Dropshipping Perfection 2.0 Review: Ryan Melnick Ecommerce Course

I recently saw an interview with Ryan Melnick on a post from Sell The Trend. It was an interesting look into this entrepreneurs' story and how he came to be successful in the dropshipping space.

Turns out he's got a course out called Dropshipping Perfection 2.0 which will be the focus of our review today.

The course normally sells for $1000 but was reduced to $299 at 70% off but appears to be for a "limited time only" which is probably a scarcity tactic. However, the radio button shows it at $497 or $697 if you're including a custom built store.

The course's focus is on helping you build a 6-figure eCom empire. If it doesn't help you get there, then at least you get to keep the T-shirt that you get with your subscription!

The course focuses on building your store and then setting up Facebook ads to drive traffic - the most common strategy for any dropshipping course these days.

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Who is Ryan Melnick?

If you already know, just skip this part. To give you a bit of backround, Ryan is a 23 year old entrepreneur that first got his start back in High School with eBay. He'd find stuff at garage sales and sell them on the platform. 

Apparently he made a lot of money with this business model but I can't imagine how much work was involved when you compare this to the dropshipping model of today. However, that was not long ago considering he is just 23 now.

He's active on his Youtube Channel with just under 6000 subs and has videos on topics such as "Is Dropshipping Dead in 2020" and "How to Sell Products Online and Travel the World." I think the latter is everyone's dream. By the way as I am writing this I am traveling myself!

He's also pretty active on Instagram where he posts a lot of travel photos. So i'd say so far he seems pretty legit and genuine and seems to know what he's talking about. 

Taking a Look at His Course

The course is broken down into 10 "units" which is a different take on the typical "modules" that most course creators call them. Anyway, who cares about what they're called - it's the content that counts!

There's 40 hours of content in Dropshipping Perfection 2.0. 

Here's a breakdown of what you'll get:

  • UNIT 1: Shopify Store Builder
  • UNIT 2: Facebook 101
  • UNIT 3: Product Research
  • UNIT 4: Facebook 201
  • UNIT 5: Facebook Optimization
  • UNIT 6: Facebook Scaling
  • UNIT 7: Order Fulfillment
  • UNIT 8: Outsourcing
  • UNIT 9: Maximizing Profits
  • UNIT 10: Tying It All Together
  • BONUS VIDEOS: Constantly Updated

If we look at his course content, we can see already that it is an introductory course for newbies that wish to start a dropshipping course.

If all you want is how to set up a store, pick a niche, find products to sell and throw up some Facebook ads, sure, this course could be for you.

However the issue here and at least with my experience in dropshipping is that you need MORE tools to survive in this business. 

There's no training on Instagram, Google Shopping, Google Ads, Sales funnels, etc. Would you not want all the tools at your disposal when investing in a course? Of course you do!

An Alternative to Consider

Don't get me wrong, Ryan's course is put together well and you can zip through it in a week. You'll have all the basic training you need to get up and running.

However, if you want all the tools to succeed, I strongly suggest investing in Franklin Hatchett's eCom Elites.

The reason? It's not only cheaper - $197 for the standard version or $297 for the Ultimate, but you'll get over 200 hours of training compared to just 40!

That's a massive difference and it's going to give you ALL the tools you need. Why limit yourself right?

In eCom Elites you will get Facebook, Google ads, Google Shopping and Instagram training. You'll also learn how to set up sales funnels, email marketing, how to set up a chatbot to do the sales work for you, social media marketing, get free traffic from SEO and so on.

Why would you not want this right?

Look, the choice is yours which way to go. I can only lead you to the water, it's your choice to jump in.

If you want to learn more, you can check out my eCom Elites review here.

I'm also a member and you're going to get a hell of a lot more training here and give you a better chance for success.

Hit me up if you have any questions!


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A decent introductory course to dropshipping with Facebook Ads only.


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