How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Before we start diving into how you make money using affiliate marketing, it would probably be wise to talk a little bit about what it is in the first place. Thankfully, it is rather simple.

With affiliate marketing, you will promote a product on behalf of somebody else. If it sells because of you, then you will be paid commission on the sale. One of the reasons why affiliate marketing attracts so many people new to internet marketing is because it is easy.

You don't need to spend a lot of money either. Just make sure that it is your traffic that converts into a sale, and you will be picking up a lot of cash.

So, how does it work? Well, let's say that you own a website. Your website is dedicated to camping equipment. Specifically dedicated to tents. You track down an affiliate program which has tents included in it.

You will be then given a specific type of link you need to deal with the 'tracking'. You use the link (or a variation of it) whenever you post content, and you could be rewarded when somebody clicks it.

Check out this graphic for a visual explanation. Aren't things easier to understand with pictures? 🙂

While we did state that most affiliate marketing pays a percentage of a sale generated, this isn't always the case. There are three different ways you could earn money. The method will be dependent on the program you have signed up for:

Pay per Sale: you already know about this. You get a percentage of the total sale price. Simple.Pay per Click: you are paid each time somebody clicks the link.Pay per Lead: you gain cash when a person you send to a website inserts their contact details.

One method may be more appropriate for your site. For example; a site which deals with plumbing will probably earn more with 'Pay per Lead' than 'Pay per Sale'.

Once you have everything set up properly, you can turn affiliate marketing into a passive income method. You will still need to do a bit of work every so often (unless you outsource) but, beyond that, you can just watch the money trickle in each and every month. Although, do bear in mind that it takes a while to get it to the passive point. Don't expect to make money overnight.

On this page, we are going to share a few tips on how you can increase the amount of money you make through affiliate marketing.

It isn’t a Quick Process

Most people think they could be rolling in the cash within a few months. You can't. You need to dedicate a lot of time to it. Hours and hours of day of improving your positioning in the search engines. Hours a day producing content. Time dedicated to networking. Money spent on the tools that you need. Starting up an affiliate site is difficult. There are a lot of people who are doing exactly the same as you. Your job is to try and stand out from the crowd...which is far easier said than done.

It could be over a year before you start to see a sustainable income. If you can make it to this point, you are very much in the minority. You will have a chance of having long term income like this. Most people give up working on their sites after a month or two when they realize they are not getting the amount of money they were told they could earn.

Only Promote the Best Products

The problem that many people face is trying to promote dozens and dozens of products across a lot of different affiliate schemes.

Your issue is ensuring that you give equal time to absolutely everything. You can't do that. It will be a half-hearted approach to absolutely everything. This means that you are not putting in the effort required to make things actually sell.

If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, then choose just a few products to promote. They should be products which already have a reputation for being good or actually selling. It is much easier to sell a product that somebody has heard of rather than a product nobody has heard of.

In our opinion, if you would not buy a product yourself, then you probably shouldn't be selling it.

Focus on Different Types of Traffic

Ever heard of not putting all your eggs in one basket? That applies to affiliate marketing. A lot of people have put together websites. They have worked on increasing traffic from just one source then BAM it just disappears overnight. Their business is dead. Focusing on multiple traffic sources will help to prevent this.

Send traffic from different sources to your site. Obviously, focus on search traffic, but also look into ways you can advertise, guest posts, social media, that sort of thing. The more traffic you have coming to your site, the more money you can make.

The Traffic Should be Targeted

There is no sense in pushing somebody onto your website if they are not the type of person that is going to buy the product or service anyway. You need to ensure that your traffic is laser-targeted. It will be much easier to gain people to your site. There are four main methods for targeting people to your site:

Advertising (paid)Advertising (free)Article marketing (which leads to increases in search rankings)Email marketing

You will ned a combination of all of them. Work hard on building up these traffic sources. Use methods others may not have thought about either. For example; using classified websites, if you have a physical product, Article marketing and email marketing is probably the best combo you can have.

Not everybody who is attracted to your website will be ready to buy there and then, so collect their email address and then drop them an email later on. It gives you more of a n opportunity to push them towards the purchase. In terms of article marketing, don't just publish the article on your own website too.

Start an external blog. Use article database websites. Get in touch with webmasters in a similar niche to yours and exchanges articles with links. You both benefit like that.

Always Track and Improve Your Performance

You need to get some sort of tracking system set up right away. Track the traffic on your site. Know where it is coming from. Know what it is doing when it lands on your website.

This will allow you to determine where you should be spending your money and your attention. If you have banner ads on your site, for instance, you may find that there are certain banners which get clicked more. Find out why this is, and then adapt your strategy to suit.

Know if the Product is 'in Demand'

There are some situations where you will have a ton of traffic, but you are simply not gaining any sales from it. If this is the case, look to see whether the product is actually in demand. Do people want it? If they don't, and you can't work out why they may not want it, then research products which are in demand.

Always Improve Your Strategies

Affiliate marketers which are stuck in the past do not make money from affiliate marketing. Simple. You need to constantly improve yourself. Don't follow the same techniques as the masses.

Develop your own. Look for niche people in affiliate marketing who teach others about what they do. If you don't stay on the top of the game, you won't make a cent with affiliate marketing.

Make Sure you use the Right Affiliate Marketing Company

It is all well and good choosing an awesome product for your site, but you need to make sure that the company you are promoting on behalf of is worth it. After all, if the customer support for the product (or the product) ends up being awful after purchase, then the reputation of your site is ruined.

This is why you need to put more effort into ensuring you choose the right products, rather than choosing everything.

Use the Right 'Tools'

You can't be successful with affiliate marketing on your own. There are tools which can help with:

  • Researching your competitors
  • Researching keywords
  • Carrying out research of your market
  • Improving conversions from your ads

For example; if you are looking to research then go down the route of Feedly or BuzzSumo. If you are want to put together a social media campaign then something like Buffer would help. For images, then go for GIFMaker. To increase the amount of money your sites make, then use Flippa (to sell your site on) or Google AdSense.

One tool I could never do without is GO Trace. This is made by App Samurai. It essentially allows you to test the links on your site. It will tell you if a link is broken, which could cost you money!

Don’t Forget About Targeting Mobile

It is easy to forget about targeting mobile devices when carrying out affiliate marketing. After all, you assume that the majority of people search for things using a standard computer.

Most people think the same, which leaves the mobile space wide open. You could make a mobile app. You could pay for links in somebody else's mobile app. There are plenty of options available here. The market is new, so there is lots to learn too.

Get The Right Course

If you're not an expert, you're going to need expert instruction. I've purchased and reviewed many affiliate marketing courses in the past. I've come up with a list of the best affiliate marketing courses that you definitely should check out if you're serious about getting into this business.

Go Out There and Make Money!

Making money with affiliate marketing isn't easy. However, these tips will help. If you follow them, then you will be well on your way towards making a passive income. Five figures a month is very possible within your first year if you do this right and with the right training. This is job quitting money!

The steps at the start are the same for everybody. You need a website. You need awesome content. You need products to promote. Once you have that down, start sending traffic, and one day you could be working just a couple of hours a week.

Drew Mann

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