Ecom Profit Masterclass Review: Richard Telfeja’s Ecom Shopify Course

If you landed here chances are you are thinking about buying Ecom Profit Masterclass by Richard Telfeja (also known as Richard Telf) and featuring Laz Chavez. 

Perhaps you have seen their Youtube ads. By the way I love the Dunder Mifflin T-Shirt Laz wears - I want one. They should include that in their membership. Anyway, let's get on with this review.

So what does Ecom Profit Masterclass offer and is it a good fit for you? The claims are pretty strong, They say that if you take their training you'll be able to create a massively profitable Shopify Ecommerce business. 

The training is done over a 6 week period, It's video based and on top of that you'll be able to connect directly with the trainers - Richard and Laz.

What's in the Course? Let's Review

Module 1 - Basics

In week 1 of the first module you'll learn how to setup your Shopify store as instructed by Laz. There are a total of 9 videos all explaining the Shopify platorm. 

Things like creating a domain, a logo, setting up the backend, creating legal pages, etc. are all covered. 

The focus here is for beginners, so if you haven't set up a Shopify store before, this section will help. However you can find this info online and with tutorials from Shopify anyway, but I understand it should be included in the course.

If you haven't picked a product(s) to sell yet, you're going to be stuck here because that's the whole point of creating your store - around your product and niche - which is not covered here for some reason. I got annoyed how many times the word "basically" was said in this module but eventually I tuned it out. Anyway, I digress.

Module 2 - Customizing Your Store

Here you'll learn how to install a theme, creating a logo, setting up your colors and customizing your theme.

They supply you with a theme that supposedly made them 2 Million dollars in one month. Guys - theme's don't make money, just so you know. The first video shows you how to upload the theme they provide and the last video shows you how to customize it.

The theme provided is very basic and looks like a lot of the free themes out there. Essential functions found in add on apps are not included, like you'd get in a premium theme like these i review separately.

Fiverr and Upwork is mentioned for help in logos, color schemes reference color wheels on the web. You probably know this stuff already.

Module 3 - Products

There's about 9 videos in this section. It starts off with showing you how to use Oberlo to import products from Aliexpress. 

There's also a video on choosing between an niche and general store and the pros and cons of both. 

For product research you get a whopping 7 minute long video on how to look for products on Aliexpress. That's it. No other alternatives. Lame.

You're shown how to add products to your store (from Aliexpress obviously) how to set up your titles, descriptions and images, adding products to a collection, product page theme editing and how to set up your checkout.

This section only discusses Aliexpress products. Fortunately the next module goes into some other tactics.

Module 4 - Advanced Product Research

Three videos are found in this section regarding different tools. Commerce Inspector is used to find products that other stores are selling.

Another tool mentioned is Turbo Ad Finder, a chrome extention (free tool) for Facebook where it removes all organic posts and just shows the sponsored ones. You would then use this for product research.

The third tool is Dropship Spy - $20/month. This tool uploads 2 products a day that seem to be selling well. If everyone that has this tool uses this info the market gets saturated, does it not? 

So that's all you'll get for advanced product research. There's so much more in eCom Elites with a lot more ways to find products. Check out my review on eCom Elites if you've had enough already.

Module 5 - Apps

Ok so if you want to keep that 2 million dollar theme and buy a bunch of apps go ahead, but if you want to get a professional theme focused on conversions, check out eCom Turbo or the other suggestions previously mentioned.

To give you an idea of what they want you to install, here it is. Abandonment Protector Plus, Best Currency Converter, Carts Guru, POD, Conversio, Order Lookup, Quick Announcement bar and so on. Ridiculous. A good premium theme will give you all these and more included in the price without having to pay monthly fees. Sure there are some free apps, but they kinda suck.

Module 6 - Order Fullfillment

You'll get 3 relatively short videos here on order fulfillment which is basically how to order the products for your customers after a purchase.

The focus is obviously on Aliexpress fullfillment and another video on order fullfillment using Oberlo.

Module 7 - Account Setup

Here you'll learn how to set up Adwords, Google Merchant Center and the Google Shopping App.

This info can be found online but I suppose having it all here makes it easy.

Module 8 - Adwords Overview

Just more theory based video on using Adwords between the old and new interface, a video on getting to know how to use Adwords and the Merchant Center. Again, similar content exists online and it's all just theory how to use these platforms. It's a short section as well, just 3 videos averaging 4 minutes in length each.

Module 9 - Conversion Tracking

In this module you will learn about the basics of conversion tracking through using the Google conversion tag. You'll learn how to create and install the conversion tag. More theory and content you can find elsewhere.

Module 10 - Product Research

Here you'll learn how to find the "right" products for Google based on hot and trending products, how to find competitive products that can cost you less than FB ads, and products via volume searches.

You'll learn something from these videos as it's not all theory based on the last few modules. He shows you some examples to sell and how to search for products. It's rather short though, just 4 videos in this section, the shortest being 4 minutes long and 20 min for the longest one. 

Product reseach should be HUGE! Afterall you guys probably know already that your biggest issue is finding the right products, right? 

Module 11 - Campaign Setup

In this section you'll learn how targeting works with Google Shopping. Targeting is much different than what you do in Facebook so this section is decent and raises a lot of good points. 

You'll also learn how to rank your ad in the top 2, which really isn't that difficult when it comes to paid ads. Other videos include ad quality score and syncing your products. Still some theory here and a lot of info can be found online. For example just Google "how do you make money with Google Shopping?".

Module 12 - Shopping Campaign Optimization

Here you will learn how to get your campaign optimized and budget scaling. Removal of keywords that are not performing (eating into your profits) is also discussed.

Module 13 - Using Google Search

Just two videos in this module on using Google Search and how to leverage shopping data. 

Module 14 - International Expansion

This module will teach you how to expand your store internationally so you can operate in worldwide markets - at least the ones that actually matter. You'll want to focus on the US first though, whether you're from there or not as that is the biggest market but other countries should not be ignored.

Facebook Group Scams and Money back Guarantees

You do get access to a private Facebook group which should be a given with any course, epecially one with a price tag like this one. Whether or not you will get anything out of it depends on the interaction within the group.

Some may wonder if Ecom Profit Masterclass is a scam and it's definitely not, I just think the price is too high to be honest. However, you do get a 30 day money back guarantee.

What I think of Ecom Profit Masterclass

With focus on Google Ads in this course and very little on Facebook, I can't recommend this course especially for the high price tag. It has a lot of theory which you can find online and there's just not enough practical examples that can help you.

My Recommended Alternative to Ecom Profit Masterclass

To learn Ecom, you don't need to spend $1497 on a course. 

The good news is I have an alternative for you which in my opinion is a better course and best of all - it's at a fraction of the price.

Ecom Elites is that course and there are two versions - the standard version at $197 and the Ultimate at $297.

That's a huge savings regardless of which package!

Don't be fooled by the low price tag though. The course is jam packed with training and has over 175 videos. 

The course is taught by 2 Comma Club winner Franklin Hatchett who's also a 7 figure earner and a very respected marketer in the Ecom space.

In Ecom Elites you will learn all the basics (newbie friendly) from setting up your store, teaching you the right way to do product research, a massive training section in Facebook Ads, Instagram ads and email marketing.

You'll also learn how to set up a chat bot on your store for even more sales, how to set up sales funnels, Google Shopping ads and more. This is just some of what you will learn. The course over-delivers.

I have a review on Ecom Elites which you can read yourself. I take you inside the course so you can see what you're getting. It's so much better and less $ for you. Put that cash you save towards ads!

Questions? Comment below or just reach out to me via my contact page.


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