from you.

If you are interested to learn more, my article on high ticket dropshipping will certainly explain more on this.

Section 10 - Email Marketing

In this section, you're going to learn the importance of email marketing. And more specifically - from customers that have abandoned their cart. 

You'll find that you'll actually get better training in either an app that helps you send abandoned emails or in a premium theme like eCom Turbo that has more training on abandoned carts. It's another short section and if you are new, might find it confusing.

Course Bonuses

You will get five bonuses with this course if you decide to purchase it.

The first bonus is a live one-on-one call with Rafael. You can also participate in a bi-weekly group mentoring call with others to ask questions. Whether this is on-going remains to be seen. It's unclear how many members he has at the moment.

There is messenger access with Rafael but let's be real it could be a VA that takes these chats. If he's this busy with all these projects I don't see how he has the time to handle all this.

The other "bonuses" are Facebook, Google and Instagram Ads tips. This wasn't included in the regular training which it should have been. Listing a bonus in integral areas that have already been taught just makes thngs seem confusing and just thrown together.

I wouldn't call this a bonus but it's offered as a bonus and that is the access to a private Facebook Group. Any legit course should have one by default anyway, and not promoted as a bonus.

Final Thoughts on the Course

I found this course to be a bit of a disappointment. For $997 I would have expected much more. The training is light and not well detailed. 

It just doesnt have the content I was expecting. It's not a bad course as you'll definitely learn something, but not at $997. It's not justified at all.

If you really want to learn ecom and start your own dropshipping business, you don't need to invest a grand in a course. 

If I told you that you could learn every possible strategy to compete with the big boys and girls for under $300 would that entice you?

The Alternative

In fact, you can start right now if you want for just $197. I mentioned it before in this review that eCom Elites is probably the best dropshipping course out there right now.

I have it myself and do a full walk through and review. Check out my eCom Elites review to see what you are getting. It's got over 175 videos of content and blows this $997 course literally out of the water.

I'm glad you made it here so I was able to save you a ton of money and get a ton more knowledge as well.

Remember, learning this stuff doesnt have to be expensive. And, finding the right instructor who cares about his students and does everything he can to help them succeed is important. So once again check out my review and see what it's all about.


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You’ll learn the basics but not worth the cost. Refer to my suggestion instead.


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