Ecom Blueprint Review: Shopify Case Study Course By Gabriel St-Germain

Another Youtuber with another course. This time it's Gabriel St-Germain. Taking a look at his Youtube channel, he's got quite the following at almost 60K subs at the time of this writing.

He's now launched a course called the "Ecom Blueprint". Anyway, let's dive into this review.

His course isn't the standard course you would expect. It's actually meant for intermediate drop shippers that want to "take things to the next level" to help them explode their sales.

So rather than a course, it's marketed as a case study. He shows you the same blueprint he used to generate over 1M in sales for a single product. 

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The Case Study

He will reveal to you his one-product store where he generated one million in sales under 5 months.

He does say that 20% of that was profit, so I do respect that fact as many marketers rarely reveal their actual profits.

Goal of This Course

His goal is to actually teach you the theory behind the launch and success of this one product that you can apply to your own store. My only question is does this apply to all products? Perhaps it only applies to this one particular product?

The Golden Product

So if you're looking to sell the product he reveals, don't bother. I can tell you from experience when a marketer reveals to you his "secret" product that did over 1M in sales last year - chances are that product now does not sell anymore. If it still was, do you think he/she would want you to know about it and saturate the market?

I don't think that Gabriel is trying to tell you to sell the product he reveals and I do hope he mentions to not bother doing it as it surely will fail (expecially if everyone else knows about it now) 

I believe I mentioned in another article where I tried to market products suggested in the "bonus" section of ESA - it was a miserable failure. 

What He Claims You Will Learn

Ok, so we've established that he's not selling you a dream product to market. Good.

What he does teach is how to brand a single product. He also teaches you how to use Facebook Ads and IG influencer Ads.

Also taught is scaling strategies and how to gather data, how to automate fulfillment and find a sourcing agent.


So the course (err.. case study) is live and I haven't decided if I will buy it or not to complete this full review. I already know what it's all about based on his sales page.

If you're a newbie to drop shipping and need some serious hand holding, you might soon realize this course is really not for you and might have buyers remorse.

IS There an Alternative to Ecom Blueprint?

If you want a course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about being successful in drop shipping without holding anything back - and i'm talking IG strategies, extensive Facebook training, Google Ads strategies, chat bots, free & paid traffic, funnels and more - then you should check out my #1 recommendation - eCom Elites.

Best of all, the entry package is just $197, cheaper than Ecom Blueprint. You could go with Ecom Elites Ultimate, which is $297 - the same price.

I encourage you to look at my review so you'll get a better idea as to why this is going to be a much better choice for you. Franklin is a 7 figure marketer and 2 Comm Club winner - so he's got the experience to mentor you.

So it's up to you - if you're an intermediate marketer and you don't have eCom Elites or Ecom Blueprint - you're going to benefit from both.  However, eCom Elites is a complete course - not just a case study.

See more about Ecom Elites and judge for yourself. It's my #1 recommendation for an eCom course on so many different levels.

Drew Mann