Alishark – Is this Aliexpress Research Tool Worth it?

If you are a dropshipper, then you will know just how difficult it can be to track down products to dropship.

It is a struggle to find that unique product that you know is going sell, while at the same time delivering you large amounts of profit for minimal effort.

Alishark is a product research tool designed to help you decide which products are perfect for you to be dropshipping.

How does it work? Well, that is what I will be taking a look at in this Alishark review. Let's dive in!

What is Alishark?

Alishark bills itself as a 'spy tool' that looks at various pieces of data on Aliexpress and informs dropshippers which products they should be selling and, of course, which ones they should be steering clear of.

It is really just an advanced 'product research' tool that allows you to find the right products to be dropshipping.

It was created by Yousef Khalidi who is an expert in the dropshipping space.

How Much Does Alishark  Cost?

Alishark will set you back $20 per month, although there is an affordable trial at $1 available to allow you to get to grips with how the software works.

Alishark Review

In the following sections, I want to go through some of the features that this product boasts. This will allow you to determine whether Alishark is going to be right for you or not.

Of course, i will also offer my own input on the feature too, just to aid you a little bit in your decision.

Who is Alishark for?

Alishark is designed for any dropshipper. Of course, if you have already selected your own niche and have a stable set of products that seem to be selling quite well, you will have less need for Alishark.

You may not be doing that much product research. Obviously, you will need to do some on occasion in order to help to expand your business, but you will need to be doing less than somebody new to the game.

I can see value in Alishark for those that are not dropshippers too. Even if you are not planning to dropship any of the items in Alishark, the information can be exceedingly useful to determine what the market is currently like in the niche you are operating in, and it can help guide you to the right products to buy from your wholesalers.

Although, do bear in mind that the product is mostly for those that use Aliexpress, so you will have less value from it.

Finding Products to Sell

This is the main benefit to Aliexpress. It offers you a plethora of data to help you to determine which products to sell. This includes:

  • Data on products that have sold well in the past 30-days
  • Data on products that have been wish-listed extensively
  • Data on where the products are actually being sold

Generally speaking, if a product on Aliexpress is getting a lot of orders and added to a lot of wishlists, then there is a good chance that it would be a viable option to sell online.

It means people want it. I know of several people that have discovered brand new niches based upon the information that Alishark offers. It also provides a far, far easier way to browse through Aliexpress. After all, you are no longer guessing what is selling, but you are being told what is selling.

I find the data on where the product is being sold the most useful. Now, Alishark is not going to be able to pick up everywhere online that the product is being sold, but it does a good job at picking up most places.

This will allow you to see how much a product is selling for, and what your competition is like. You will also be able to see which countries the products have been selling well in.

This is decent information. After all, if you are mainly selling to an American market, do you really want to be picking up products that have only been known to sell in Russia?

There really is a lot of analytical data here, and it is surprisingly easy to navigate through. I do want to point out that not every product is in the system at the moment, but there are daily additions and all of the viable products do already have some sort of representation in Alishark.

Finding Which Products to Advertise

This actually one of the most useful features of Alishark. It tells you which times of the year a product is selling. It does this by tracking sales data over the course of a year (obviously, this information is not available for all products).

You can extrapolate this data to determine when you should be heavily advertising certain products and when to avoid spending your money. This information is amazing when you are planning a mass advertising campaign.

Information like this can be useful as it can also help you to determine the products that you are dropshipping throughout the year. This ensures that your business works as effectively as possible.

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Expansion to eBay

The best part about Alishark is that it is starting to go beyond just searching Aliexpress. It is also searching for information on eBay.

Of course, the information here is still rather basic as it hasn't had time to build up good data, you will be pleased to know that it is developing nicely, and in just a few months, this could be one of the better eBay research tools out there.

Alishark Chrome Extension

Alishark has another feature where you can install the Chrome Extension. This essentially is a bookmark tool on Aliexpress. The way how it works is that when you have found a product, you simply "Shark it" by pressing a button. 

Alishark Alternatives

1. SaleHoo Dropship

There are alternatives to Alishark. One of my favorite tools is SaleHoo Dropship. SaleHoo dropship helps you find trending products on AliExpress and allows you to add them to your store in just a few minutes. It's a replacement for the Oberlo app. Remember Oberlo?

With SaleHoo Dropship, you will have access to thousands of trending products that have been hand-picked.

It makes it so easy and gives you the best chance of success because these products have been picked by the dropshipping experts at SaleHoo.

With SaleHoo, you are not limited to using AliExpress. They even have a directory with thousands of suppliers all over the globe. So, if you want to dropship without entirely relying on AliExpress, check out my Salehoo review to learn more..

2. SellTheTrend

SellTheTrend uses Ai technology to find winning products. If you don't want to do a ton of product research, this tool can do it for you.

SellTheTrend is a direct competitor with Alishark because it focuses on dropshipping products from AliExpress. 

With your subscription, you even get access to a full dropshipping course. So if you need training as well, getting a subscription can help you with that and finding products.

To learn more, check out my Sell The Trend review.

Is Alishark Worth it?

If you want a quality way to spot trending products, then Alishark is an ok route to go down.

Obviously, it shouldn't be your "be all and end all" of product research, but it is a great tool for steering you in the right direction. It comes in at an affordable price too, so when your dropshipping business does start to take off, you will barely notice just how much Alishark is costing you.

As I wrote this review quite some time ago, I now prefer either the SaleHoo Dropship or Sell The Trend alternative tools. They may be slightly higher in price but in my opinion are much more superior.

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