You've probably seen baby-faced Fred Lam on Youtube before with his ads all over the place. You may have heard of him from other marketers like Anik Singal. But who really is Fred Lam and why does he release so many courses? 

Fred Lam is a huge success story. This former dishwasher has generated over $40 Million is his short online career. He's involved in a few ventures like Zero Up, iPro Academy and Water Liberty.

He has a best selling book called The Traffic Trilogy which teaches you all about online advertising. The book explains how you need to have multiple traffic sources in order to sustain your business long term. His other book, Starting from Zero is available for a free download. 

Fred's focus today is on teaching his students how to set up and create their own e-commerce business. 

He also gives back to the community through "Water Liberty" where he works with charities to bring fresh water to poor communities and also with a tree planting venture.

He's also a speaker and has attended many live events.

It seems like he has a lot going on and doesn't really specialize on one thing. One thing Fred is very good at is with paid ads. That's how he made his fortune back in the day using Google Ads. He's also an expert in Facebook Ads with this FB Leads Academy course.

The question remains though - does Fred Lam offer value in his courses or is he really just in it to make a quick buck? 

Fred Lam & Ecommerce

If you have ever so much as considered starting an online business with dropshipping, then you will probably have stumbled his products which are pushed everywhere. 

He also has his own YouTube channel where he shares advice with the world. Although, of course, his YouTube channel is geared towards getting you to part with your cash. So, who is Fred? Is he a scam, or does he genuinely offer something that you can benefit from? That is what I decided to set out and discover.

From Dish Washer to Millionaire

I can't possibly tell you everything there is to know about Fred, because a lot of people do lie when trying to sell products to the masses. What I can tell you is the background that Fred claims to have. That being said, I don't really see any reason why it isn't the real story.

He claims to have started his career as a dishwasher, earning minimum wage. He then decided that this wasn't enough for him, so he branched out and started making sales online. Within a year, his site was generating millions in revenue from dropshipping alone.

He decided that he was good at it, and started to teach other people the skills that he had. This is done through several different products, which I will talk to you about in a second.

Fred is a guy who practices what he preaches. He has lived the dropshipping world, which means that he is able to share his knowledge with people. He understands what he is saying, so you can be sure that his techniques have worked, and probably do still work.

I can't find any information about Fred's net worth, but since he still runs his online businesses and sells his courses, I would be surprised if he had at least a couple of million to his name, with the number rising quite rapidly each year.

Is Fred Lam a Scam?

I wouldn't say that he is a scammer, as such. I have read through his courses and I really think they deliver a lot of value. However, I do believe that he underestimates the amount of work that it will take to earn a lot of money through dropshipping. ​

He does make it seem as if you are going to be making a ton of money with next-to-no effort at all when we know that this is not the case. So, if somebody is labeling his courses as a scam, it is because they dove into them thinking that they were going to become rich by doing nothing. This isn't really how it works.

I also want to point out that a lot of the 'scam reputation' that Fred has is not related to him in the slightest. Since his products are popular, they are pushed by a lot of different affiliates. These affiliates make weird and crazy claims which are not endorsed by Fred at all. They are making these claims because they want to make a little bit of cash.

So, you need to disregard all this hype. You need to look at the course for what it is. His courses teach you how to make money through dropshipping. That is it. If you follow his words to the letter, then they probably will work for you.

Ad Focused

I have seen several places online where Fred is advertised as a 'traffic guru', and I suppose he is to an extent. However, you must remember that Fred is only going to teach you how to generate traffic one way.

This is through paid advertising. I am sure that his courses can be tailored to allow more traffic sources, but you aren't going to be learning about them. This means that if you do pick up a Fred Lam course, you will need to remember the following:

  • You will need more cash for your paid advertising
  • You will probably need to research other traffic generation methods

This is, again, probably another reason why people call him a scam. They fail to realize that you have to spend money to make money.

Starting from Zero

Starting from Zero is probably the first encounter that anybody will have with Fred. This is because it is one of the most popular books in the niche on Amazon. It is affordable too. It is a book which teaches you the five steps to making money online through dropshipping.

However, do bear in mind that it is cheap for a reason. I will talk about this soon.

Starting from Zero is full of information that people can put to use and probably make a little bit of cash on. It teaches about starting up an eCommerce business, driving traffic to it, and then expanding. It goes into depth on all of this.

However, I do need you to remember that the book is going to be cheap for a reason. This is because it is more of a marketing thing than anything else. Fred does deliberately hold a bit of information back in the book because the whole purpose is to try and sell you some of his products.

So, by all means, if you love the book then you can go onto buy more from Fred. However, if you are not planning to spend $1000s, then you may want to look into other products out there.

Hey, Want a Cheap, Kick Ass eCom Course?

Get in the Game & Dominate!

Zero Up

Zero Up is the main course from Fred. It won't come cheap, but it covers everything. This course tells you how to start up a dropshipping business using Shopify. You will be provided with all of the tools and information that you need.

As I said before; you are going to need to have a bit more cash in order to run your paid advertising, but if you follow the tips in the course, you should be able to gain that money back eventually.

This product has been designed for even the newest person to the world of eCommerce to make money from it, so it shouldn't be too hard to put into action. However, it will take a drive on your part.


Fred makes products for those new to the world of eCommerce and dropshipping. While the techniques he shares in his products are not particularly revolutionary, they have been proven to work. For that reason, it may be worth checking him out.

Stay tuned for my reviews on Zero up and others. In the meantime if you are looking to get into eCom, I suggest checkout out my top ecom course recommendations