EcomAlphas Review: Drop Shipping Course by Sebastian Ghiorghiu

EcomAlphas is a course created by Sebastian Ghiorghiu who has partnered up with Max Rozhenko (Facebook ads expert) and Max Rozhenko - an instagram expert. 

This is Sebastian's second drop shipping course and focuses heavily on social media. the price of this course is $797 USD., so let's see if the course is worth the money with my review.

Update - EcomAlphas is no Longer Available

EcomAplhas can no longer be purchased. You might find pirated versions online but the course would be massively outdated by now anyway.

Sebastian Ghiorghiu is still active in the ecom space though. However, his role is very different. He has teamed up with Nate Schneider and Chris Reinhardt to form an agency called Digital Wealth MB. 

He now directly works with brands as an agency to scale their growth using Google Ads.

As far as his Youtube channel goes, he's had some recent videos on NFT's which is a rapid departure from ecom. There's still some ecom content, but not much.

So there you have it. My review of EcomAlphas was created back in January of 2019 so it was time for an update. Now you know, the course is no longer around. However, there's an opportunity for an alternative and you can skip to the end to see what that is.

Chances are you know about Sebastian Ghiorghiu through Youtube. He does offer some good value in his free videos on the platform. His training in Ecom Alhpas though has a different approach - it's more off the cuff rather than preplanned. At least that's what it appears to be.

If you like the "Teachable" platform then you'll be pleased to know that's what he uses. Teachable is known for displaying high quality videos on all platforms whether you're on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The course is a multiweek program with a new section rolling out each week.

Week 1 - Introduction – Meet your Teachers!

The first module is pretty much the typical mind-set and hype building which is common for most courses. You'll also get to meet Matthew Bolis and  hear from him. The goods of the course don't really start until you get to the second module.

Week 2 - Finding Golden Products with Huge Scale Potential

I was not impressed with how the research was done. It clearly was not researched first, then executed. With product research being one of the main questions on "how to do" from my readers, you'd think Sebastien would also know this and take his time to prepare this module better.

It seems that it was all done on the fly which is ok in a "live" environment but come on man, this is a paid course. So, not impressed here and hope it gets better.

Week 3 - Ads - You will be a pro after this...

Yep, that's the claim. Anyway, the first part of this module you'll learn how to create custom content and why it needs to be done. Another video follows with the "do's" and dont's" of ads citing actual content to draw from.

Creating the perfect picture and video ads is taught here. If you do not have content for your video ads then you'll learn what to do as well.

Week 4 - Creating A Perfect Store Leaving The Fluff Behind & Focusing on What Sells.

As with every drop shipping course, you'll learn how to set up your store in week 4. You'll understand how to set up a niche vs general store, how to set up Shopify, how to set up and use Oberlo, installing the EcomAlpha's super theme, downsells & upsells and how to choose "filler" products.

Focus is on conversion so you'll be taught how to set up your store to convert the best way possible. This is done by gettting inspiration from top stores and modeling your store from theirs. Nothing groundbreaking here as most other guru's teach the same. You'll also learn how to set up menu's and how to choose 3rd party appliations to use with your store.

Week 5 - Your Complete Guide to Instagram

 This is a pretty big module and covers quite a bit for Instagram. Here you will learn:

  • overview on why you should incorporate Instagram with your biz
  • how to get cheap followers and fake followers and likes
  • what costs associated with Instagram feed ads, influencer negotiation
  • story ads
  • native ads
  • paying influencers
  • posting ads
  • troubleshooting ads

Week 6 - Understanding Facebook Before Using its Platform

This week is a very light week with just 3 quick videos. Included is an intro of the spider web strategy, proper Facebook ad strategies to avoid overspending and precautions regarding the 'break even' point.

Week 7 - In-depth anatomy of Facebook testing – "Spider Web Strategy"

Continuing from week 6, you will learn more about the Spider Web Strategy. Included is a video on setting up your ad account and installing the pixel. He also shows you how to organize everything so it's easy to understand. Facebook can be very convoluted so this guide on simplicity really helps. 

Also included is lookalike audiences and scaling. The Facebook section isn't bad, but it certainly lacks some depth. You won't get a 'full' Facebook ads course here.

Week 8 & 9 - A Real Life Example

Matt goes over a real life store so you can get an idea of a real life store and how it is set up.

Week 10 - Aliexpress Refunds

If you don't know how to deal with refunds with Aliexpress, then this module is dedicated to just that.

Conclusion of my EcomAlphas Review

Sebastian's course is definitely more beefy than its predecessor. It is definitely a step up but i'm not convinced it is worth the $797 he's asking. If you are ok with paying that money then by all means go for it, but the question remains, is there a competing/better product for less price?

But, as you know, you can't get it anymore.

my #1 pick for LEARNING ecom is...

My #1 choice for an ecom course still remains eCom Elites. For newbies to ecom/drop shipping or those already in the game it's the best course available right now for Ecom.

Check out my eCom Elites review to learn more.


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