How You Can Make Money From Photography

What is more satisfying that knowing you can make a really good income from doing something you absolutely love? You guessed it – nothing!

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or just an amateur with a good camera, you love the hobby and having an opportunity to make money with your hobby (or if you’re a pro and this is all you do) is very enticing. Believe it or not you could make tons of money with photography if you know what you are doing!

Here is a list of the things you can do to make money as a photographer:

  1. Weddings
  2. Family Portraits
  3. Real Estate
  4. Couples
  5. Boudoir
  6. Maternity
  7. Babies
  8. Fashion
  9. Events
  10. Headshots
  11. School & Grad Portraits
  12. Team Portraits
  13. Corporate Events & Portraits
  14. Pets

So How do YOU make bank with these?

All of these are profitable if you can find the people that are willing to use your services. Some pay more than others but want to know the big money makers?

Wedding Photography


This is a very profitable niche to get into and you’ll have fun doing it. Everyone at a wedding is happy and enjoying themselves so you are almost like an invited guest. It’s a great gig to have. If you have zero experience in this niche and manage to find a friend that will pay you to do the photography, you can still start. Rent your gear (if you don’t have it) and find yourself a mentor.

If the pay you get covers your rental gear and giving the mentor a few bucks, you may break even but you’ve gained two things – experience and a portfolio. You’ll only build this business by these two elements combined with referrals. If you do a good job and your friend recommends him to his friends and so on, well, you get the picture.  This is the best way to start in my opinion if you are new and not experienced.

If you are experienced in photography with your own gear start off with friends and family and offer your services for free for a couple of gigs. Make a deal with your friends that in exchange they promise to give you referrals. Make sure they don’t tell them you did it for free, just keep that on the down low.

Your portfolio and referrals will do the selling for you. Keep in mind this will take a long time as people don’t get married every day but in time it can explode. After a few gigs you might even consider setting up your own website or facebook page to showcase your work and to advertise. Be sure to get permission if you’re going to post any photos!

Real Estate Photography


Real Estate is booming and with the surge of home prices in certain areas (especially if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, Canada) it would be great to jump on board the Real Estate photography train. You don’t need to be a professional photographer but you may need certain lenses like a fish eye lens for small spaces like bathrooms, etc.

You can ask around 50-100 bucks a gig or in some cases a percentage of the properties sale. 0.1% would be about right in this case. For a house that sells for a million bucks, hey that’s a hefty payday at $1000.00. For this kind of photography marketing skills come into play more than the photography itself, so if you’re good at talking/marketing, this could be an easy gig for you.

Stock Photography


For those that don’t like the “selling” aspect of a photography business such as the two examples above, the selling your photos online is the key. Just google “sell my photos online” and you’ll get a bunch of websites to look at. Sign up with a bunch of them and upload your photos and then collect. It’s that easy. It won’t make you as much as wedding photography for example, but it’s rinse and repeat easy. You could sell the same photo over and over, unless you make it exclusive. Some people make over $500 a month doing this.

So I hope you enjoyed this and it gave you some ideas. I’m not really great at photography even though i’ve got an SLR. I just use “auto” mode, yes I am one of those. But if you’re passionate about photography, why not let it work for YOU!




Is Making Money Online a Myth?

I recently saw an article on making money online for the average person and they basically said it was a myth. This video should prove otherwise. I can guarantee this is authentic because I have seen some of these people posting in the facebook group and have tracked their progress. Judge for yourself!


The guy in the video is Anthony Morrison and he’s no slouch. He has made millions online and even though he doesn’t like to be called one he really is an internet marketing guru. It seems that greatness runs in the family because his brother Adrian is a Shopify expert that has also done millions in revenue from his Shopify stores.

I can personally vouch for Anthony as I have bought his products before. However this strategy is actually free. He is providing you with a free funnel that you can use to make money online without having to build a website, get hosting do all the scripts for emails etc. It really is all done for you which is why I am raving about this free offer.

There is no catch and there’s also a training section for free that comes with the free funnel. Clicking the link will take you to his offer. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve never made money online and need to be taken by the hand and given everything to get started.

Patience is Not a Virtue, It’s a Liability

In the online world, things move fast. Real fast. If you wait too long, you can lose money, market share or the attention of those you desperately want to attract.
Waiting to develop that perfect Facebook strategy? In the meantime your competitor just iteratively evolved his strategy in real-time and is humming along with triple digit growth.
Don’t have the budget for the high-end web metrics system but don’t think Google Analytics is good enough because it’s free? You could be bouncing visitors left & right from your homepage right this very moment.

Social Networks

Not building a following in social networks now? It’ll be too late to get brand ambassadors when you need them when your brand faces a reputation management crisis.
Don’t think SEO is important until you launch your marketing campaign? Organic search traffic isn’t a faucet you can turn on instantly.
Having too much patience in online marketing can hurt in so many ways. By the time you realize it, it’s usually too late.

Ask most small businesses, consultants and those new to the online realm what tactics they have in their digital marketing arsenal and they’ll usually come up with the usual suspects. SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media and so on. Email marketing is usually not at the top of their list. It usually doesn’t top the list because they believe it will take too long to grow their newsletter subscribers or don’t believe in the effectiveness of the medium.

Email Strategy Not to Be Ignored

According to a recent eMarketer interview of Bill Nussey (President of Silverpop):
“E-mail’s greatest weakness is that some marketers use it too aggressively, and they undermine the value of e-mail for all other marketers and consumers.”
Why do most new digital marketers fail at email marketing? They fail because they haven’t established the most important aspect of this medium. Trust.
As a consumer we have to trust email marketers as we invite them into our inbox. Here are the general guidelines:

  • Trust them to not sell our email address to a Nigerian spammer
  • Trust them to send us periodic emails and not overdo the number of emails we’re sent
  • Trust them to send us relevant info and not pull a fast one on us
  • Trust them to ensure their emails are free of viruses

Some Final Words

As marketers we have to be aware that we have to earn the consumer’s trust at every opportunity. This happens before we send them their first email, it even happens before they subscribe. From the professional design of our website & logo, the information we request from them, assurances that we secure their personal information, right down to the copy informing them of what they can expect from our newsletters (and so on…). They all either reinforce a favorable view or turn people off to what we have to say or offer.
So before you launch your next email campaign; ask yourself, ”Have we earned the reader’s trust?”.
Doing so will make all the other metrics such as Open Rate, Click Through Rate & Conversions much easier to attain.


How to Start With Internet Marketing

How Do I Start?

Ok so you want to start with Internet marketing but don’t know what to do first?
Well, there are many facets to internet marketing but the most common is set up a website, add content, monetize it and then SEO the crap out of it.

So, the very first thing you must do is pick a niche. What is a niche? Well, it’s basically a topic of something that you can sell. For example, some common niches are “weight loss” “dating” “self help” “muscle building” you get the idea. There are TONS of niches to choose from.

What I suggest is to start off with a niche that you are familiar with. Start off with your interests. What interests you? Do you have a hobby? Are there offers in your hobby that you can promote?

Do Some Research in Your Niche

What I suggest is you go to clickbank and check to see if there are any offers in the niche that you are interested in. If you don’t know what to pick, you can just browse the offers in the many different categories under the marketplace tab.

You can sign up for clickbank for free as well, registration is easy. The next step is after you have chosen a niche, for example “self help” under categories and then “dating guides” in the drop down, you will see all the current offers. On the right you will see the average sale, which is what you would get paid if you referred someone via your personal link and they ended up buying that product.

So in other words, once your website is created click bank will provide UA unique link and or graphics were you replace your provided code.  When someone visits your website if they click on that link and follow through with the purchase than you will get credit for the sale.



It is also important to make sure that you are picking the right product to promote.  For the category you’ve chosen you’ll see a drop down with different search types.  You’ll want to choose gravity has your search type.

Gravity is the number of affiliates that earned a commission from promoting a product on click bank during the last 12 weeks.  The number is not an actual amount of affiliates.  The higher the value here the better.  I would suggest to look for products with a minimum gravity of 10.

Niche  research

The next thing you’ll want to do is check to see if people are actually searching for the product you wish to promote.  Chances are they are searching for an otherwise the product would not be created in the first place.  If you go to google simply type in your niche key word in the search bar.  In this case you can try typing in the search turned dating guides and see what websites come up.

Chances are some will contain an offer either to click bank or somewhere else.  You can also use Googles’ Keyword Planner to check to see how many searches per month your niche is getting.  For a guide on how to use the keyword planner you can go here.

What about competition?

Competition is not a bad thing.  Without competition that means that the product is not popular or is not selling.  So do not be afraid of too many people competing in the niche you want to get into. 

For example if you want to get into the weight loss niche, you will not try to rank for the key word weight loss.  It is way too competitive.  Instead, try to rank for a long tail keyword such as “how to lose weight on my thighs”, or “how to lose weight before my wedding.”

Ok So I Found Something to Promote, What Next?

By now you should have gone through the keyword planner and understand how it works. You should now pick at least 5-10 keywords that you will want to target. Now, to break this down. For each keyword you will create an article. Each article should be about 500-1000 words long, 500 is the minimal.

If your niche is broad, for example weight loss, you should target keywords that are longtail, in other words search terms that have more than 3 words, I provided an example above.

Your keyword should be in the Title Tag, the H1 Tag and the description. We will go into this later so don’t worry. For now, you can start writing an article based on your keyword. Do not use the keyword too much in your article. This is known as keyword stuffing which worked in the past but does not work now.

Think About Your Website

I strongly suggest you set up a website using wordpress. I don’t mean the free one either at

You will need a domain name and hosting. So, to tackle the domain name, there are two options. You can choose your own domain name (if available) or buy an aged, existing domain name from an auction. GoDaddy has an auction site where you can find one.

Why pick an aged domain? Even thought the domain is expired or about to be expired, it carries some trust with Google and can help you get indexed quicker. It also carries a lot of power from previous backlinks and can be a big boost to your site. Now, not all domains are considered good, you should really have them checked first.

Domain Tools

One tool i suggest to check a domain if you are going to purchase a domain in an auction is majestic.  What you want to focus on is trust flow and citation flow. Try to look for a site with a trust flow of a minimum of 10. For citation, citation should be within the range of trust. So in other words, a trust flow of 10 and citation of 10 is excellent, but if it’s too far spread out like trust of 10 and citation of 25, i’d stay away.

What’s Next?

Next we will look into getting your website set up. For now, brainstorm some ideas and get your articles written. If you don’t want to write them yourself, I would suggest using iwriter, it’s a great platform to get some quality articles written for you, quite inexpensively. Just look under “outsourcing your work” in the linked article.

Till next time!