Kevin David Review: Are His Courses Worth the Money?

If you have even so much as looked into making money online, then I have no doubt that you will have stumbled across Kevin David at least once.

He has a huge YouTube channel. He also has quite a following on Facebook too. So, who is he? Is he a scammer? Can you make money with his products? This is something that I want to take a little look at in this Kevin David review.

Who is Kevin David?

As with most online entrepreneurs who are trying to shift a product, I have absolutely no idea whether any of the claims Kevin makes are factual or not. All I know is that he comes from the United States (Eugene, Oregon if you want to be specific) and he claims that he has been making money with various businesses since the age of 14.

I do know that he is pretty rich. I would put his net worth somewhere in the 7-figure range. It would be tough for him not to be.

He is successful online, and plenty of people are throwing money in his direction for the various courses that he has put together.

I am afraid I can't get much more specific with his net worth but, as with most people like this, he is playing his cards pretty close to his chest.

His whole business is built around him earning a lot of money and telling people about it. He simply can't share his net worth as this would remove some of the allure.

Is he a Scam?

Absolutely not. I do know that some people have said that he is a scammer but, let's be honest, the bulk of people who claim that somebody like this is a scammer are those who are not actually using the products.

If they are, then they probably believe that the products are some sort of 'get rich quick' scheme and thus are not willing to put the effort into using them.

He certainly isn't a scammer because if he was, he wouldn't be so forward-facing. He certainly wouldn't have managed to build up the reputation that he has online. The following would be minuscule.

Obviously, this doesn't mean I am telling you that his products are good and that you will make money with them. It is me saying that you have the potential to make money. This guy isn't going to run away with your cash,


Kevin does offer a few different courses, and each of them brings something different to the table. I want to take a look at these courses now. I want to give a mini-review, as such.

However, this is mostly just me telling you what they offer and my opinion of them. Look out for a more complete review later on.

Ninja Masterclass Shopify 2021 Course

*** Update*** Kevin has changed direction with Shopify for 2020 and now focuses on agency training. I'll consider this course dead for now!

If you are interested in dropshipping, then this course - although not cheap. is one to consider. This is (mostly) because Kevin is great at communicating over the 65+ videos that have been packed into this course. 

It covers pretty much everything that you really need to know about dropshipping too. This includes the selection of your niche and, ultimately, launching your store.

It is worth noting that this course suffers from the same failing that most other courses (but not all) that are similar to this do. This is the fact that it doesn't actually talk about traffic sources beyond paid advertising.

This is (probably) because the creators of these courses want to claim they can get you making money as quickly as possible with their product. So, if you do not have more cash to spend on your ads, then this is probably not going to be the right course for you either.

Zon Ninja Masterclass 2020 Amazon FBA Course

This is the second course offering from Kevin. Here, you will be learning how to use the Amazon platform to sell your physical products. This is something which many, many other courses out there also do, but this course is also good at the way it teaches you how to make money.

A lot of the information found in this course can be trustworthy. Kevin has actually built a successful Amazon FBA business before. However, the main reason why you are likely going to want this course is the fact that he shares a lot of information from other people who have done the same.

You can think of it as having a considerable number of mentors all rolled into a single course.

Again, this is a course that is going to rely a lot on those paid advertising methods. However, this is fine. If you put the tips into practice here, then you should be able to make a sizeable sum of cash.

Although, do bear in mind that this is Amazon FBA. This means that you are actually going to need to be buying stock before you sell it. This can make it inherently riskier than the dropshipping method.

Ninja Masterclass Facebook 2020 Course

The final course is focused on ads. This guy knows ads on Facebook. It is probably how you managed to find him.

The other two courses do talk about Facebook advertising to an extent, but this goes into depth on ads beyond the world of eCommerce. There is well over 100 videos available here, and over 40 strategies you can use.

The course focuses on how to create a social media marketing agency. Although that might sound intimidating, it's actually geared towards beginners. That's right, even as a beginner, you'd be able to approach businesses and help them grow their business through social media.

If this type of business model interests you, i'd suggest to watch the free webinar so you can learn more. 


Kevin is good at what he does. Sure, his courses can be somewhat on the generic side, but he does share some quality information. There is a reason why he has cultivated such a following online.

Kevin is definitely one of the more "trusted" mentors out there and with a money back guarantee on all his products, you aren't really risking anything but your time if you decide to pull the plug on his training.

Drew Mann

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