Franklin Hatchett Net Worth: How Much Money He Makes and How he Does it

You are here because you want to know what Franklin Hatchett's net worth is.

It's ok, we all want to be online entrepreneurs so perhaps how much money he makes is something that will inspire you.

That's probably why you want to know right?

You see, Franklin didn't start off rich, he worked in construction and decided one day that there has be more to life than just trading his time for money. He wanted more. You probably do too.

In this article I am going to show you the different ways Franklin makes money online.

Income Source #1 - Youtube

Most likely you know Franklin from his Youtube channel. So let's start what he makes from that. If we check out Social Blade, here are the stats on his channel.

So as you can see if we look at monthly stats, he's making anywhere from $211-$3,400 a month from his Youtube Channel.

I can tell you that this is a very small percentage of his earnings and is definitely not the main source of Franklin's income. 

Income Source #2: Franklin's Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing Properties

There is no transparency with this because no marketer is going to reveal ecommerce stores or any of the niches he/she is in with affiliate marketing.

The reason for this is because Franklin knows that if he reveals it, everyone is going to just copy his sites.

Franklin got his start with affiliate marketing and has several sites that make money. He's also got ecommerce stores.

Since we don't know what they are, it's impossible to know how much money he is making from those properties.

My guess and with his experience, he's probably pulling in anywhere from 5 - 10K a month per affiliate marketing site (passive income) using platforms like Clickbank, Amazon and more.

My guess is he is making 5 to 6 to six (maybe 7 figures) a month on his ecommerce store(s).

Income Source #3: Courses & Software

Franklin also makes money with online education. He currently has two courses that sell very well due to their low cost coupled with very high quality and abundant training. 

Each course has well over 200 training videos which is much higher than the industry standard for courses like these.

1. eCom Elites

Ecom Elites sells for $197 for the standard version and $297 for the Ultimate version. 

I don't know how many courses he sells. but I imagine this is quite high since he's got a big following.

I'm one of his students too and bought the course. It's not the only course I bought in the dropshipping space but I can tell you that for what you are getting it's worth more than what he's asking.

Although Franklin can make more money by selling it for a lot more, he chooses to keep it affordable so most people can get in without breaking their bank account.

It's hard to put a number on how much he makes with this course but I imagine it's quite high due to the popularity of the course.

2. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates also has 2 versions and sell for $197 and $297 respectively. 

As you probably guess it, I'm also student of his and got this course too.

As far as much he makes from Savage Affiliates, I don't think it is a much as with eCom Elites because dropshipping seems to be more popular with his audience. 

However, with the low cost of this course and the amount of content you are getting, it's a great seller and one of the best in affiliate marketing training so he's doing well this this course too.

It's also hard to determine how much money he makes from Savage Affiliates, but alike eCom Elites I am sure he's doing very well with it.

Read my full review of Savage Affiliates.

3. eCom Turbo

Franklin also makes money selling eCom Turbo. To compliment eCom Elites, Franklin hired a software developer to come up with a premium Shopify theme called eCom Turbo.

The theme addresses many common problems found with the free dropshipping theme such as site speed, conversions and apps. With this theme, your conversions are better because of how quick it loads and you don't need to invest in apps because everything is built in.

It's a must for anyone with a dropshipping store. The free and basic themes just don't cut it anymore. Your site will suffer with poor conversions and eCom Turbo addresses this.

Check out my eCom Turbo Review.

Income Source #4: Making Money With Clickfunnels

Another source of income that Franklin does very well with is Clickfunnels.

He does this two ways. The first is by having affiliate sign ups under him for the Clickfunnels program, where he makes a percentage of sales from this.

Currently he makes just under 14 Grand US from this each month. Obviously this will fluctuate as people either cancel or sign up, but I imagine this is pretty consistent.

Not bad.  If you too want to become a Clickfunnels Affilate - you can sign up here. Just create a free account first.

Social Proof - 2 Comma Club

Franklin is very skilled with utilizing Clickfunnels to its full benefit.

Enter the 2 Comma Club. This is where we have social proof on how much Franklin is making money using Clickfunnels.

Whether he is promoting his own products or affiliate products using the Clickfunnels platform, today he as acquired at least two 2 Comma Club awards.

Each award is given for sales that have been generated using Clickfunnels that total $1,000,000

Since he has two (I think a 3rd is on the way) we have proof that Franklin has generated at least 2 million dollars in sales through the Clickfunnels platform.

It's safe to say that this guy knows his shit when it comes to sales!

Additional Income Sources

As any smart marketer should, you need to have multiple streams of income. This is especially the case when we are going through tough times like now with this crazy pandemic going on in the world.

If you're reading this in the future - I hope this disaster is over already!

Having said that, Franklin also dabbles in cryptocurrencies, property investing, domain flipping and the stock market.

I have no idea what he makes from this to be honest but I want to be as thorough as I can.

There You Have it

In conclusion, i'd say that Franklin makes at least a cool million bucks a year if not more. 

Many marketers will make outrageous claims on how much money they make without being able to back it up. 

What Franklin shows (based on the screenshots above) I can guarantee is just a small portion of what he actually makes. He isn't going to show you stats from his affiliate and ecommerce sales - that I can tell you. It's likely a lot more.

So, hopefully you now know what Franklin Hatchett's net worth is.

What's in it for you?

As I mentioned before, Franklin started with virtually nothing and built a pretty big empire. What if you only made a fraction of what Franklin makes? How would that change your life?

If you are going to learn how to be an online marketer, I can confidently say that you should learn from him. It only makes sense.

There's no better way than to pick up one of his very reasonably priced and comprehensive courses to learn this stuff.

So, what do you want to do?

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    And he made 500k month.

    Frank really is rich and he makes much higher numbers than this per month. More than 500k.
    Also he is very talent in Google ads and fb add so he makes gold everything the touches.

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