What is the Best Google Adwords Course for Ecom & Google Shopping?

If you're reading this chances are you searched for a Google Ads course for your Shopify/Ecommerce store because you want an alternate to Facebook. Let's face it, Facebook advertising is great, but it's starting to get expensive.

To succeed in Ecom, you need targeted traffic. Google is the original master of targeted traffic and has been around a lot longer than Facebook. Savvy ecom marketers are now exploiting the benefits of using Google Shopping ads to full effect. 

If you're looking to either ditch your Facebook ads and try something new, or supplement them with a different type of traffic, I have some top suggestions for you on what Google Adwords courses are the best for ecom right now.

My Top Recommended Google Ads Courses




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Google Ads Ecom Academy

Tristan Broughton


Ecom Elites

Franklin Hatchett


Google Shopping Success

Dennis Moons


1. Google Ads Ecom Academy by Tristan Broughton

Probably the best Google Ads course for ecom right now, is Google Ads Ecom Academy. With 9 modules and growing, it's the most complete course on Google Shopping for ecom/drop shipping that I have seen.

I reviewed this course and you'll get to see what it looks like inside as well as a detailed description.

Read my review here or go ahead and take a look at Google Ads Ecom Academy

2. Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett

I'm a huge fan of Franklin Hatchett and you'll notice a common theme on my blog that I recommend it over many other ecom courses. There's a reason for that - his teaching and strategies are that good. 

However compared to Tristan's course, Ecom Elites focuses on everything you need to get started in drop shipping (newb friendly) including a module in Google Ads. It's not a complete course dedicated to Google ads, but you'll learn plenty enough to get started. So if you're looking for an all in one solution, this course is it.

Check out my review here or see more on Ecom Elites by following this link.

3. Google Shopping Success by Dennis Moons

Rounding out as my third choice is Google Shopping Success by Dennis Moons.

Pricewise, it compares to the other two but isn't targeted towards a dropshipping business. It's more "general" Google ads training so if you're in the eCom business you'll still benefit, but you won't have the advantage as you do with my other two suggestions.

You can read my review on Google Shopping Success for more details or check out the salespage here.

Next Steps

I hope you found this page useful in your search for more information on Google Ads for Ecom. I suspect many new courses are going to pop up in the meantime, which means more competition in every aspect.

If you're thinking of getting into Google Ads, now is a great time!

Drew Mann

8 thoughts on “What is the Best Google Adwords Course for Ecom & Google Shopping?”

  1. Hey Drew,

    Thanks for sharing your reviews. I am trying to decide between Ecom Elites and The Product WInner Blueprint/Google Ads Ecom academy.

    I am a complete newbie to drop shipping. I definitely resonate with Tristan as I am a fellow Australian too and more geared towards him as the laws and advice would all be relevant. Franklin looks awesome as well however from my research his google ads training may not be as strong as Tristan. On the other hand Franklins course for the drop shipping looks stronger for a complete new bie.

    I am unsure what to do? Should I purchase the standard $197 from Franklin and Just the google academy from Tristan for $397? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Adam, as a newbie I strongly recommend Franklin’s course. Although Tristan has excellent training in his Google Ads Ecom Academy, his course is geared to those that already have a store up and running. You won’t be taught how to set up your store and all the other stuff necessary to get going. I think buying the two courses would be overkill to be honest. If you are serious about Google Ads i’d invest the extra hundred bucks and get the Ultimate version. Franklin’s training is very good and he often updates his modules. If there’s something that is lacking believe me he will make an update. Once you start making some money and master Google ads you do have an option to buy Tristan’s course but to be honest I doubt you would need it. By the way, Franklin is a New Zealander so not far from you 🙂

  2. Hi. Just to clarify with you. Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass have some Google Ads training? But in your review, you mentioned nothing about google ads in Kevin David’s course except for google analytics and one free google tool he uses. If Kevin does offer Google Ads training, in which module will that be? Thank you

    • Hi Amio, he touches a bit on Google Ads but it’s no where near the detail of eCom Elites or Tristan’s course. I’ve decided to actually remove it from this list and i’ve added another one that looks interesting however it’s not focused entirely on Shopify. Still appicable in some ways though.

  3. Hi there, I am looking for a complete course for google shopping ads, I just started my dropship business, and I want to learn google ads,
    Will the Google Ads Ecom Academy form Tristan Broughton be a good Idea? Does he cover everything how to make money with google shopping ads?
    How to optimize my campaigns, it should bring more sales? and make profits?
    Thank you for your honest reveiws.

    • Hi Zalmy, Tristan’s course is dedicated to Google Ads for ecom so it’s very intuitive and includes everything you need to know. I also did a full review on it as well, not sure if you have seen it or not but do check it out.

  4. One question, I am from Spain, I wanted to know if these courses are also valid to apply them here. In Spain there are not so many people who explain ecommerce so well and I have entered the American market. I wanted to know if it was just as valid for me since I am from another country … Thank you very much for the contribution!

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