Afflift: Is This Affiliate Marketing Forum Legit or be Avoided?

Heard of the Afflift Forum?

Wondering why you should be signed up to a premium internet marketing community? 

Well, that is what I want to talk about in this Afflift review. I want to help you determine if this affiliate marketing community is worth the membership fees.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Since Afflift is based around discussions on affiliate marketing, it is probably worth starting off by talking about what affiliate marketing actually is.

I know some of my readers will already know, but let's cover things a little bit for those that may not!

To put it simply, when you are doing a bit of affiliate marketing, you will be selling products on behalf of somebody else. Whenever the work you do leads to a sale for the company that you are promoting, you will get a commission. 

Affiliate marketing is often one of the first methods people use when they are breaking into internet marketing.

What is the Afflift Premium Affiliate Community?

You can think of Afflift as an internet forum and commuity. There is a little bit more to it, and I will discuss that in a short while. However, at the heart of Afflift is an internet marketing community.

It is packed with affiliate marketers that are discussing their strategies, asking questions, and sharing information with the other affiliate marketers.

On top of this, there are regular articles and guides being produced for the Afflift community too. While you are not going to get one single strategy while you are on Affilift, you will receive a ton of information that should make your marketing a little bit easier.

Because it is a premium community, it helps to keep out the people that have no idea what they are doing. It is for internet marketers that are serious about internet marketing. It means that almost all of the information is quality.

Who Founded Afflift?

Luke King is the founder of Afflift. You may not have heard of his name, but I am almost certain that you will have stumbled across a website he has worked on at some point. This is because, for a while, he was the director of marketing at Peerfly.

This is the largest CPA website in the world. So, he knows exactly what is up in the internet marketing industry, specifically affiliate marketing. While I do not have any information about whether he is an affiliate himself, he doesn't need to be. He isn't really trying to teach you anything with his platform. Instead, he is just building up a quality community that you can enjoy.

Afflift Main Features

In addition to the main Afflift forum, there are six different features that you can enjoy once you are signed up.

Guides to Affiliate Marketing

These guides are there to teach the absolute basics of internet marketing. Although, there is a bit of information for more experienced marketers thrown in for good measure too.

Think along the lines of traffic sources, setting up ad campaigns, that sort of thing.

Case Studies

This is one of my favorite features of Afflift. There are several different case studies on the site that you can read through. These will guide you through exactly what people have done when they are putting together an affiliate website.

All of these case studies are proven methods, so while it may be tough to copy them exactly, you will certainly get a few ideas about how to run your affiliate campaigns.

Rather Learn Affiliate Marketing From a Course?


Follow-Along Campaigns

These are case studies that are in progress. So, people provide regular updates on what they are doing. You will find these posted all over the forum.

This is because people look for advice, or share advice, with other forum members in light of what they are trying to accomplish.

Landing Pages

This is pretty simple. There are tons of examples of landing pages that you can 'borrow'. You can also use them to generate some of your own ideas.

Tracking Help

These are guides to help you to get to grips with various pieces of affiliate tracking software.


Information and tools designed to help you get the most out of your affiliate marketing. There is a ton of information about this on the website.

How Afflift Can Benefit You

Even if you think you know a ton of stuff about affiliate marketing, there is still so much to learn.

I feel that the major benefit of Afflift is the fact that you can share ideas, and pick up new ones, from people that have actually made affiliate marketing work for them.

Sometimes it is nice to have the ability to lean on a community of affiliate marketing experts. You can learn so much, and I don't think I have found another forum online quite like it.

The real highlight, however, will be the case studies. This includes both the ones in progress and the completed ones. It is nice to be able to see how different people have tackled affiliate marketing.

If you are struggling for ideas, then you can look through these case studies and get some ideas. Of course, you can put together your own reports and have people comment on them too.

On top of it all, there are people sharing strategies. This includes details on cool affiliate networks and even strategies for picking up traffic or dealing with social media. Tons of information that you will not find anywhere else.

Afterall, you have to take info from free forums like blackhatworld with a grain of salt! Some advice there can get you in trouble - Afflift so far looks legit and doesn't endorse any spammy or blackhat techniques.

Membership Pricing for Afflift

There are three membership pricing tiers. They each offer the same benefits but will give you a different length of time on your membership.

  • It will cost you $20 per month to sign up to Afflift.
  • For $350, you can buy a lifetime membership.
  • For $100, you can enjoy 6-months of access to the Afflift community. This means that you get 1-month for free.

Is the Afflift Affiliate Marketing Forum For You?

Absolutely anybody involved in affiliate marketing could see some sort of benefit from the Afflift forum.

This is because there is a lot of information out there to suit both beginners and experienced marketers alike. Sure, it is going to be behind a paywall, but I feel that Afflift brings enough to the table to really justify the price.

Plus, there is nowhere else online that you are going to be getting such quality information from some of the best affiliate marketers in the world. 

Drew Mann

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