Konversion Theme Review: Best Shopify Theme Or Not?

Hey it's Drew here and today we are going to do a review on the Konversion Theme.

The theme is built with conversions in mind (hence the name but with a K) which is somethat that every drop shipping / Shopify store owner should be very concerned about.

Having an ugly and slow theme is certainly a conversion killer. I mean answer this question yourself. Have you ever been on an ugly and slow website where you were considering a purchase but just got so turned off that you exited?

If the answer is yes, then you're just like many other online shoppers. So just imagine having this poor experience on your store, how many sales are you losing?

Enter the Konversion theme to come to the rescue and to hopefully address these conversion killers.

The Konversion theme was built by one of the biggest Shopify sellers online, Phil Kyprianou. The source code was written with both performance and aesthetics in mind. 

When you compare this to the free themes (which you are probably usng) your theme more than likely has a clunky design, an unattractive and disorganized layout and not to mention - most likely slow. 

If it's difficult to nagivate, people are probably going to leave. These days people have no patience for slow, poorly designed sites.

So as you can see, having a great looking, well designed store will help not only with conversions but build trust too, converting visitors into buyers.

This is why I am a fan of the Konversion theme because it addresses ALL the issues that free themes have. A lot of big names in the industry are endorsing this theme including Justin Cener. 

Call to Action Buttons

One sure way to help boost sales is to have the right call to action buttons and in the right place. Konversion does a great job with this and maximizes CTA placement very well.

Mobile Optimized

I really like the way how this theme looks and responds in Mobile. I use it on one of my stores and you can really see the benefits when comparing it to the crappy free theme I used to have. It loads quick and to put it simply just looks beautiful. Your users will see an improvement, that's for sure.

Included With the Theme

You'll be able to do away with a lot of the add-ons to your free theme that are costing you money per month because the essential apps are built into this theme. As I mentioned before, having these built into the code is much better than slapping one on later. This is part of the secret to these premium themes - the addons are custom coded so it just performs better. Visit the sales page here to see more details.

Adding scarcity with timers, adding upsell products (really easy) are just a couple of the many features included with the theme.

Add to Cart Options

Rather than just having an add-to-cart button somewhere that's not easily seen, Konversion theme gives you some options. You can have it right on the category page along with selecting variances of your products there as well which is really cool - especially for impulse buyers.

Should You Buy the Konversion Theme?

I'm not going to lie, it's a little expensive. However, when you factor in your savings by ditching all your paid add-ons and gaining customers that you would have lost with your crappy free theme, the theme will pay for itself in a few months. 

I've decided to not go into too much detail with this review because you can see all the features of the theme on their sales page along with plenty of screen shots. No point in pasting them here to fill this page.

Konversion Theme Discount Coupon

I have a special deal for my readers. You can get a $50 discount when you get Konversion Theme here - just enter promo code "drews" at checkout.

You can stick with your free theme if you wish, I just wanted you to be aware of the advantages of a premium theme - I think that's the main reason why you are here.

Konversion sells for $197 for a one store license and $394 for 3 stores.

I think after reading this, you probably know that your free theme just doesn't cut it anymore. It's probably time to upgrade and I give the Konversion theme a big pass. It's pretty awesome.

Learn more about the Konversion theme here.

Drew Mann

2 thoughts on “Konversion Theme Review: Best Shopify Theme Or Not?”

  1. Hi drew! Thanks for your informative reviews! Based on your knowledge which would you say would be the best of these types of themes? I am currently using BoosterTheme… but their support is lacking greatly and that makes me worried for the long run.

    • Hi Anthony thanks for your positive comment, it’s much appreciated! All of these themes that I recommend function well and as for support, i’ve never had any problems with Konversion Theme responding, they’re generally quick and within 24 hours. Same with eCom Turbo. It’s hard to say which one is the absolute best as they are all different, that’s why I just can’t separate them from the best to least best. I think people make their decision between price and what the theme generally looks like and from what they may have heard from others. Hope that helps somewhat!

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