5 Best Dropshipping Courses for 2021 (One Obvious Winner)

Last Updated on Aug 29 2021 by Drew Mann

Welcome to my best dropshipping course review for 2021.

Do you want to succeed in ecom? Perhaps you have tried in the past and failed but want to give it a go again. Or, maybe this is all new?

I have purchased and reviewed 18+ dropshipping courses and have compiled a list of the ones that I found to be best.

In this review I have ranked and reviewed the best dropshipping courses based on reputation, price, student results, course content, instructor experience and more.

Let's dive right in!

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What is the Best Dropshipping Course?

Here are my top picks for the best dropshipping courses:

1. eCom Elites.

Best Course for Beginners on a Budget. $197-$297 One Time Fee

ecom elites preview

Ecom Elites is best designed for beginners. You'll learn how to create a Shopify store from scratch and how to find products. 

It was created by Youtuber Franklin Hatchett. He's one of the first guys to introduce dropshipping on Youtube and has launched many successful stores himself. 

It's great for beginners because there are over 200 videos of easy to undertand instruction. Every possible step you need to learn to get your dropshipping store started from A-Z is included in this course.

There are 2 options to choose from - more below.

Pros of eCom Elites

  • Plenty of student success stories
  • Regularly updated
  • Inexpensive - one time payment & no monthly fees
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Support included & active Facebook community
  • Lot's of different methods to get traffic to your store, not just one or two like with other programs
  • Created by well-respected internet marketer and dropshipper Franklin Hatchett (he does this stuff, not just teaches)

eCom Elites Pricing

  • eCom Elites Standard ($197): One time fee, training in product research, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Email marketing, chatbots, private inner circle Faceook group.
  • eCom Elites Ultimate ($297): Includes everything in the standard package plus sales funnel academy, Google Shopping ads academy, done-for-you funnels, top selling products and best niches to choose from.
  • Of all the dropshipping courses I have bought and reviewed, eCom Elites is the clear winner. 

    This is because it's inexpensive, has a reputable coach (Franklin Hatchett), has detailed training videos and fully prepares you to start and scale your own dropshipping store.

    Read my full Review of eCom Elites

    2. Product Winner Blueprint.

    Great Course for Those Wanting to Scale an Existing Dropshipping Store (not for beginners) $297

    If you have an ecom store already or at least know how to set it up properly without needing a course to walk you through all that stuff, PWB could be for you. 

    Tristan Broughton created this course and it's core focus is finding that winning product to scale and cash in from. It's a great course with some new methods I have seen and really drills down product finding and converting.

    He has also created his new Google Ads eCom Academy that you can bundle with Product Winner Blueprint for $497 or buy separately at $297. It's a no brainer to get the bundle package if you are serious about scaling your store.

    Remember that this course requires that you have a store setup already.

    Pros of Product Winner Blueprint

    • Taught by experienced dropshipper Tristan Broughton
    • Helps you find winning products to scale
    • Can help you scale your existing winning products further

    Product Winner Blueprint Pricing

    PWB will cost you a flat fee of $297. There are no monthly fees. It is backed with a 7-day money back guarantee.

    Again, I only recommend this course if you already have your own store. 

    For more info, check out my Product Winner Blueprint Review.

    3. Ecom Success Academy

    Taught by Adrian Morrison - Suitable for beginners but very pricey: $2495

    ecom success academy home page

    The eCom Success Academy is also suitable for beginners but comes with a high price tag. Focus is on dropshipping inexpensive novelty items and print on demand.

    Adrian Morrison is a big name in the eCom world. He has made millions in dropshipping and has proof to back it up.

    Ecom Success Academy or ESA for short is packed with value and is laid out very nicely.

    Here are some additional benefits you get with your membership to ESA:

    • Includes art licensing where you can create print on demand products. It also includes his "Sizzle Product Sniper Software" which I used myself but there's other ways you can do the same thing without this software.
    • You also get weekly training with his "Profit Power Hour Webinars". This is closed off and available to students only.

    Pros of Ecom Success Academy

    • Taught by respected and experienced marketer Adrian Morrison
    • Tons of training with frequent updates
    • Free access to art licensing
    • Great support & active Facebook  Group

    Ecom Success Academy Pricing

    • One time fee of $2495. There are NO refunds so please be aware of this.

    ESA is great for beginners and packs a ton of information. My only beef is the high price tag. I bought this course several years ago and I still get all the updates.

    My Ecom Success Academy Review goes into more detail so feel free to check it out.

    4. Dropship Lifestyle

    Taught by Anton Kraly ($2997 - 4997) - Focus is on High-Ticket items 

    Dropship Lifestyle focuses on "Evergreen" products from known manufacturers. They do not teach you to source "trending" products. Typically this is more "high-ticket" dropshipping.

    I was hesitant to include Dropship Lifestyle in my recommendations but felt it was necessary because not all people are interested in selling "trending" or inexpensive novelty items from China.

    Dropship Lifestyle focuses on "evergreen" products which are items that have been selling years ago that still sell today.

    This can be an advantage, but at the same time the competition is fierce. You'll be up against big names competing for the same products.

    However, Dropship Lifestyle has a more "hands on" approach where they will help you choose a niche and tell you if it will be successful.

    Key Benefits of Dropship Lifestyle

    • Drop Ship Lifestyle┬« Theme supplied to build your store - no guessing on setup
    • You choose a niche - Dropship Lifetyle will provide feedback if it's a winner or not
    • With their scripts, you can become an Authorized Retailer for big brands
    • They claim to have "proven" traffic system to get eyeballs on your store

    Dropship Lifestyle Pricing

    • Basic subscription - $2997. Get access to all the training modules, private apps and DSL's dropshipping software.
    • Ultimate package - $4997. Get an "almost" done for you store where you'll have more hands on training, including private calls with Anton Kraly. This option is for those that prefer Dropship Lifestyle do the heavy lifting for them but it also comes at a much higher price.

    Dropship Lifestyle is very different from other courses here. You won't be sourcing products from places like AliExpress, Alibaba or similar marketplaces. Instead you will be dealing with items that are higher priced. 

    The course is pricey, however there seems to be quite a few successful students.

    My Dropship Lifestyle Review will go into more details to see if this is for you.

    5. Netsphere

    Taught by Arie Scherson and billed at $29 a month. Focus is Facebook Ads Only.

    Netsphere is a dropshipping course by Arie Scherson. This 20 hours of training shows you how to find winning products, launch and scale Facebook ads and work with influencers. It is suitable for beginners and reasonably priced.

    Netsphere promises to help you build and scale a Shopify store with the dropshipping model.

    His course is well structured but in the world of dropshipping doesn't really reveal any groundbreaking strategies that you may already know if you bought another course.

    If you only want to focus on Facebook ads, then you might want to consider this course because as for traffic, that's really it. You will get some traffic from influencers as well though because that's another thing Arie teaches.

    If you are a huge fan of Arie and like what you have seen on his Youtube channel, then perhaps this could be an option for you.

    Netsphere Pricing

    There are three pricing options for Netsphere:

    • $29 per month
    • $59 quarterly
    • $99 every 6 months

    If you are a huge fan of Arie and like what you have seen on his Youtube channel, then perhaps Netsphere could be an option for you. Just remember that monthly payments can add up over time. You can cancel anytime you like but you lose access permanently to the course.

    If you want to learn more, head on over to my Netsphere review.

    What is Dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is where you can run on online store without storying ANY products yourself. When someone makes a purchase on your website, you simply order the product from the supplier. The supplier will then ship it to your customer on your behalf.

    Typically you will markup products anywhere from 500% and beyond.

    This seems outrageous, but it's very easy to find a product that sells for $2 which you can easily sell for $20.

    This is how you make money with dropshipping.


    So there you have it. My top 5 choices on the best dropshipping course for 2021. 

    My recommendation is eCom Elites because it's reasonably priced, has no monthly fees, you get updates for free and it's a proven course with many successful students.

    Drew Mann

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    1. Hi Drew, thank you so much for your in depth review on Dan Vas shopify freedom course. For myself I’m always skeptical in buying courses online and what’s appealing about Dan’s course was it’s cheaper than most. But your review and others input about their experience with Dan has led me to believe he’s not what he advertised himself to be. I might give eCom elites course a go since I could only get so much info from YouTube videos and I just feel like the more videos and articles I watch and read would only give me more self doubts into jumping in the E-Com world.

      • Thanks for your feedback Garry. It’s good practice to be skeptical especially nowadays with so many scams out there. Fortunately there are still marketers that do put out good content.

    2. What business model does e-Com Elites follow? Is this dropshipping using China as the supplier base or sourcing products in your own country?

      • Hi Mark, it’s mostly all with using overseas suppliers in China. You’re taught how to source products though so you could also find something in your home country. The rest of the training would still apply. There’s also tools available that can source local products/suppliers as well like Salehoo.

    3. Hi Drew, amazing blog! It is really informative and helpful. Have you had a chance to review any drop shipping courses aimed at UK market? Specifically Drop shipping formula and Drop shipping unlocked are 2 that I found specifically for the UK market. I would love to get your view on these courses. Thanks.

      • Hi Shak, if you do a search on my site for Dropship Unlocked you’ll find that one. Keep in mind you can target any market you wish and you don’t necessarily need a course dedicated to UK dropshipping.

    4. Hi Drew,

      i would like to thank you for your in depth review and recommendation of these courses. I am interested in your recommendation for eCom Elites followed by Product Winner Blueprint as a succeeding course. I am located in the Philippines, and my question is, am I still able to fully utilize Facebook’s targeted advertising platform to market to The US (and other markets like EU, Canada, Australia, etc)?
      Thanks in advance,

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