Consulting Accelerator Review: Is This Sam Ovens Course Worth it?

I am sure you have seen Sam Ovens pop up on Youtube and other platforms and was intrigued by his words. Is he speaking your language? Do you want to become a successful consultant like he is?

In this article we will look at Consulting Accelerator, one of Sam Oven's most current and popular consultancy training course.

Is this something you should invest in? Is it even for you? Read below for my full review.

What is Consulting Accelerator?

Interestingly, there is very, very little information on the Consulting Accelerator page with regards to what you are likely to learn from his course. It tells you that you will make money, but it won't tell you how.

Now, you may think that it would be obvious from the 'Consulting Accelerator' name, but I do think that Sam should have been a bit more obvious about what his course brings to the table.

To put it simply; Consulting Accelerator is a course designed for those who want to learn how to become a consultant. This means that if you plan to sell your knowledge as a service, then this is a course that can help you.

Obviously, you know that Sam has some experience in this arena as he is a consultant. So, right off the bat, you know that you can trust the course.

The Cost of Consulting Accelerator

I have no doubt that most people are going to turn their nose up at the cost of Consulting Accelerator. Without any discounts, you are going to be spending $1,997 on this course, although that cost can be split over five months. 

There are refunds available if you cannot make an income from the course, but you seemingly have to jump through so many hoops to gain that refund, 

I do not personally think it can be worth it. That being said, there is a small limited 7-day trial for the course, if you want.

What is included with Content Accelerator?

Quite a lot, actually. You do get Q&A calls, and access to the community. However, I am going to put those to one side for a second. These are never going to be the main selling point of any course.

After all, you want some content that you can work your way through. For that, you do have a bit to tap into.

The course is delivered through numerous videos, handouts, and worksheets. Yep. Worksheets. With this course, you get supplied with information on what you need to do each week.

The idea is to get you actually working as opposed to watching a few online videos. This means that you have no excuse not to be making money here. You know exactly what needs to be done. These are the modules:

Fundamentals and Foundations

In the first week, you will be learning the basics of building up a consulting business. You are going to learn how to identify your strengths in knowledge. This will allow you to determine which niche to enter.

Of course, you will also get plenty of advice on how to find the most profitable niches. Basically, this part of the course is going to start the foundations of your business that you can build upon. There is a lot more information here than on competing courses, to be honest. Most other courses seem to gloss over this.

New Paradigm and World View

You are going to be taking a break from the actual 'building up' of your business in the second week. Instead, you are going to be given a ton of advice on how you can get into the right frame of mind to run a business.

Sam claims that his techniques are 'brand new' but, to be honest, a lot of what you can find here is going to be pretty basic stuff.

Alchemy of Client Conversion

In this week, you are going to learn how to make sales calls. Yep. Sales calls. Barely any of your business will be gained from online. Well, you will generate leads like this, but Consulting Accelerator will tell you how to sell things over the telephone.

This is an element that most other courses do not cover.

If making cold sales calls scares the crap outta you and would rather hide in front of a computer to make money, you might want to drop this consulting idea and do something like affiliate marketing or ecom instead!

Fractal Facebook Evolution

The fifth week is all about using ads to collect leads on Facebook. I cannot possibly imagine that this is the best place to gain some of the higher paying clients, but it is what it is.

Minimal Viable Service Delivery

This is the final week, and you will learn how to deliver something but also ensuring that profits on your deliverables remain high. This means delivering something that took less effort, but that your client is going to be happy with.

You will learn everything about managing your clients in this section.

Is the Course Worth it?

As I said before; this is an expensive course. If you can afford the $1997 price tag and not feel angry if it doesn't work out for you, then by all means give it a shot.

The problem with Consulting Accelerator is that the course is too 'compressed'. Yes. There is a lot of content here, but at times you feel that major sections have been left out. There is no real information about creating your product.

Well, there is, but it comes right at the end after you have done everything else. There is also no information about gaining clients outside of Facebook which, as I said, is probably not going to be the best for those who want the higher paying clients.

When I was in the Agency business I used LinkedIn a lot, it gave me some pretty good results and snagged some clients from there, so you could try that.

Is the Course a Scam?

I am not going to label this as a scam. This is because it is not. it is evident that Sam Ovens has a ton of experience in the world of consulting. It is just that there needs to be more to the course in order to justify the price.

If you're already an agency owner and looking to expand, I do believe this course can help you. If you're new and not sure if starting an agency and working with clients is your thing, I strongly suggest you read into this further.

For those of you on the fence that can't decide between consulting and starting some other kind of online business, take a minute to read this article here - https://drews-review.com/choose-your-path.

It will make it easier for you to decide which path to take.

Comment below or feel free to contact me directly for any questions.


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