Digital Profit Academy Review: DPA Blueprints by Franklin Hatchett

Drew here and welcome to my Digital Profit Academy review - also known as the DPA Method.

In case you don't know, this course has been created by prominent Youtube Franklin Hatchett who is very well known in the ecommerce and affiliate marketing space.

Update - DPA is closed for now and will update this space should that change.

You may be aware of two of his courses, Ecom Elites - which is a dropshipping course and Savage Affiliates - you guessed it - an affiliate marketing course.

The Digital Profit Academy or "DPA" is a special release with a very deep discount. It's only live for a limited time and in fact as I am writing this it looks like it is not being offered anymore. Did you miss the boat? Perhaps not. However, when it is released again I am sure it will go up in price.

So what Is the Digital Profit Academy (DPA METHOD) All About?

It's definitely not an affiliate marketing or drosphipping course. In fact you probably know already that it is designed to help you make money from client getting.

What I like about getting clients is that you can start making money literally the next day - if you hussle.

The course teaches you 3 different methods on how you can make money from clients and I am going to go into much more detail on what exactly you are getting once it becomes available again - guess I missed the boat!

So stay tuned for my full review on this course by Franklin Hatchett. This page will be updated so check back often!


Drew Mann