Print Profits Review – Full Review With Bonus

Hey, Drew here with another review. This time, it’s on Print Profits.

Print Profits was created by Fred Lam and Michael Shih, two very respected marketers.

If you want to get into dropshipping, you can potentially profit over 7 figures online without any inventory! How incredible is that?

This business model is quite amazing because it capitalizes on print-on-demand. The training shows you how to do this with 100% automation!

Here is How Print Profits Works:

  • Your customer orders a Tee Shirt design, hat, mug, blanket, etc., all custom designs along with hundreds of others available.
  • After they complete their purchase, you simply get their item printed and then ship it to them!

It doesn’t matter how many orders they make, it could be one or one hundred, or more. You invest zero dollars into their order because you only print the item after they pay for it!

What Does the Print Profits Members Area Look Like?

There is a total of 8 modules. In each module are video lessons. Some are just 5 minutes in length, while others are more intense at just under and hour. Training is VERY thorough so you need to put some time into this.

Newbies will benefit from Print Profits because Fred and Michael walk you through a full print on demand business from scratch.

With many case studies, templates and blueprint formulas, incorporating this into your business is a snap.

Here are the Modules:

Module 1:

  • The Basics
  • Niche and Brand Research
  • Securing a Domain
  • Creating a Logo
  • Setting up Support Email
  • Setting up your Store
  • Setting up a toll Free number & more

Module 2:

This module discusses design and includes topics such as:

  • Design Theory and Research
  • Hiring a Designer
  • Working with your designer
  • How to create your own designs
  • Copyright topics

Module 3:

  • Setting up your supplier apps
  • Pricing psychology
  • FB Fan Page creation
  • Audience Research
  • Google search method & More

Module 4: Facebook!

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Pixel Mastery
  • Ad Types
  • Ad Creatives
  • FB Ad Manager
  • FB Blueprint & More

There are four more modules left and as you can see so far, the training is intense.

Module 5 discusses advanced Facebook Ad strategies and build on Module 4

Module 6 discusses Fan Page management and how to automate messaging.

Module 7 discusses 3rd party tool integration including Clickfunnels, Carthook and Shopify Buy Buttons.

Module 8 discusses Email Marketing, Retargeting and even how to scale and SELL your business for big profits (if that’s what you want to do).


Weekly Live Training

Fred and Michael will hold your hand for biweekly training sessions. Normally these sessions will be about an hour, but will help you on things that you are having issues with.

You can ask them questions too, so they are open to making sure that you succeed!

Click Here to go to the Sales Page!





eCom Turbo Review: Best Shopify Theme For Dropshipping?

Hey, Drew here for yet another Franklin Hatchett product review. This time it’s for his eCom Turbo Theme for Shopify, which is perfect for dropshipping sites. Perhaps you have a theme right now from Shopify which is one of the free themes and you think it’s time for a change. Or perhaps your site is what is holding back your conversions. It could well be that.

Franklin as you know is an avid dropshipper and even has his own course called eCom Elites which you may well be aware of already. He noticed a big hole with the Shopify themes out there, and that was conversions. If you have an ugly site, or a site that looks bad functionally and loads slowly in both desktop and mobile, then you are literally losing potential sales here.

So what do you do to decrease your bounce rate? Get a theme that looks great and functions well. eCom Turbo is designed for one thing – conversions. If you are not in the dropshipping game for conversions then you might as well pack it up right now.

I went ahead and bought eCom Turbo and here is a screen shot of the members area. This is not just a theme. You get full training from the man himself! Just look at all the content.

Ok, so now you can see that when you purchase the theme you aren’t left in the cold without any help. As always Franklin provides huge value with his products and always over-delivers. I’ve bought many themes in the past and never was there a members area like this!

Features of the Theme That I Like

Fast Load Times

Whether you know this or not, page loading time is a ranking factor in Google and now for 2018, the same goes for Facebook. But besides that, if your site doesn’t load quick, you’re going to lose customers. They will get deterred and leave. eCom Turbo addresses this issue with super fast load speeds in both desktop and mobile.

Scarcity Timer & More

You probably have seen the apps available that you need to pay for to get a scarcity timer. Well it’s included here. Also included is a “left in stock” option to provide an additional layer of scarcity and instill a sense of urgency. You can save up to $10 a month with the apps included in eCom Turbo considering these are paid apps in the app store.

Related Products Upsell

One way to maximize sales is to include a “related items” feature whenever a customer commits to buy one of your products. You’ll need to pony up another $5 to $10 bucks for this PER MONTH in the app store. eCom Turbo does this for FREE – no monthlies!  If Amazon does it. So should you. And you don’t have to pay for this feature! Love it.

Coupon Code Upsells

Another app that is available for purchase in the app store is included FREE with eCom Turbo. If a customer leaves, entice them with a coupon. Not only that, you’ll be able to capture their email address as well. Double whammy.

Customization of the Footer

Have you tried to customize your footer? With the regular Shopify themes it’s almost impossible and admittedly you can have Shopify support do this for you as they have done for me in the past but it never looks how I want it. With Franklin’s theme it’s all customizable if that’s a word.

These are just some of the features of eCom Turbo. There’s actually more than I mentioned, I just happen to love these ones.


So, Should You Buy eCom Turbo?

If you haven’t figured out yet that eCom Turbo is going to save you money from all those pesky monthly app charges, then I don’t know what to say! Here’s the thing. You can keep your theme as it is and never know if eCom Turbo will work for you or not. Or, you can take the plunge at only $97, when some of the premium Shopify themes cost around $180 (and suck if you ask me) and see what it will do for you. The cost can easily be justified especially if you are paying monthly for some of the apps that are in the app store. Remember – eCom Turbo is designed for conversions! YOU need conversions or you have no business!

The Cons?

I found that when updating the theme you have to update the entire site again, a bit of a pain but not a huge deal. Things like Facebook bot integrations, one click upsells and custom page layouts are missing but I am sure this will be addressed in the future.

The Guarantee

Franklin’s a stand up guy. If you are not satisfied with this theme you can get a refund after trying it out for 14 days.

My Final Thoughts

You’re here because you are looking to improve the look and functionality of your store right? The other Shopify themes are NOT created by marketers. If you ask me, Franklin is a marketing genius. He originally created this theme for himself because he knew what was lacking in the marketplace. Why would you not emulate a successful marketer and implement what works? Something to think about.





Ecom Elites Review: Is Franklin Hachett’s Ecom Course Worth it?

Franklin Hatchett’s ecommerce course named Ecom Elites has been out for a while and I finally decided to do a review on it. The topic of drop shipping has really blown up over the last several month’s online. Among this buzz is the praise from the dropshipping community on how fantastic eCom Elites is so I bought it and here is my honest review on the product.

There are some reviews online about his course but most just seem to drop the link somewhere on the page in the hopes that you’ll buy it, earning them a commission. I intend to give you value.

There are courses out there that will charge you over $2000 to sign up, such as the E-com Success Academy which is a lot of money to spend. Not to knock the course and other ones like it, but I think that money would be great to use for Facebook ads instead. Franklin’s course is a mere fraction of that price tag and from what I have seen in the members area – it’s worth every penny and more. Note – I also have Adrian Morrison’s Ecom Success Academy. You can read my full review on Ecom Success Academy here.

Franklin is very active on Youtube and he gives a lot of good information regarding dropshipping and Shopify. Let’s face it though, he isn’t going to make a free video on his trade secrets. One of the reasons is that he jam-packs his course with a lot of information and it wouldn’t make sense to put it on Youtube.

Here’s a screen shot inside his course where he gives you a solid overview of what you are going to learn. There are 12 Modules in Total.



Franklin clearly put a lot of effort into this course. One thing I know about Franklin is that he doesn’t do half-assed courses. He gives a lot value and over-delivers. For what you are paying I think the course is worth more.

Why? He’s got over 80 videos in this course. What I really like is that for the Facebook portion which is extremely important, he’s got 30 videos for that alone. I’ve seen other drop shipping courses where they go really light on Facebook marketing. Facebook is so important to know how to master and Franklin really gets into detail with this. The price tag is worth it for the Facebook portion alone if you ask me.

Viewing the videos is easy and he uses the Vimeo platform. It works on all devices and platforms. Quality is good and adjustable up to 1080P for clear viewing when needed.

The Modules in Ecom Elites

Module 1: Sourcing Products

Here Franklin goes into great detail on how to source products for your store. This is just one area where the course excels in because one of the top questions newbie dropshippers have is, “what products should I put on my store?” Here Franklin helps you with product and niche selection and how to get inspired with ideas. It’s a great module and content is just about two hour’s worth.

Module 2: Setting up Shopify

In this section Franklin gives you clear instructions on how to set up your store. He makes it really easy for all levels of understanding no matter if you’ve set up a website before or not.

He tells you how to set it up correctly, so you have an advantage out of the box over your competition.

A total of 14 videos are found in this section, so he pretty much helps you cover just about everything.

Module 3 and 4: Facebook Ads

The largest and probably the most intense section of the course. This is where you will earn your money if you follow his teachings on how to properly set up your ads. Going at it alone could cost you a lot of money, that’s why I think this section alone is worth the price tag of his course.

He teaches everything you need to know about Facebook marketing. From setting up your business account, data mining, conversions, bidding, creation of different ad types, pixels and more, Franklin’s got you covered.

Module 5: Instagram Traffic

If you know anything about Instagram you’ll know that just a single influencer can make you a lot of money. Franklin shows you how to find the right influencer for your business and also helps you to avoid over-paying. He also goes into detail on how to set up your Instagram account properly.

This module is not as intense as the Facebook module and rightly so, as it’s not nearly as complicated. It’s detailed enough though and will certainly give you an edge over your competition that is also using Instagram.

Module 6: Organic Google Traffic

Most ecom courses will focus on paid ads before organic traffic. Franklin does go into SEO and tells you where to get links. The source he mentions is good as i’ve used them before as well but you need to know what you are doing, especially if you just built your site. If your site is aged and has links to it already, then yes i’d suggest using his strategy. However if it’s a new site, i’d ignore getting those links too early, build up your socials and web 2.0’s first using branded links only.

Once your page has authority, then the links he suggests can be used. This is all up to you though and your level of knowledge with SEO. If you’re experienced then you’ll know what to do, but if you’re not and you have a new site, i’d suggest doing what I mentioned above first. Paid ads are great to start with because if you find a successful campaign, you can then focus on the keywords around that niche after for organic rankings as it’s a proven seller.

Module 7: Email Marketing

This is a pretty hefty module with 12 videos all going into great detail. He even throws in a couple bonus videos discussing the use of coupons and how to win customers back. Very powerful stuff!

Here he shows you how to set up your email campaign using GetResponse. He shows his unique way to set up your autresponder to maximize your success. If you’re not doing email marketing you are missing out. Customers hardly ever make an impulse buy and i’ve heard they need to see your ad or be contacted at least 7 times before making a purchase. Don’t ignore setting up an email campaign – it could double your income if done properly and Franklin does an excellent job explaining how to set it up properly.

Module 8: Business and Sales

The least exciting module in his course but very essential. Franklin discusses how to run your business and touches on stuff like taxes and the like.

He does a pretty good job explaining the do’s and don’ts so pay attention to this module. You can leave this to the end though or ignore it for now as it discusses things like hiring a VA and scaling your business – things you should not concern yourself with yet as an ecom newbie. However the video in this module about “increasing your sales” should not be ignored.

Module 9: Top Secret Videos

Getting an edge over other marketers in your space is always a great thing. Here Franklin drops videos on things like coupon tricks, using review sites for leverage, Facebook Ninja spying, how you can use warranties to crush it and sneaky Youtube tactics. I found this module really beneficial as I wasn’t even aware of some of them. They are great to add to your arsenal of “tricks.”

Module 10: Update Module – Ongoing Videos

In this module Franklin keeps you updated with anything important in the Ecom world. Things like using the new insights tool, discussing new manual bidding methods, Affinity, The secret sauce of getting email profits and more.

What I can really appreciate here is that a lot of courses will get outdated after a year or so but Franklin keeps you in the loop. From my understand at looking at this module it will be updated with important info and at the time of this writing there are about 15 videos in this section so far.

Facebook Group

With your purchase of eCom Elites, you get access to the private Facebook Mastermind group. There’s a lot of members in this group, over 1200 I believe.  Whether it’s necessary or not depends on your skill level. Usually in groups like these people will state their opinions which could differ from what Franklin teaches. I would avoid any advice given here that differs from what is in the course. Just do what Franklin does and you’ll see success if you keep at it.


I am speaking truthfully here. Franklin did a lot of work in his ecom Elites course and I think he could easily sell it for twice if not 3 times more. As a member of a another ecom dropshipping course i purchased in the past for $2500, I think his course has more value for the buck. The $197 price tag is all you need to spend. Save the rest of your money for Facebook ads.

It would be cool if he could include his Ecom Turbo Theme with the course, but understandably he’s not asking much for the course to begin with. I’ll be doing a separate ecom Turbo theme review so watch out for it as well.

Get Ecom Elites here!

Here is a walk-thru video inside the course.

Smart Video Metrics Review

If you are looking to get more sales, you need to know who your customer is. With Smart Video Metrics, you can get this valuable data.

If you are actively making videos for profit, then this is a product that you should consider. When it comes down to making sales, you need to know the proper metrics and who your customer is.

How Smart Video Metrics Addresses a Problem

The biggest problem that is going on in the video marketing world right now is that most people have lost focus on what is important when it comes to video marketing. With a plethora of video marketing creation software out there, people are focuses on only one thing – making a “nice” looking video.

As that is important, you also need to understand that a video that looks “nice” is utterly useless if it is not CONVERTING. So what you need to understand is if the leads you are getting are turning into profit.

This is what Smart Video Metrics does – it tells you very quickly how good your videos are actually converting, how much profit they are making and also how much each view you get is really worth to your business. Yes, there are apps out there that give you metrics, but NOTHING comes close to what this product provides.


So What Exactly Will SVM do for me?

With SVM you will be able to:

  • Know how much profit or leads are coming from your videos
  • Know how well your videos are converting
  • Know the true value of each video to your business
  • Enable you to do video split tests and discover which ones are the best producing


I know most products these days are marketed around “hype” and how it looks to get people excited and pumped to buy. Metrics is boring, I get it. However, I think you realize that you spend a lot of time making videos and without knowing what they are doing for you is costing you money. Metrics may not excite you but it is an integral part of your business.

That’s why I like this product. After using it I see it’s true value so I give it two thumbs up. It’s fairly inexpensive so I would jump on this now before the price goes up.



I am not done yet. If you buy through the link above, you qualify for some nifty bonuses from me. These bonuses alone are worth the value of Smart Video Metrics!

Simply shoot me an email after your purchase and I will send you the bonuses within 24 hours. Just visit my contact page to email me.

Here’s Your Bonuses!

CryptoSuite Review

Hey, Drew here with my CryptoSuite review. This product is brought to you by Luke Maguire – you’ve probably heard of him. Either you are a newbie to cryptocurrencies or you’re an expert but want to automate all your manual processes. Essentially, this is what Cryptosuite does!

So what is Cryptosuite all about?

As mentioned above, it’s software that will automate all your day to day regular-super-crypto activities. This make it much easier and gives you back a lot more time to spend on new ventures or to start something new. Of course, maybe spend time with the family too!

Full automation is included with the software and can even send push notifications to your desktop and/or email. It will notify you about your coins on what they are doing such as fluctuations or values dropping and so on.

Ever heard of arbitrage? A dashboard is included where you can purchase Bitcoin on one exchange and then end up selling it on another exchange for profit!

Let’s Take a Look at the Members Area

If you’re wondering, yes I have the software and I will walk you through a few things.











Above is a screenshot of the members area. It may look like a lot of information to take in but in reality it’s very easy to navigate.

What I love about cryptosuite is that it incorporates top 6 essential tools used by crypto professionals. Finding your winning coins is really easy with this software.


Includes all Types of Cryptocurrency












Cryptosuite – all kinds of Cryptos included! Most currencies can be tracked with the software including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and more. Without Cryptosuite you’d have to find other ways to track them. The software consistently updates its database so you’ll never miss an opportunity to jump.

So there you have it. I think this is a must-have for current traders and for newbies that want to get into Cryptocurrencies. There is minimal risk in getting this software because it is affordable and you can also cancel. Crypto’s are huge right now – spending a few bucks on something that can help you accelerate your wealth is worth the money in my opinion.

I’ve included a video below but you can also watch it on the salespage too. The rest is up to you!

Launching on April 11!

>> Get CryptoSuite Now!


>> Get CryptoSuite Now!

Covert Shirt Store 2.0 Review

If you know how much money T-shirt stores make then chances are you have heard of the Covert Shirt Store Theme. The owner of this product has now improved it and created a version 2.0 to be released on April 9, 2018.

Just to give you an idea of what the Covert Shirt Store does, you can run an e-com store right from your blog with this theme. Here is a list of things that I do like about this product that it promises:

  • You do not have to invest in costly Facebook ads (option) or pay a lot of money for design work.
  • It’s designed with social in mind to aid having posts going viral
  • Auto traffic generation with socials and web 2.0’s like tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • Content gets filled on your site very quickly with minimal work on your end – great for the lazy folks that hate creating content!
  • Integrates with your favorite autoresponder.


Click Here to go to the Main Site

Why You Should Consider This Product

There are so many different ways to make money online and if you already have a blog with active customers, if selling “merch” as they call it might work for you, then the easiest way to start is to install the Covert Shirt Store 2.0 Plugin. There is no need to start a fresh site with all the hassles. It makes it easy for you to get started.

Thousands of Marketers Making Bank on Selling T-Shirts

In case you don’t know, the t-shirt business is huge. Thousands of marketers do this and the reason is simple, people love to buy t-shirts and especially from people that they know. For example if you go on Youtube, the most common way these youtubers monetize their channel is to start selling branded T-shirts. Of all the thing they can sell, they choose T-shirts. Something to think about.

The Pros of Covert Shirt Store 2.0

  • Designed with selling in mind
  • Price is VERY reasonable when you compare it to other commercial themes – only $27!
  • Installation is easy
  • Works with all the social networks
  • Makes it easy for your visitors to search for what they want
  • Easy autoresponder set up.
  • Allows Facebook comments built in

My Ethical Bribe…

So hey, if you’re convinced you want this, let me sweeten the pot for you. If you buy through my link on this page, I will throw in some bonuses for you. Not just any bonuses, but ones that you can actually USE. Check them out below. Once you make your purchase, simply email me from my contact page with your order number and i’ll send the bonuses to you within 24 hours!

If you have any questions about this product or any other one on my site, simply just email me. I’ll be happy to connect.


Clickfunnels Review – Is it Worth The Money?

Welcome to my honest Clickfunnels review. Everyone is talking about Clickfunnels these days. I started using it a while back and to be honest at first it was really confusing. If you are one to like easy and fast solutions and have little patience, I can honestly tell you that Clickfunnels is probably not for you. There is a pretty big learning curve and if you’re not willing to put in the time then it may not be for you. However, if you are willing to learn, you can do something pretty amazing with this program.

What ClickFunnels Promises You Can Do

You have probably seen the promotional video on clickfunnels where they walk you through a funnel setup. Looks easy doesn’t it. Sure it is, once you get a grasp of how it works. The product will help you set up a full fledged sales funnel simply by clicking a button – at least that’s how it marketed but this is really not the case. As I mentioned above, there is a bit of a learning curve.

Sales funnels are very important these days as people really need to be sold on a product before they actually buy it. This is where Clickfunnels does a great job to help you take your customer from a skeptic to a believer and ultimately a buyer.



Main Features of Clickfunnels

  • Pages can be set up fairly quick. These include pages for upsell and cross sells. Thank you pages as well
  • Automated emails can also be set up within clickfunnels
  • Membership sites – I used this feature to set up a membership site and I found this to be the easiest. It was very easy to set up, maintain and manage.
  • A/B split testing. Clickfunnels makes it easy to split test almost any part of your funnel
  • Paypal and Stripe integrations. No funnel is complete without capturing sales. They make it easy to incorporate sales through these two payment processors.
  • Analytics. Clickfunnels has a very intuitive interface to get all your performance analytics. This information will help you grow your business.

What’s it Good For?

If you are the type that doesn’t know anything about code (or does but doesn’t feel like messing with it) and want a solution from just a single platform then Clickfunnels is really good for this.

Although Clickfunnels is not cheap, it does save you money in other tools that you might need without having clickfunnels. Sales funnels can be set up in minutes, you can also create an affiliate program for you business if you wish. The automation is the best part where you simply set up your marketing and this all kicks in on the backend once you have leads coming in.

Probably the best feature of clickfunnels is that it is truly a one-stop-shop solution for your marketing needs. If you don’t want to work with a bunch of different platforms to get your business to come together, then Clickfunnels is your best bet.

Drag and Drop Builder

This feature is great for those that like to visualize your product on the backend, see what it will look like on the front end. What I mean by this is that with code you would only see a bunch of text while building your page/site and only see the finished product once it’s uploaded and live. Here, you can build your page by simply dragging and dropping images, text and more elements and that is exactly what it will end up looking like for the finished product. Really handy!


If you are looking for a one-place solution to market your business, clickfunnels is a great product. However the downside is that it can get expensive. It starts at $97 a month. If you factor in other tools you might need though, it almost makes sense. Clickfunnels does eliminate other tools that you would normally need to run your marketing efforts.

You will need to get a third party email program though. I have a few suggestions on my email marketing page.

For a FREE TRIAL on Clickfunnels, Click Below!


HypeSprout Review

What is Hypesprout?

Hype sprout is a tool that helps you to set up campaigns quickly that ends up generating viral traffic. With HypeSprout Elite this tool can increase your email list very quickly and effortlessly according to the vendor.

The creator of this product – Karthik Ramani, has been developing HypeSprout for the last 10 months. The product was even tested in his own live business and fine tuned all the features for its release.

It’s a great tool for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product creators
  • Email Marketers
  • Event Organizers
  • Consultants and more

==> Click Here to Visit HypeSprout Official Site.


You get 10 done-for-you templates and can have up to 25 active campaigns.

There is an OTO – HypeSprout PRO – where you can have up to 100 active campaigns extra features such as Broadcast emails, Reminder emails, a questions feature, custom domain name and more. It also allows you to remove the branding and have your own custom branding.

The pro version offers developer rights where campaigns can be shared among clients.

What Can You Do With HypeSprout?

Build a Buzz

Whatever you have to offer, a product, website or service, it helps you build a “buzz” which all new brands need

Get Traffic

As you know without traffic you’ll have no sales. It looks like they have a built in system to help generate traffic through a viral sharing system which is pretty cool.

Increase Social Reach

Exposure is the key here where your brand gets exposed all over social media – pretty powerful

Collect More Leads

HypeSprout helps you save money by getting you referral traffic to your opt-in page.

Engage Audience

HypeSprout enables contests for your audience which increases engagement. Automated follow-up emails can be sent and connects with your autoresponder to greatly monetize potential with your list.

Earn More Cash

What I like is that your list will grow a targeted audience. As you know nothing works better than targeted traffic so this is something that is the biggest benefit with HypeSprout.

How Does it Work?

Basically it works like this. Your customers set up a campaign where they can offer a freebie for others if they opt-in to YOUR opt-in page using their unique referral link.

Are you getting how powerful this can be yet? You’re basically leveraging others to get traffic – targeted traffic!

You have the ability to run viral contests enabling your referrers to win a prize by their referrals. You can offer just about anything, downloads, coupons, etc.

The Result?

This massive engagement from your “army” builds up your email list with very qualified leads. Truly a great system and I love how it leverages other people to do the work for you!

Here’s a diagram that shows the simplicity of how it works:


Are there upsells/options with Hypesprout?

Once you get into the sales funnel there are some options (as with most offers)

HypeSprout Elite:

Here you can have up to 25 campaigns (more than enough) which includes 10 done for you templates. Basic emails (automated) such as the welcome, referral, optin reward, etc emails included.

HypeSprout Pro:

Here you get:

  • Up to 100 active campaigns
  • 20 Templates
  • Extra Pro Features
  • Developer Rights

HypeSprout Lite:

All pro-features less the developer rights.


Video training on how to get their campaigns going the right way. Also discusses profit and success strategies


Here you can sell the access to HypeSprout and keep all profits.



If you are looking for viral traffic that also is targeted traffic where you leverage the power of an “army” of helpers to get you that traffic, then HypeSprout is something you should seriously consider. I think it has more effectiveness than just throwing up a paid ad and hope for the best. For this reason I give this product two thumbs up.

==> Click Here to Visit HypeSprout Official Site.

So What About Bonuses Drew?

No review would be complete without a bonus! With this offer I think you will benefit mostly with these bonuses. To get them, simply order HypeSprout through the link above (clear your cache and cookies first) and then email me with your purchase receipt number and i’ll get you these crazy bonuses within 24 hours!




eCom Profit Sniper Review

Today I’m going to review a product that is called eCom Profit Sniper. The creators of this product are Robin Mac and Tom Parker. The membership fee for this course is $37.00. This is an e-commerce course which seems to be all the rage right now as everyone is trying to get into it.

I’m going to give you a tour of the members area and tell you whether or not this product is a good buy or if you should just keep your money or get something else.

My review is based on actually going through the training provided and I do pay attention to the material to see if their training is any different than other eCom courses I’ve purchased in the past.

When looking at the sales page it does seem a little hyped up and the numbers that they give are pure sales figures, not profit. For anyone that understands how e-commerce works, they should know that the profit margin is usually around 20 to 30%. The costs of facebook ads, shipping costs, app costs, Shopify costs, all eat away at your profits. E-commerce can be a profitable venture but they clearly are not defining this in the sales pitch.

To get an idea of what the training consists of, I put a brief outline of the course below.

1 – Introduction:

Module 1: Shopify Setup
Module 2: Image Hunting
Module 3: Settings Note Slides
Module 4: Shopify Settings in Action
Module 5: Theme Notes Slides
Module 6: Theme Settings in Action

2 – Categories and Products:

Module 1: Category Selection Slide
Module 2: Product Finding

3 – Adding Collections and Products:

Module 1: Adding Oberlo Extension
Module 2: Oberlo and Alipay
Module 3: Collection Creation
Module 4: Adding Products

4 – Facebook:

​​​​​​​Module 1: Facebook Page
Module 2: Facebook Post
Module 3: Facebook Pixel

So is the training of eCom Profit Sniper adequate?

The training for this course is decent however it is quite minimal. If you are one to not like to sit through hours and hours of training then you might like this course. However, if you like detailed information with a lot of examples, this course seriously lacks.

The course is almost like an introduction to e-commerce rather than a fully fledged e-commerce instruction. It includes essential tool overviews of apps like Oberlo and tells you how to import products into your Shopify store. They will also tell you how to use AliPay and Ali express.

Is this course good for beginners?

A newbie would want to learn everything and with a lack of detailed information I can see this being very problematic. If you’re OK with finding the information you need elsewhere then this might be OK but really a course should include everything you need to know and not leave any questions unanswered.

Final Thoughts

Drop shipping is a very popular way to make money online with e-commerce. The competition right now is extremely fierce so having an edge over everybody else is extremely important. eCom Profit Sniper is a decent overview course and for the low price it’s not too bad however if you want a course with a lot of detail you’re going to have to pay a lot more. Since I have had eCom restraining in the past I found this course to not help me at all but as a newbie it’s a pretty quick way to get started and have a general understanding of how eCom works.

If you want to check it out, you can get eCom Profit Sniper Here

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*Update – Forget about ecom Profit Sniper. If you want an ecom dropshipping course, Franklin Hatchett’s ecom Elites is the course to get. Read my Ecom Elites Review to see for yourself.






How You Can Make Money From Photography

What is more satisfying that knowing you can make a really good income from doing something you absolutely love? You guessed it – nothing!

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or just an amateur with a good camera, you love the hobby and having an opportunity to make money with your hobby (or if you’re a pro and this is all you do) is very enticing. Believe it or not you could make tons of money with photography if you know what you are doing!

Here is a list of the things you can do to make money as a photographer:

  1. Weddings
  2. Family Portraits
  3. Real Estate
  4. Couples
  5. Boudoir
  6. Maternity
  7. Babies
  8. Fashion
  9. Events
  10. Headshots
  11. School & Grad Portraits
  12. Team Portraits
  13. Corporate Events & Portraits
  14. Pets

So How do YOU make bank with these?

All of these are profitable if you can find the people that are willing to use your services. Some pay more than others but want to know the big money makers?

Wedding Photography


This is a very profitable niche to get into and you’ll have fun doing it. Everyone at a wedding is happy and enjoying themselves so you are almost like an invited guest. It’s a great gig to have. If you have zero experience in this niche and manage to find a friend that will pay you to do the photography, you can still start. Rent your gear (if you don’t have it) and find yourself a mentor.

If the pay you get covers your rental gear and giving the mentor a few bucks, you may break even but you’ve gained two things – experience and a portfolio. You’ll only build this business by these two elements combined with referrals. If you do a good job and your friend recommends him to his friends and so on, well, you get the picture.  This is the best way to start in my opinion if you are new and not experienced.

If you are experienced in photography with your own gear start off with friends and family and offer your services for free for a couple of gigs. Make a deal with your friends that in exchange they promise to give you referrals. Make sure they don’t tell them you did it for free, just keep that on the down low.

Your portfolio and referrals will do the selling for you. Keep in mind this will take a long time as people don’t get married every day but in time it can explode. After a few gigs you might even consider setting up your own website or facebook page to showcase your work and to advertise. Be sure to get permission if you’re going to post any photos!

Real Estate Photography


Real Estate is booming and with the surge of home prices in certain areas (especially if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, Canada) it would be great to jump on board the Real Estate photography train. You don’t need to be a professional photographer but you may need certain lenses like a fish eye lens for small spaces like bathrooms, etc.

You can ask around 50-100 bucks a gig or in some cases a percentage of the properties sale. 0.1% would be about right in this case. For a house that sells for a million bucks, hey that’s a hefty payday at $1000.00. For this kind of photography marketing skills come into play more than the photography itself, so if you’re good at talking/marketing, this could be an easy gig for you.

Stock Photography


For those that don’t like the “selling” aspect of a photography business such as the two examples above, the selling your photos online is the key. Just google “sell my photos online” and you’ll get a bunch of websites to look at. Sign up with a bunch of them and upload your photos and then collect. It’s that easy. It won’t make you as much as wedding photography for example, but it’s rinse and repeat easy. You could sell the same photo over and over, unless you make it exclusive. Some people make over $500 a month doing this.

So I hope you enjoyed this and it gave you some ideas. I’m not really great at photography even though i’ve got an SLR. I just use “auto” mode, yes I am one of those. But if you’re passionate about photography, why not let it work for YOU!