Keala Kanae Review: Is Awol Academy, Fullstaq Marketing a Scam?

Welcome to my Keala Kanae review.

If you have looked at affiliate marketing on YouTube for more than a second, it is likely that you will have seen Keala Kanae. You probably remember him taking you through his house and making you think big.

This is a guy who pumps out a lot of ads on the site. Although his main aim with those videos has always been to drive people towards his money-making programs. (AWOL Academy being the big one), he does share a lot of advice in those videos which is useful.

On this page, we also want to talk about his latest product Fullstaq Marketer.

Although before we get to that, we should probably talk a little bit about who Keala Kanae actually is. I want to help you to decide whether this is a guy who can be trusted or not or if he's just another scam artist.

Who is Keala Kanae?

Keala Kanae is an affiliate marketer. However, unlike most affiliate marketers, he isn't really collecting commissions on products that he sells. Instead, the bulk of the money that he makes comes from instructing others how they can make money through affiliate marketing.

Basically, he is more of a 'coach' than one of the players.

Not that there is anything wrong with this. It is clear from the products that he has produced he does know what he is talking about.

In fact, the only real negative reviews about Keala Kenae produced products is the fact that they tend to have a lot of upsells as opposed to being genuine ways in which you can make money online.

Keala Kanae has probably gone through everything that he talks about. We know that he has been part of a few MLM schemes at the start of his 'making money' career, and he probably was involved in affiliate marketing too.

You may remember that video on Youtube shown above here.

As mentioned before, most of his money now comes from motivating others. This is through the production of instructional content, coaching, mentoring sessions, and as a public speaker. As we also said, he is a pretty big personality on YouTube, and he has a fair number of subscribers there too.

Basically, Keala Kanae isn't a 'nobody' in the world of internet marketing. He is one of the biggest there is, and his company makes millions each and every year in revenue.

AWOL Academy - Is it Dead?

A long time ago, Keala Kanae teamed up with Kameron George to found the Empower Network. While that company has recently filed bankruptcy, it was originally quite successful.

It accomplished pretty much the same thing that the AWOL Academy did i.e. teach you about affiliate marketing, but the Empower Network was very much the basics. All that information was rolled on over into AWOL Academy.

AWOL Academy teaches you a lot about internet marketing. It will tell you how to set up funnels to gain sales. It will teach you how to gain traffic. It will teach you how to find affiliate products (although, the course does try to get you to act as an affiliate to AWOL Academy).

There is a ton of content. It is probably one of the most-packed courses I have ever seen. The problem is that you are only going to get access to a fraction of this content if you buy in at the 'base price'.

Learn to be a Super Affiliate at a Fraction of the Price?

Spend less and learn more? Sign me up!

AWOL Academy is probably one of the most expensive products out there that teaches you about digital marketing. If you want to buy everything in the course, then it would set you back at least $40,000. Nuts.

This is when you buy in at all the up sells. Of course, on top of that you need to buy all the tools that will allow you to make money with AWOL Academy. This will set you back a few thousand dollars more.

To be honest, there are some people who have made some money using AWOL Academy. The problem is that Keala Kanae doesn't really go into much depth on how much work it is going to take to make money as an affiliate marketer.

He dresses it up as a luxurious lifestyle which can make you money within days. It's unclear if he really does make good money as an affiliate marketer.

Is he instead earning money by telling other people how to do it? A lot of people got wind of this, which resulted in AWOL Academy getting a bad reputation, which resulted in the course being closed.

Fullstaq Marketer

With AWOL Academy closed, Fullstaq Marketer is now the main venture for the guy that brought us AWOL Academy.

Fullstaq Marketer essentially compresses the AWOL Academy course into fewer areas. The same information is there, but the result is far fewer up sells. It comes in at a cheaper price too.

This means that if you pick up Fullstaq Marketer, you will be able to enjoy access to the instructional material telling you how to become an affiliate marketer.

Of course, you still don't get the tools that you need to do a good job, but you will have access to the knowledge that you need...which is a pretty decent start.

Fullstaq Marketer does make a few changes to AWOL Academy. Perhaps the biggest is that the program is a lot more engaging. Rather than being given a ton of information to read, you have quizzes and the like along the way.

This helps you to really absorb the information. To be honest, it also makes you a lot more motivated to complete the course. This means that you may actually end up getting something out of it.

You do need to still put in the work, but Fullstaq Marketer is still a whole lot easier to work your way through than AWOL Academy....and it is a lot cheaper too. After all, there are far fewer upsells.

So, is Fullstaq Marketer better than AWOL Academy?  I think so. Now, obviously, you are not going to get full details of the course upfront from Fullstaq Marketer.

They do make things seem a tiny little bit better than they should e.g. they call it freelance marketing, when really it should be affiliate marketing. However, the program is certainly a lot less shady than AWOL Academy.

While Keala Kanae still has a lot of work to do in order to improve his image and make it appear as if he may be able to do that...he just needs to make sure that Fullstaq Marketer goes off without a hitch.

Final Thoughts

Much respect to Keala Kanae and what he has accomplished, despite some of the negative feedback.

I guess the question you are probably asking is, should you invest in his teaching or not?

If you are here because you are looking to become an affiliate marketer, bank that passive income in your sleep and essentially want job replacing income,

 you could go with Fullstaq (and pay a lot more) or -  I do have an alternative for you.

An Alternate Coach & Course?

Yes there's an alternative for both a coach and what he teaches. I'm talking about Franklin Hatchett and his Savage Affiliates course. You may have also seen him on Youtube if you saw Keala Kanae.

Franklin's course is  way underpriced for what you are getting. I'm talking almost 200 videos and 10 modules of laser targeted affiliate marketing training from a very respected marketer. He's earned millions online and proved it by being a multiple 2-comma club winner from Clickfunnels. 

So, would you like to learn from a guy that can PROVE he made a shit ton of money online or from some coach that you're just not sure about?

I urge you to check out Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates right here.

This is the course I recommend for both newbies and intermediate marketers.

 I too am a member and have learned a lot from Franklin's methods which has increased my own income many times over in my affiliate marketing busineses.

To learn more, I take you inside the course and do a full review. You can even watch a video walkthough.

Check out my Savage Affiliates Review and see for yourself why this course is very powerful and will show you how to earn big money as an affiliate marketer. The time is now, so don't wait for others to take advantage of this opportunity before you do.

I have bought and reviewed many affiliate marketing courses out there and have narrowed it down to just a few.

Check out my top 3 picks to see what I recommend and how you can get started in affiliate marketing the right way.

No other courses can prepare you better for success than these three. You might be surprised by my choices as well.

Questions? Comment below or reach out to me. I try to get back to everyone within 24 hours max.


Drew Mann

4 thoughts on “Keala Kanae Review: Is Awol Academy, Fullstaq Marketing a Scam?”

  1. Hi Drew,
    As a middle aged successful person who has lived before the computer era (with little understanding of things “internet”), I’ve done a fair amount of research. I appreciate your reviews and although I had heard of affiliate marketing, I decided to dig deeper. I heard about Wealthy Affiliates and decided to join. I also heard about Frank’s course and bought it (from your affiliate link actually) So far, I do agree with your assessment of the two programs, but my opinion is of the “newbie” persuasion. Perhaps it’s my learning style, but the Savage training doesn’t make me feel like I want to speed up the video and take to the bottle out of distraction. Time will tell if this direction will hold my interest. I do, however, believe that those who balk at training under $300 (after research) should perhaps rethink their motives considering the amount of work they will have to devote to their “online money-making project.” I’ve enjoyed the learning in both trainings, but a month as a Premium member at WA will most likely be sufficient for this cranky ol’ broad.

    • Hi Sofia, the important part is you are trying and that’s all that matters. Everyone has different learning curves and respond differently to tasks. You also mentioned the word “interest” which is so key. If the subject matter is not interesting to you, then there’s no way you (or anyone) will execute on the training. It might help if you pick a niche or sub-niche that interests you a lot and then keep that in mind as you do the training and plan your strategy as you go along. Best of luck!

  2. In this day and age, who clicks on links anymore? I never EVER click on an affiliate link. If I want ebay, I go to If I want amazon, I go to

    why would anyone EVER click on a link…just to make some stranger money?

    • I’m pretty sure there are lots of people who click on links to buy things. It’s nothing new and it’s kinda how things are done these days in the online world. In many cases you might not even be aware it’s an affiliate link which doesnt matter anyway because it doesn’t cost you more money. In some cases you save money because certain “affiliates” get discounts from the vendor such as myself. At the end of the day it’s up to you where and what to buy but I myself rely on product reviews and more than happy to “tip” that person by buying through their affiliate link.

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