Dropshipping Titans Review: Ebay Course by Paul Lipsky (2023)

Welcome to my Dropshipping Titans review, a course by Paul Lipsky.

This course will teach you how to get started with eBay dropshipping and show you how to create a successful business model for yourself. What separates this course from other courses on the topic is the fact that it focuses on using eBay as your drop shipping platform instead of Amazon shopify or another site like Etsy.

So is this course worth it or just another scam or can you make money online with it? Let's find out and see if this is for you.

Who is Paul J Lipsky?

That's a good question because I thought his name was Paul Joseph. I guess he married his boyfriend and changed his name to Paul J Lipsky.

So Paul is a Youtuber with an active channel and is about to cross 100K subscribers - not bad at all. He seems to post fairly regularly and it looks to be focused mainly on eBay and Amazon dropshipping. Topics include videos on:

  • Reasons why your eBay sales dropped
  • Top eBay suppliers
  • eBay dropshipping top questions answered
  • How to get ungated on Amazon
  • How to create variation listings on eBay
  • Beginner checklist on dropshipping
  • Product research

Paul also talks about Amazon dropshipping and Facebook dropshipping on his YouTube channel, but his course is focused on eBay dropshipping.

How Much is Dropshipping Titans?

The course will cost you $297 if you choose the one-time payment. If you prefer a payment plan, you'd have to pay 3 monthly installments of $127.

That total will be $381 which is $84 more. Just go for the one-time payment if I was you. If you don't have a balance on your credit card it will probably be cheaper to pay your credit card off in 3 months with interest than paying Paul Lipsky the $84 extra. But do check your interest rate to make sure

Dropshipping Titans: Course Content

There are 10 modules in this course and all are video-based. I find video learning to be much superior to courses that teach with text only. Some text-only courses are still out there which is crazy to believe. So far, it's a plus with Dropshipping Titans training methods.

Let's break down the modules:

Module 1: Your Life is About to Change

The first module is your typical, "hey welcome to my course" and "here's what you can expect to learn." It's designed to get you excited and pumped to actually go through the course material. So module 1 has zero training, it's just an introduction.

You'll also learn all about eBay dropshipping but that should be something you're already familiar with if you decided to invest in Dropshipping Titans.

Module 2: Get Your Store up and Running Fast

There are 5 videos in module 2. You will learn things like how to set up your Paypal account - which is much different than your personal Paypal if you have one already. You will need a business account to do ebay drop shipping.

You're going to learn things like how to set up your eBay store, proper business policies, site preferences, and your return address. What I've found here is that a lot I've seen so far is stuff you can learn for free if you just go on Youtube and search for it. So nothing groundbreaking so far. I suppose if you don't want to do the research yourself, then having all these videos in one place can be handy.

Module 3: My Titans Product Research Formula

In module 3 you are going to learn Paul's "Formula" for product research. What he teaches you is product research on sites like Walmart.com and Homedepot.com. You are going to look for products that you can get cheap, but are selling much higher on these websites.

Just to let you know, if anything you see on these websites are products made in China, you CAN get them cheaper from places like Alibaba or Aliexpress. If you could search for products that are all just made in China, then it would be so much easier.

This strategy is mainly for inspiration though, but you could end up finding some gems.

Module 4: The Perfect eBay Listing

In this six video module, Paul shows you how to do the perfect eBay listing. The problem here is that this is nothing new. You could learn from the help section in your eBay account on how to list a product, their help section will give you a ton of advice and feedback from actual sellers.

You don't need Dropshipping Titans to tell you how to list a product.

There's nothing over and above the standard ways to list a product. Nothing new to see here. One thing I found disturbing is that because Ebay restricts you to 10 products for new sellers, his listing philosophy is "quantity over quality." I guess that only applies if you only want to market 10 products!

Module 5: What You Need to Know Before Listing More Items

In this 10 video module, Paul addresses the 10 item listing rule for new sellers. He tells you how you can (hopefully) get around it but there are no guarantees.

Here's how he teaches you to increase your 10 item limit:

  • Call eBay and ask if they can increase the limit
  • Get more positive reviews
  • Sell more products
  • Verify your payment
  • Sell items from the United States
  • Get rid of items that don't sell so you can add more

The above is pretty self-explanatory but I've noticed that Paul tends to really drag on about things. There's a very simple way to state the above but he over-complicates and over-explains things. There was no need for separate videos on this, but I assume it just makes the course look "bigger" on the sales page so I get it.

Module 6: Getting Your Customers Their Orders Fast

I have to admit, this was probably the most useless module out of them all. Even my grandmother knows how to add an item to cart on Walmart and make the purchase. Paul dedicates a whole video on that in this module. Why? People know this stuff already!

There's some useful content like how to deal with items that are out of stock, but for the most part, if you weren't born yesterday, you know yourself how to order an item online.

Module 7: Top Customer Service Hacks

No one wants a bad review. It's not good for an eBay business or ANY business for that matter. This module teaches you how to make your customers happy, essentially. Things like uploading tracking numbers, answering customer inquiries in a timely manner, how to avoid and deal with cancellations & returns.

To sum up this hefty 10 video module, just be nice to your customers and you'll get good feedback. These are lessons your mother should have taught you anyway. You don't need this in a course!

Module 8: Titan Hacks to Double Your Profit on Every Sale

In module 8, he teaches you how you can increase profit margins on each sale you make by a couple of cents. This is what he suggests on how to accomplish this:

  • Find coupons to use
  • The sneaky trick on collecting sales tax
  • Get free shipping by purchasing all products together
  • Get gift cards at a discount

These tactics are not going to help you double your profit. In most cases, it's literally pennies on the dollar. I don't see how this can really help you maximize profits.

Module 9: Keep Things Organized

This module helps you organize your dropshipping business through bookkeeping. You'll need Quickbooks where you'll track your orders in an excel spreadsheet.

Module 10: Advanced Topics

These topics are not advanced topics. He tells you how you can set up a Limited Liability Company or LLC for short, how you can start a second eBay store, how to beat Amazon buying limits etc. It's really just a collection of other "things you can do" to hopefully be a successful eBay dropshipper.

All of this information can be found on Youtube, you don't need a separate module on it.

Alternatives to Dropshipping Titans

If you want to start a successful dropshipping business on Ebay, you could find cheap online courses on Udemy like John Vu's "eBay Drop Shipping Guide with No Inventory - Work From Home.

With this course, you're going to learn the same things that Dropshipping Titans teaches but at a fraction of the price. What I like even more about it is that you are going to see the course creator's actual store, so you'll have a real-life sampling of a successful eBay dropshipping store.

Final Thoughts on Dropshipping Titans

That's it for the course content and what you'll get. If you set enough time you could probably get through this course in a day.

The big question you're asking is, should I buy eBay Dropshipping Titans but the bigger question you should really ask is - should you do dropshipping on eBay?

Personally, I wouldn't.

Here are my reasons. For one, you've got a plethora of Chinese sellers on eBay selling stuff dirt cheap. They probably are even the manufacturers with a lot of resources so how are you going to compete with their pricing?

Second, there's also some red tape you have to deal with when it comes to eBay. As a new seller, you are limited to selling just 10 items per week. If you cross that mark then you have to go through eBay to get approved due to more numbers. You don't have that issue with traditional dropshipping on Shopify.

Third, depending on where you live you might have some challenges with Paypal. Even if you have no problems you could get your account shut down and if there's any money in it - you could lose it! At least with Shopify dropshipping, you have cc payments that are safer.

Your better option is to get on Shopify with your own ecommerce store and build a brand. To do this, I suggest picking up Ecom Elites which will teach you everything from A-Z on dropshipping. It's my #1 rated ecom course and I highly recommend it.

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