eCom Turbo Review: Best Shopify Theme For Dropshipping?

Hey, Drew here for yet another Franklin Hatchett product review. This time it’s for his eCom Turbo Theme for Shopify, which is perfect for dropshipping sites. Perhaps you have a theme right now from Shopify which is one of the free themes and you think it’s time for a change. Or perhaps your site is what is holding back your conversions. It could well be that.

Franklin as you know is an avid dropshipper and even has his own course called eCom Elites which you may well be aware of already. He noticed a big hole with the Shopify themes out there, and that was conversions. If you have an ugly site, or a site that looks bad functionally and loads slowly in both desktop and mobile, then you are literally losing potential sales here.

So what do you do to decrease your bounce rate? Get a theme that looks great and functions well. eCom Turbo is designed for one thing – conversions. If you are not in the dropshipping game for conversions then you might as well pack it up right now.

I went ahead and bought eCom Turbo and here is a screen shot of the members area. This is not just a theme. You get full training from the man himself! Just look at all the content.

Ok, so now you can see that when you purchase the theme you aren’t left in the cold without any help. As always Franklin provides huge value with his products and always over-delivers. I’ve bought many themes in the past and never was there a members area like this!

Features of the Theme That I Like

Fast Load Times

Whether you know this or not, page loading time is a ranking factor in Google and now for 2018, the same goes for Facebook. But besides that, if your site doesn’t load quick, you’re going to lose customers. They will get deterred and leave. eCom Turbo addresses this issue with super fast load speeds in both desktop and mobile.

Scarcity Timer & More

You probably have seen the apps available that you need to pay for to get a scarcity timer. Well it’s included here. Also included is a “left in stock” option to provide an additional layer of scarcity and instill a sense of urgency. You can save up to $10 a month with the apps included in eCom Turbo considering these are paid apps in the app store.

Related Products Upsell

One way to maximize sales is to include a “related items” feature whenever a customer commits to buy one of your products. You’ll need to pony up another $5 to $10 bucks for this PER MONTH in the app store. eCom Turbo does this for FREE – no monthlies!  If Amazon does it. So should you. And you don’t have to pay for this feature! Love it.

Coupon Code Upsells

Another app that is available for purchase in the app store is included FREE with eCom Turbo. If a customer leaves, entice them with a coupon. Not only that, you’ll be able to capture their email address as well. Double whammy.

Customization of the Footer

Have you tried to customize your footer? With the regular Shopify themes it’s almost impossible and admittedly you can have Shopify support do this for you as they have done for me in the past but it never looks how I want it. With Franklin’s theme it’s all customizable if that’s a word.

These are just some of the features of eCom Turbo. There’s actually more than I mentioned, I just happen to love these ones.


So, Should You Buy eCom Turbo?

If you haven’t figured out yet that eCom Turbo is going to save you money from all those pesky monthly app charges, then I don’t know what to say! Here’s the thing. You can keep your theme as it is and never know if eCom Turbo will work for you or not. Or, you can take the plunge at only $97, when some of the premium Shopify themes cost around $180 (and suck if you ask me) and see what it will do for you. The cost can easily be justified especially if you are paying monthly for some of the apps that are in the app store.

Remember – eCom Turbo is designed for conversions! YOU need conversions or you have no business!

The Cons?

I found that when updating the theme you have to update the entire site again, a bit of a pain but not a huge deal. Things like Facebook bot integrations, one click upsells and custom page layouts are missing but I am sure this will be addressed in the future.

The Guarantee

Franklin’s a stand up guy. If you are not satisfied with this theme you can get a refund after trying it out for 14 days.

My Final Thoughts

You’re here because you are looking to improve the look and functionality of your store right? The other Shopify themes are NOT created by marketers. If you ask me, Franklin is a marketing genius. He originally created this theme for himself because he knew what was lacking in the marketplace. Why would you not emulate a successful marketer and implement what works? Something to think about.

  • Price
  • Features
  • Training
  • Value


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