Ecom Remastered 2.0 Review: New Course By Hayden Bowles

Love him or hate him, Hayden Bowles has a new course out. For only $797 you can be the proud owner of this gem. So sit back and let's see what's inside Ecom Remastered 2.0 in this review. At the end you'll know if you should pick it up or take a pass.

​If you have been following Hayden Bowles on YouTube you may already know that this is his second course. His first course was called Hacking Shopify (minus the hacking) with not much content to be honest and he somehow still managed to charge $497.00 - and people bought it. That's a lot of money to give some 18 year old with little experience.

Now we graduate to his newest course, eCom Remastered 2.0 with a $300 increase. It's strikingly similar to his original course. Once again the claims roll in of making bank without providing enough proof of these claims.

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Should you buy this course, Hayden claims that you will get an over-the-shoulder look into his Facebook Ad strategies. He says these exact strategies will give you insane conversion rates and to "dominate the eCommerce space."

Currently there are 9 modules in total. The introduction video explains to you that the course's main objective is to focus in one area of "high level marketeting." This is a strategy that Hayden uses along with his team.

If you're a newbie, you'll be confused from the start. At just the second module in, he goes straight into Facebook Ads. Most eCom courses will show you how to set up your store and build up your brand. This course is not about that. Newbs be warned.

So if you are a newbie and you have no clue about drop shipping or at least have a vague idea, you're better off getting a course like eCom Elites​. You'll learn a hell of a lot more than just Facebook Ads - which is also included.

Module 2 - Facebook Ads Basics

This section discusses the typical Facebook Ads setup including researching audiences, high ticket vs low ticket, creating posts, product research, writing winning ad copy and ​split testing.

Module 3 - Types of Ads

Ok this module does show some new things like videos on birthday advertisements, when you should launch your ads, the type of campaigns you should launch and setting your budgets. It's a compact module but still useful.

Module 4 - Running Ads

This module is all about scaling and what data is important to watch. You'll also learn when and how you should break down ads, when you should duplicate them and when to end them.

Module 5 - Audiences

Newbies might even know a bit about retargeting and lookalike audiences. That's what this module is about.

Module 6 - Funnels

In this module you will learn how to use "Zipify" with Shopify and how to use funnels. A case study is included.

Module 7 - Extra Addons

​Here you will learn how to set up chatbox marketing, 3x3 grids, Power Pixel and using Viper Marketing to market your product(s).

Module 8 - Conversion Boosters

In this module you'll learn how to recover abandoned carts, how to use email marketing with your store, create newsletters and post purchase email flows.

Module 9 - Instagram Influencers

Very popular now and not to be missed is a module on working with influencers. Here you will learn how to connect with them, what prices you can expect to pay, how to scale with them and how to configure your shout outs.

​eCom Remastered Bonuses

I'm assuming Hayden through these bonuses in entice people to buy his course.

Bonus #1 - Free access to a $347 a month product research group - apparently you get in on winning products every month, including the suppliers with ad copy, pricing and Facebook strategy. Depending how many people have access to this, I can see this being watered down very quick.

​Bonus #2 - Hand Selected HSD Program Modules - this shows you more e-com strategies you can use along with different types of marketing tactics. Worth $647?

Bonus #3 - You'll get 3 additional modules where each module is taught by different 7-figure experts. You'll learn how to duplicate their high income skill set.

Facebook Mastermind Group

As a paying member you'll get access to this Facebook group. Q&A happens in these groups and apparently there are other 6 figure students in here as well - but not sure how accurate that really is.

My Closing Opinion

Although this course is a step up from "Hacking Shopify", my impressions of eCom Resmastered 2.0 is that it is based mostly on theory. I think people that want to learn and grow their Shopify business will benefit much more from real life examples, hand holding, case studies ,etc.

I could be wrong but if you feel that you can benefit from "theory" based training, go for it. I just don't think it's very practical and a bit of a bore. Learning should be exciting and interesting.

So it comes down to this. If reading above makes sense to you then perhaps this course is for you. If you're now thinking "Drew you got me all confused" then let me help.

Take my advice and get Franklin Hatchett's "eCom Elites" instead. Not only is it priced less starting at a one time fee of $197, but you also get training in the following:

  • Full over-the-shoulder style training in video format - over 175 videos
  • A massive Facebook training module - you'll be an expert in Facebook ads after going through this section - worth the price of the course alone
  • Instram traffic & Influencer training
  • SEO training
  • Learn how to set up a chatbot for more sales
  • Email marketing training
  • Weekly Q&A sessions
  • Sales funnel training
  • Google Shopping Ads training
  • Facebook group & private inner circle included
  • Lifetime updates included at no extra fee

As you can see Ecom Elites offers a ton of training at an unbelievable price. When comparing it to more expensive courses like Dropship Lifestyle, H-com 2020 and the Ecom Success Academy, Ecom Elites comes out ahead even content wise. 

It's a complete course designed for newbies to get started in dropshipping and to scale and grow your business. This is why I recommend it vs Ecom Remastered 2.0 or any other dropshipping course I have seen on the market to date.

So check it out here or you can also read my review to see what's inside.

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If you like advertising heavy courses with lots of theory this course could be for you. If you need a course as a newbie that is complete, read my suggestion above.

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