Jon Mac Course Reviews – Ecommerce Accelerator, The Goldmine Method & More

Who is Jon Mac? Are his courses good or do they suck?

I was browsing Youtube the other day to see what the Ecom guru's are up to and came across Jon Mac's channel. At the time of this writing he only has about 1900 subscribers so I figured he was new to the scene.

Turns out, he's got quite a few courses online that are considered big ticket items. Normally guys like this have a sh*tload of subscribers on their channel so I was a bit taken back by this.


I wrote this review a couple years ago now so it's time I did an update. As far as activity goes, Jon Mac has seemed to abandon his Youtube channel. Not a good sign. Does that mean his training is gone too? In 2021, he only uploaded 2 videos. However, he has seen pretty good growth on his channel since then because his subs went from 1900 to 16,900 present day. 


I could only find 2 existing offers from Jon Mac - CommerceHQ and some other training called Ecom Startup. At the current time it's on a Black Friday sale for just $9.99. Normally it is $497. That's a VERY steep discount. Maybe this is up all year? I will have to go back and check at some point.

So as far as activity goes, he's abandoned his Youtube page and his Instagram isn't very active. His CommerceHQ Facebook group hasn't seen much motion but is still online.

For the most part, it would seem that Jon Mac isn't doing much these days as far as training goes but will keep my eyes open.

Jon Mac is an author and speaker as well as a mentor & coach. He teaches people how to build their businesses while avoiding the hype like a lot of other coaches like to incorporate in their teaching.

Jon has created a variety of products at different price points to try to appeal to everybody. His lowest end offer is a book on ecommerce training called "Cash Flow For Life" (it's a PDF) that he sells for $6.95.

He claims that the book is about "battle-tested" tactics that are working for him right now. No doubt you will be put in his funnel to have other products marketed to you if you buy it.

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The GoldMine Method

Priced at $1997, the Goldmine Method is one of his courses that he currently sells. The course focuses on which products are working right now (I'm assuming this gets updated VERY frequently, at least I hope) how to reverse engineer your competition and how to find the hottest niches in any marketplace.

He also teaches some Facebook strategies using "secret" keywords. You'll also learn about pricing and ad copy.

These do sound like your typical topics covered in most ecom courses today. You don't need to spend 2 grand on a course and another Youtuber named Tristan Broughton has a similar course selling for much less called the Product Winner Blueprint. Click to see my review on it. Fun fact - Tristan has a hell of a lot more Youtube subscribers!

The Flex Method - Facebook Ads Targeting Course

This course is a 6 week program on Facebook ads targeting. 

Here's the breakdown on what you'll learn:

  • Week 1 - Introduction access to a "hidden" tool that helps you maximize profits
  • Week 2 - Laser Targeting - how to find buyer interests with a proven targeting system
  • Week 3 - Niche Crossing - how to intersect niches that are similar for better conversions
  • Week 4 - Audience Expander - audience tool that helps to run longer campaigns
  • Week 5 - Scaling Up - how to find new audiences and eliminate guesswork of scaling up
  • Week 6 - Bonus Case Studies - Jon provides you 3 sample campaigns applying the "Flex Method"

You get all this for just $1997. Ok, I am being a little sarcastic here regarding the price. Again folks, you don't need to spend crazy money like this to learn this stuff!

How about a course that not only includes the above topics but much more like Google Ads, bots, funnels and more for less money?

If that appeals to you, check out my review on eCom Elites, my #1 recommended Ecom course. If you can find a better one (regardless of the price) let me know please. I think you'll have a hard time finding a better alternative to be honest.

The Product Launch Method

This course is his newest online class that will show you how you can find the hottest products to sell on your ecom store.

The modules include topics such as finding the best products to sell on your store from profitable niches.

You'll also learn how to analyze your competition and see what is working best right now. You'll learn ad copy, conversion tactics, how to boost sales, finding vendors, and avoiding bad products,

You also get a bonus section showing you 23 products in three different niches. Just remember folks that most products do have a shelf life - especially if they are fad products like fidget spinners. So if you ever buy a course that has a list of recommended products - keep in mind they are probably deathly saturated in the market already.

This course will cost you a whopping $2997. 

Ecommerce Accelerator

This is a $2997 course that is for beginners up the the advanced level. It's a 4 week program that focuses on Facebook ads and Ecommerce.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Week 1 - Store Strategy: How to set your store up with the best apps. 
  • Week 2 - Product Strategy: Learn how to search for products that will allow you to make sales out of the gate
  • Week 3 - Ad Testing Strategy: Testing products the right way to find your winning products fast.
  • Week 4 - Ad Scaling Strategy: How to scale your winning products using advanced scaling strategies.

Just some comments on these modules. First, if you can afford to buy this course you can probably afford a premium theme. This would nullify week 1 because apps cost money that you have to pay monthly. With a premium theme, you get the functions of these apps built right into the theme.

So don't waste your money. Forget apps and check out my premium Shopify themes here.

Regarding the other modules, I think you're going to know what I'm going to say next. Just check out my other course recommendations in the links above - you'll see how much more is covered and for less money.

Jon Mac Store Formula

This is another course offered by Jon which teaches you how to open a dropshipping store. He teaches you to set this up on the CommerceHQ platform as opposed to the ever polular Shopify platform.

For more on this, you can check out my separate review on The Store Formula.

The Millionaire Challenge - Live Event Replay

Jon Mac also does live coaching, I've been to a few events in the past and they can be quite a bit of fun. Not only do you learn some new things but you also can establish some good connections.

Here. Jon Mac provides you with recordings of a 2 day live event. It seems that a lot of the topics covered are either new or cross-over with some of his existing training. Here's a screen cap from his sales page:

You get all this for the low, low price of $6000.

CommerceHQ Vs. Shopify

In case you didn't know it, Jon Mac is the co-founder of CommerceHQ. CommerceHQ is his answer to Shopify which competes with it directly. 

I've never used this product before to be honest and mostly because when it comes to ecommerce and dropshipping, Shopify is the king.

There's many other platforms that try to compete with them and just can't do it. Everyone is using Shopify these days that are in the ecom space. It's so powerful that terms like "ecom store", "dropshipping store" and "Shopify store" are synonymous with one another. 

There really is no reason to go with something else. CommerceHQ starts at $99 a month where Shopify starts at $29 a month. You'd think the competition would be cheaper. Check out the packages below.

Final Thoughts

If you're still interested in Jon Mac's products and just gotta have 'em you're free to do so. If you want to save yourself a ton of money then check out my top recommendations of ecom courses.

My top choice for ecom/dropshipping comes from a guy that really cares about providing tons of value for a price that is extremely fair.

In the ecom game you need money to invest in your business and it's foolish to blow it all on inflated course prices.

My simple message and the reason for doing this review was that you don't need to break the bank when it comes to learning ecom. The more expensive courses aren't necessarily better.  

A lot of these "Ecom Guru's" are out there to make a quick buck and don't really care about your success. Do consider my recommendations from instructors that walk the walk and care about their students' success.

Drew Mann

17 thoughts on “Jon Mac Course Reviews – Ecommerce Accelerator, The Goldmine Method & More”

  1. Thanks for all your valuable info …have you ever heard of something called the wealthy affiliate as an e-commerce tool?

    • I’m not sure what you mean Stevie. The Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing course, very different from dropshipping.

  2. hi drew i am all new to online business so u do have a ecommerce /online courses to become one and if so how much it cost , ?

  3. What are your thoughts re WooCommerce as a platform? Although a bit more technical to configure, I figure that there’s no $29 or higher fee per month. As I understand it, it’s a one off cost. Thinking of launching like that.

    • Hi Eva, although it’s free to install, it does come with some issues. For one, the more extensions you install, the slower your site will get. On top of that, some of the extentions you might need won’t be free such as a payment gateway, inventory management aids, etc. To be honest it’s a headache as i’ve tried it before. I much prefer Shopify due to ease of use and performance.

  4. Hello Drew: I came across Jon Mac as a pop up ad & thought it seemed fine to watch the 2 hour webinar (as I’m writing this it starts at 7 pm EST). After reading your review & comments & decided not to watch it & use the time to review the products you mentioned. I’m new to Ecommerce & not even on Facebook. I wanted to see what I can do (currently work from home-Direct Sales) & looking to add more income. Thanks for your insight & I plan on checking the recommendations out you mentioned & following your reviews going forth. Rhonda

  5. Hi Drew, Jon Mac latest ads says;
    “Want Us To Personally Build You A $100K/Month
    Ecom Store In 3 Months …

    Are you ready for the biggest opportunity in 2020?
    I want to help you reach your goals in the new decade!
    And it’s my obligation next year to create 100 millionaires.
    I hope you will be one of them.
    The thing is I can’t do this for everyone…

    You MUST have a winning mindset, never give up and you must be ready to invest at least $2k/month in marketing.
    What’s you comment on this?

    • Hi Kumar,
      I expected a lot of hype from Marketers in the beginning of the year. Everyone is excited for the new decade and many people’s new years resolutions is to make a lot of money. To get started you don’t need to spend 2K a month in dropshipping. My article on running a dropshipping store expenses clears that up. He’s right about a winning mindset though – of course that goes with any business you decide to start.

  6. Hey, Drew. I really appreciate your honesty and the details you provided. I’m currently participating in the Store Formula webinar with Jon Mac. I’m not tempted to take the $997 offer, but I am interested in using CommerceHQ because of one factor: ADS. Along with a consistently updated inventory of proven products, CommerceHQ provides copyright free video ads ready to launch on different campaigns. Isn’t this invaluable, especially for people like me who lack the resources to make their own ad campaigns. Ads are FUNDAMENTAL to actually being successful in this business, aren’t they? I’d love to get your opinion on the other options to market on social media. CommerceHQ video ads standout to me, and I don’t see how other ecommerce platforms can compete with that. Am I missing something? I can’t wait to hear back!

    • Hi Sierra, thanks for your comment. CommerceHQ is essentially an alternative to Shopify. It’s also much more expensive for the introductory package ($99/month for 1 website) compared to $29 for Shopify. As for ads, any pre-done ads you will get will be saturated and eventually ineffective. In the training with eCom Elites you are shown how to create ads and it’s not difficult. You’re using product images and Facebook even has an easy way to create videos with those images. Although CommerceHQ has many apps and features built in, with Shopify you can customize it by adding free or paid apps, or just install a premium theme which you only have to pay for once. Either one can work, but there’s a reason why more people use Shopify. Hope that helps.

  7. Thanks so much for your reply! I have firgured this all out as well while I was waiting for your answer :)) And yes I also read your review about eCom Elites and probably made a choice to do it. As for that thing with apps – after doing some more research I started to suspect that in Shopify the apps would be included if you buy a theme, and you just confirmed my understanding.
    Thank you and good luck with your blog, it’s awesome!

  8. Hi Drew, I just came across your website and this particular review when I researched Commerce HQ website. I honestly have just started reading about how to make an online store business (literally a few days ago), so I have come across a few things about ecommerce. When I was watching one of the videos an Ad came up with this Jon Mac’s free webinar. In this webinar he was talking about his program called Store Formula and basically in the end the price was “only 997 USD”. But that includes, as he said, a yearly access to 6 stores in Commerce H plus the training. Have you heard about that?
    Also, regarding what you said above about this platform, if I understood correctly, the difference (the convenience) of this CommerceHQ platform is that it already includes all the Apps in order to raise a store’s conversion. Apparently in Shopify these apps are not free, and when you use them the price adds up. Anyway, this is how I understood it. In this case, it seems that the offer $997 for 1-year Commerce platform usage with 6 stores where all the needed apps are for free, and the training itself, would be not too bad. Am I right? What do you think of it, and have you heard about Store Formula thing?
    Thank you very much,

    • Hi An,
      I think you may have been sucked into the Jon Mac funnel and to be honest with you I just can’t recommend it. It’s overpriced and there is nothing in there that will give you an edge over training found in a much cheaper course like eCom Elites. Please read my review on it when you get a chance. As for CommerceHQ, it starts at $99 a month where Shopify starts at just $29 and in my opinion is the superior platform. As for apps, when you get a premium theme which is a one-time purchase, you don’t need to pay monthlies for apps. Going the Jon Mac route is going to take a huge chunk out of your budget which could be used for ads. My suggestion gives you better training in my opinion and saves you a lot of money up-front and in the long run. Hope that helps!

  9. I researched the guy Jon Mac and his reviews. It seems he has some people with some very harsh feelings toward him. Not exactly great for building team loyalty. Peace…Tony D


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