Affiliate Evolution Review: Affiliate Marketing Course by ODI Productions

You may have read my two previous reviews on ODI Productions' affiliate marketing courses in the not so distant past. First there was Affiliate Marketing Champ, followed by Passive Income Lifestyle. His 3rd and latest course - Affiliate Marketing Evolution is the focus of our review today.

As this is his third course on the same subject, how is he differentiating these courses so they just don't look like a rebrand? His first course was very thin, not many videos and really just a basic affiliate marketing course with the calibre of free stuff you find online.

His second course was a little better and more expensive but the difference was he made himself more available to his students. That was probably the reason for the higher price tag because he had to take the time to do the live interactive webinars.

So How is Affiliate Marketing Evolution Any Different?

This course has a focus on paid advertising rather than free methods and SEO. When you're dropping $997 already for the course, you're still going to need to invest more money on ads. You'll also need to invest in an autoresponder and write emails for your sequences. If you're going to outsource this as well, it will cost you even more.

$997 seems to be a popular price these days for some marketers both the obscure ones like Odi and better known ones like John Crestani. I also did a review on John Crestani's Super Affiliate System and the concept between these two are the same. However, if you're going to choose one of them, you'll get a hell of a lot more content from the latter should you decide to invest $997.

Affiliate Evolution Content

You'll get 2 case studies in this course. The first one shows you how he went from zero to four thousand dollars a month on one affiliate marketing product. 

Apparently this was done in one month which is pretty impressive by any standard. However, if you have a big budget like Odi appears to have with his 911 and his Lambo, house and apartment in Chicago (if he still has it, not sure) then it's pretty easy to invest in many different campaigns and then use the one that works in a course as a case study.

So it would make you wonder how many failed attempts he had with other products which is most likely. Not all are winners of course, but the impression you will get is that if you try this just once, you'll succeed. The other failures are not mentioned.

Anyway, in this case study #1 you will learn the sales funnel and exact strategy he used. The templates are also available for you to download and all is revealed. Don't attempt to replicate though, the campaign is likely dead by now otherwise no marketer would give away his/her bread winner.

If you are a fan of his channel you probably know about his "Recordingnow" website. Odi likes to do music production so he obviously has a lot of headphones which is his passion. So the second case study is just about that - showing you how he built his business selling headphones. The thing is, he does give away some info about this in his first course and also on his Youtube channel. Nothing is new here.

Also, the affiliate commissions on Amazon for headphones is just 6%. You're going to have to sell a hell of a lot of headphones to make some good money. The return on your investment with paid ads might not work here too well.

Is This Course For You?

It depends. Are you a digital marketer making money already and haven't dabbled with paid traffic yet? Would a case study on how to approach this work for you? If so, then maybe you should pick it up but at your own risk. 

However if you're a noob to affiliate marketing, please do me a favour and stay the hell away. I hate to see people waste money on something that is probably not going to work for them. 

Don't get me wrong I actually like Odi Productions, he's a cool dude and has an interesting story and channel. Watch him for inspiration and check out his cool cars. I really like his 911 Turbo - I don't think he should have wrapped it though. What do you think? Maybe you like his Lambo better. I don't know 😛

Anyway, take my advice and get the course you really should get where you'll have a better chance of making money with affiliate marketing and quitting your day job for good. Or, paying off that student debt or giving the finger to your employer and traveling the world with your laptop like I do.

My Recommendation

That course is Savage Affiliates. I do recommend this course and quite often on my blog for one reason - it's the best for noobs.

Most of my readers are new to affiliate marketing and looking for a way to start. Odi's course is not going to help you. You need an instructor that is going to give you many different options, from paid traffic, organic (SEO) traffic and also free traffic methods.

You'll also learn how to find products, be introduced to platforms and not just Clickbank but others as well, how to build funnels and how to grow exponentially with email marketing. You'll get all this and MORE with Savage Affiliates. It's got a TON of content and is going to benefit you a hell of a lot more.

So, if you have failed in the past with affiliate marketing, it's not your fault. The course you bought or the training you went through was probably shit. I'll be blunt about it.

I also do a video walkthrough of the course as i'm a real member so you'll actually see what's inside too. Best part - it's only $197 and way underpriced. You'll see why in my review.

If you'd like to focus more on building an authority website and rank it in the search engines, you should check out the guys at authority hackerIt's excellent training that focuses on ranking sites in Google.

There, I just gave you two highly recommended options that are less expensive and just such better by a longshot.

If you have any questions, just hit me up on my contact page. Like this page and comment below - I answer all questions!


Drew Mann

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