Casual Ecommerce Black Review: Jake Alexander & Brand Sniping 101 Course

Youtuber Jake Alexander has two courses available for sale, Brand Sniping 101 and the currently being revamped - Ecommerce Black. These two will be the topic for review today.

Brand Sniping 101 is available for sale at $97 discounted from the regular $197 price. If you don't know already, this is a scarcity tactic to make you think you are getting a good deal. He even has a timer on his site to entice you.

On a side note, this is a very common tactic that a lot of dropshippers use to sell products, so you might end up doing the same once you start your own store. It's perfectly ethical because you do have the option of jacking the price if you want. Savvy shoppers will be wiser to this though and just brush it off.

Ecom Black is currently being revamped as it came out in early 2018. The course was created with beginners in mind and claims to have a no BS, no nonsense approach.

Who is Jake Alexander?

Jake Alexander is a Youtuber with a following of about 37K subscribers at the time of this writing. He has not been as active like others in the same space as it looks like his latest video upload is a month old.

He's been marketing online since 2013 and created his channel to help others that are looking to get into the ecom space and also how to create a website with Wix and Weebly, which were recent videos on his channel.

Looking at his content, he's not strictly into dropshipping because he does have some affiliate marketing videos as well tutorials on building websites. Could he also be offering an affiliate marketing course in the future?

Casual Ecommerce Brand Sniping 101 Review

Jake speaks in a video on his salespage about how dropshipping has changed and how if you don't adapt to those changes then you'll lose out to your competition. If he has some 'secret' that would be pretty good advice for only $197, I mean, $97.

He says he spent all of 2018 doing a lot of testing to see what works and doesn't work in the ever changing industry of ecommerce.

So what is his ground breaking strategy?

Jason claims that you might think it's crazy to only have a one product Shopify store but consumers like brands and that this strategy actually works.

So this is his 3 stage process:

  1. Find a trending product
  2. Create a brand around that product
  3. Market the product on Facebook & Google

He goes on about if you attempt to do this yourself that you will inevitably fail because you have not been taught to do it the right way - fair enough.

So if you take a look inside his course he's got 50+ videos on exactly how to do this. This is why he refers to this process as "brand sniping."

Let's Take a Look inside the Course to See What You are Getting

Module 1 - Product Research

In this module, he's got videos showing you how to find hot products that are trending right now. 

Module 2 - Brand Creation/Store Setup

The videos in this module talk about how you can create your own brand around that one product. You'll also be shown how you can dominate this product niche and outpace your competition. He teaches you how to build an established brand so that consumers will somehow gravitate to your store and buy from you instead.

Module 3A - Facebook

This module contains videos on how to advertise your single product store on Facebook. He teaches you based on his own results from testing and shows you his own methods on how you should implement this strategy.

Module 3B - Google Ads

Getting more attention now is Google Ads. A lot of dropshippers are starting to use it now and if you have a store already, it's probably time you do as well if you're not.

This module shows you how to use Google Ads for your one product store. The methods taught aren't exactly groundbreaking, you need to learn copywriting and how to effectively trigger an emotional response in your Ad. This you can learn pretty much anywhere with a simple Google search.

Module 4 - Live Case Study

Jake shows you an example of a store where he made $4000 (gross, not net) in a single day. Keep in mind this may not happen for you as as you know trends come and go so this product was something that was trending up fast.

Bonus - Ecom Black Mastermind

As a bonus to joining the course, you get access to the Ecom Black Mastermind. This is a Facebook group where you can ask Jake any questions or others that are in the group.


If you're looking to join his course with the intentions of getting a refund, you might have some difficulty unless you actually put in the time to pay for your domain, pay for your Shopify plan  and invest in your ads. For what you're spending on the course it's probably not even worth fighting over so do consider this.

Ecom Black Review

I can't do this course justice right now because the course is being revamped and will be released soon. No point on reviewing a course that's being updated. Once it does I will most likely buy it if there is interest and then see what it is all about and review it properly.

Final Thoughts on Brand Sniping 101 and One Product Stores

One product stores seem to be on the rise and if you are willing to invest in a domain name, a new Shopify subscription, logo costs, ad costs and so on for just one product then go for it. However, I can't advise that you do so. While it may be working for some, I just think it's an opportunity to try to sell you a course for a tactic that has a much lesser degree of success.

If you build a brand around a store, people will naturally trust your products. For example, everyone knows you can get the same products at Target or Walmart, but they just prefer one brand over another.

If you build your brand over time which is what you should do, then people will recognize it and come to your store often to check what you've got. When you build up your email list you can excite them with new offers.

Try doing that with a one product store.

Even with a niche based store you're still better off. There will always be trending products in that niche that you can market, keeping your store RELEVANT. 

A one product store will die out once the product fizzles. You won't make money after that. What are you going to do next, create another one followed by another? Building a new brand over and over again? That sounds exhausting - and expensive.

The moral of the story here is - don't get caught in some trend by marketers. I think this is a bad business model and although it could work - it's VERY temporary. Think about that for a sec. Do you want to create a store that WILL die in a short time or create a brand around your niche or store that will grow and could eventually sell for a lot of money in the future?

My Suggestion to You

Look, if you want to learn Ecom I suggest you do it the proper way. My #1 suggestion that won't break the bank, has up-to-date training and is also taught by a Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club winner is Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

This course will show you techniques in Google & Facebook ads, chat bots, SEO, email marketing, Instagram, sales funnels and more. It's also constantly updated with new strategies as they come out. All this for $197 or $297 for the Ultimate version. It's a complete course and very newbie friendly.

I review Ecom Elites here so i suggest you check it out and do things the right way from the start. Don't follow some fad strategy that I think is going to be frustrating for you.

Brand Sniping 101 Rating
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A one product store is risky and expensive to replicate. Read my explanation above and buy at your own risk!