Ecom X University Review: Ecom Rapper Moonis Ali’s Dropshipping Course

I recently came across a hilarious video of an Indian rapper. Now, there's nothing funny about rappers in particular, wherever they come from, but his video was actually a sales pitch for his course - Ecom X University. Kudo's to him for originality. I'd like to see other Ecom guru's try to make a rap video lol. 

Anyway, the purpose of today's review is not to grade Moonis Ali's rapping skills but to look at his course to see if it's worth the 7999 Indian Ruppee's he's charging. By the way, that's $115 USD based on today's currency exchange. So, is it worth $115 bucks? That's cheap YO! (sorry lol)

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What a bad-ass eh? You definitely want to learn from this guy so you too can be like him. Maybe one day you'll create your own rap video. There's no honey's in his video though - too bad. 

I didn't see any Ferrari's or Lamborghini's in his video either but I did see a guy with a bucket on his head. That was cool. 😀 smh.

So Who is Moonis Ali?

Moonis Ali's first love isn't rap (thank god) but he aspired to be an expert in dropshipping and sell millions of Rupee's of products around the world. 

He got his first taste of this business while attending a class taught by Gaurav Madaan, a famous Indian Marketer.

After taking in this information, Moonis invested almost all he had into his business. Eventually he claims to have hit the jackpot and made millions of dollars (not rupees) online. 

His sales page shows revenue screenshots from Shopify with his best month at $144K. Not bad at all. However, just like most sales pitches you'll never get the actual numbers because the main expense which is advertising - is never revealed.

He does however keep it real by telling people that you do need to have money to invest in your business if you want to succeed. He even tells them to get a job to fund their business which totally makes sense in the beginning. Everyone should be doing this. You can do your side hustle at night or when you're off work.

Ecom X University Review

In Moonis' course, he promises to help you find a killer product that never fails. First of all, this is an outrageous claim. If this was the case, he'd never reveal this "secret" to you. Why would he? He'd be a billionaire in no time by just keeping it for himself.

So right off the bat I have seen a red flag but still remain optimistic. 

In the course you will also learn how to target buyers from Facebook. The content in this section is rather weak and unsubstantial. If you're going to get a course that only focuses on Facebook ads like this one, you need very intensive training and this sections is actually quite mediocre.

He does teach you how to get your Facebook Ad account back should Facebook decide to close it down. 

The course also shows you how to get started with Shopify so if you're a complete newbie you'll have some direction on how to set up your store.

He also teaches you what countries are the best for marketing to. Hint - they Include the US, Canada, UK, AUS, NZ. 

What's missing in the course is other methods like Instagram ads & Influencers, Youtube marketing, Google ads, Google Shopping ads, Sales funnels & email marketing.

That's a lot missing and since the price tag for this course is pretty low - it's also expected.

He does however teach you the basics when it comes to starting a dropshipping business, finding products, setting up your Facebook ads and scaling when you find a winning product. 

If that's all you're interested in, then perhaps with the low investment of this course it's worth a try.


What's a MUCH Better & Still Cheap Alternative?

I'd rather you have a better chance of succeeding by investing just a tiny bit more for a course that has ALL the strategies you need to succeed.

I'm taking about:

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Google Shopping Ads
  3. Sales funnels
  4. Email marketing
  5. Remarketing
  6. Chatbots & more

The course I am talking about is eCom Elites.

It's been created by a very respected 7 figure marketer that's also a 2-Comma Club winner from Clickfunnels.

The course has over 175 videos where you're going to learn all of the above and more. It completely dwarfs Ecom X University.

For a few extra bucks you're going to get access to a course I highly recommend for all my readers and for 1 reason - It's priced extremely fairly and the content is killer. You'll find courses that cost a grand or more can't touch this one. How does $197 sound?

So head on over to my review for eCom Elites and see what's in it for you. I believe you'll see the tremendous value that it has to offer and is the best option for you, hands down.

All the best,


Ecom X Rating
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Entry level course to Ecom but not over-priced.

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