HypeSprout Review: This Tool is no Longer Available

What is Hypesprout?

Hype sprout is a tool that helps you to set up campaigns quickly that ends up generating viral traffic. With HypeSprout Elite this tool can increase your email list very quickly and effortlessly according to the vendor.

UPDATE – Hypesprout is no longer available. When you go to the homepage, it redirects to another page. That’s not a good sign and it’s clear that Hypesprout is not available for purchase. 

The creator of this product – Karthik Ramani, has been developing HypeSprout for the last 10 months. The product was even tested in his own live business and fine tuned all the features for its release.

It’s a great tool for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Product creators
  • Email Marketers
  • Event Organizers
  • Consultants and more


You get 10 done-for-you templates and can have up to 25 active campaigns.

There is an OTO – HypeSprout PRO – where you can have up to 100 active campaigns extra features such as Broadcast emails, Reminder emails, a questions feature, custom domain name and more. It also allows you to remove the branding and have your own custom branding.

The pro version offers developer rights where campaigns can be shared among clients.

What Can You Do With HypeSprout?

Build a Buzz

Whatever you have to offer, a product, website or service, it helps you build a “buzz” which all new brands need

Get Traffic

As you know without traffic you’ll have no sales. It looks like they have a built in system to help generate traffic through a viral sharing system which is pretty cool.

Increase Social Reach

Exposure is the key here where your brand gets exposed all over social media – pretty powerful

Collect More Leads

HypeSprout helps you save money by getting you referral traffic to your opt-in page.

Engage Audience

HypeSprout enables contests for your audience which increases engagement. Automated follow-up emails can be sent and connects with your autoresponder to greatly monetize potential with your list.

Earn More Cash

What I like is that your list will grow a targeted audience. As you know nothing works better than targeted traffic so this is something that is the biggest benefit with HypeSprout.

How Does it Work?

Basically it works like this. Your customers set up a campaign where they can offer a freebie for others if they opt-in to YOUR opt-in page using their unique referral link.

Are you getting how powerful this can be yet? You’re basically leveraging others to get traffic – targeted traffic!

You have the ability to run viral contests enabling your referrers to win a prize by their referrals. You can offer just about anything, downloads, coupons, etc.

The Result?

This massive engagement from your “army” builds up your email list with very qualified leads. Truly a great system and I love how it leverages other people to do the work for you!

Here’s a diagram that shows the simplicity of how it works:

Are there upsells/options with Hypesprout?

Once you get into the sales funnel there are some options (as with most offers)

HypeSprout Elite:

Here you can have up to 25 campaigns (more than enough) which includes 10 done for you templates. Basic emails (automated) such as the welcome, referral, optin reward, etc emails included.

HypeSprout Pro:

Here you get:

  • Up to 100 active campaigns
  • 20 Templates
  • Extra Pro Features
  • Developer Rights

HypeSprout Lite:

All pro-features less the developer rights.


Video training on how to get their campaigns going the right way. Also discusses profit and success strategies


Here you can sell the access to HypeSprout and keep all profits.


If you are looking for viral traffic that also is targeted traffic where you leverage the power of an “army” of helpers to get you that traffic, then HypeSprout is something you should seriously consider. I think it has more effectiveness than just throwing up a paid ad and hope for the best. For this reason I give this product two thumbs up.

So What About Bonuses Drew?

No review would be complete without a bonus! With this offer I think you will benefit mostly with these bonuses. To get them, simply order HypeSprout through the link above (clear your cache and cookies first) and then email me with your purchase receipt number and i’ll get you these crazy bonuses within 24 hours!

Drew Mann

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