Lead Conversion Squared Review – Is it Worth it? Must Read Before Buying LCS Squared

The goal of gaining any lead is to, ultimately, turn them into conversions. After all, the more conversions you get from your leads, the more money you will make.

The problem is that increasing your conversions is easier said than done. There is a brand-new product on the market that claims it can help you to rectify that. Let me introduce you to Lead Conversion Squared.

At this point, I want to point out that at the time of this review, LCS Squared had not officially launched. This means that this review has been based upon pre-release information. However, I suggest you reserve your spot for the free workshop below!

Some of this information could change before the official launch of the product, but I seriously doubt it will. It seems that the actual product is set in stone right now.

So, why am I writing this review early? Well, I want to talk to you about a product that is being hyped up online right now. If you are active in the marketing community, then I have no doubt that you will have seen LCS Squared advertised in various places.

I thought it was only right to do a little bit of a pre-launch review to help you to decide whether this product is going to be worth it for your business needs or not.

What is LCS Squared?

Right off the bat, I want to point out that LCS Squared goes by many different names. You may also find it referred to as:

  • LCS2
  • Lead Conversion Squared
  • LCS Squared

They are all the same product, and I may use these names interchangeably throughout this review.

As the name suggests, LCS Squared is a lead conversion system. Although it isn't so much about teaching you how to gain leads and convert them into paying customers (although, you will learn a little bit about this), it is more of a 'business in a box'. This product includes:

  • A CRM. Don't worry if you do not know what that is, I will explain that all in a second.
  • A 'lead converting magnet'. This is essentially a highly-tested squeeze page
  • A virtual assistant that can train you on generating and converting leads each month.

The idea is that once you have purchased LCS Squared, you can start generating leads for your business right away. Everything is included. You have your lead tracking software. You have your squeeze page. You have somebody to tell you what to do. All you need to bring to the table is a business that you want to generate leads for.

Before I dive into the complexities of LCS Squared, I do want to give a very brief overview of some concepts that you really need to understand in order to get to grips with what LCS2 provides.

What is Lead Conversion?

If you are active in the world of business then, hopefully, you will already have an idea about what a lead conversion is and, ultimately, what LCS Squared claims it is trying to accomplish.

When people talk about lead conversions, they are talking about the process of turning a lead (i.e. somebody that is interested in your product or service) into a paying customer.

Ideally, you will want to convert as many leads as you possibly can into paying customers. After all, this is how a business makes money. The whole intention behind LCS2 is to increase the number of paying customers you get, no matter your business.

What is CRM Software?

CRM stands for 'Customer Relationship Management'. Now, this is something that could mean a lot of things to different companies. However, all it really boils down to is a way in which you can manage your customers and leads.

It makes everything a little bit more logical to deal with for you. Pretty much everything related to your customers will be added to this system. This means it is easier to obtain the information you need and, ultimately, easier to run your business.

The included CRM with LCS2, for instance, includes ways in which you can track leads, contact these leads, and then process these people when they become paying customers of yours.

It is a highly professional approach to running a business, and you will be surprised at how easily a quality CRM can get things related to your business running smoother.

I am going to talk more about the included CRM shortly!

Who is Daven Michaels?

Daven Michaels is a top marketer that has had his hands in a lot of business pies. He has been in the fashion business. He has dabbled in telecoms, and he is a big name in the entertainment industry.

However, his most relevant experience for Lead Conversion Squared is the virtual assistant company that he runs. Obviously, virtual assistants are a focal point for this product, so it is great somebody knowledgeable is on the case.

Daven Micheals also does a ton of business consulting, a lot of which is aimed at lead generation. Again, good experience for this product.

Who is Chad Nicely?

While there is less information out there about Chad Nicely, I do know that this guy is fantastic when it comes to lead generation, particularly through Facebook.

A lot of the work he has done pertains to Facebook Groups, but he has also explored the internet marketing community in various business ventures, and his knowledge is a solid addition to LCS Squared.

How Does LCS Squared Work?

Because LCS Squared is really 'three products rolled into one', it is going to be a touch difficult to tell you exactly how everything works.

However, I am going to go through the various components in a logical order, so you have some sort of idea about what to expect from the product. Do bear in mind that each of these components is designed to work in tangent with one another.

Without just one of these components, you will not have a lead generating machine.

Virtual Assistant

When you buy LCS Squared, you will get instant access to a virtual assistant. The job of the virtual assistant will be to run you through how lead generation works.

Think of them as your own personal trainer. They will tell you everything that you need to know, and if you do run into any issues with anything related to LCS Squared, or lead generation in general, your virtual assistant is going to be there to help you.

By all accounts, the virtual assistant has been trained to teach you how to generate 1,000 leads per month, which certainly isn't going to be too shabby if you run a business that is a little bit on the smaller side of things.

The Lead Magnet

This is just your 'squeeze page'. You will be taught exactly how to customize it to suit the needs of your business. This is how you will be converting the traffic you generate into leads and then, hopefully, converting them into paying customers.

While the lead magnet may look simple, it is surprisingly effective. When it is set up properly, it should have absolutely no issues gathering hot leads that you can follow up upon.

Of course, you will be taught how to send traffic to your lead magnet. This product details techniques that do not involve paid ads or anything like that, and more of a system that Chad devised himself. It works. It is highly effective, and this technique really does generate serious leads for your business.

CRM System

This is where the real magic happens with LCS Squared. The purpose of the CRM is to help you manage your leads.

There is a little bit of setting up involved when you first get to using the CRM, but your virtual assistant will work you through everything you need to do to help turn it into a powerful lead management machine.

When you gather leads, the CRM is able to 'capture' personalized information about the person who visited your site i.e. age, gender, and location. This is important for the way in which this lead generation method works.

It is all about building up a personal connection with these people, so by capturing this information, you can start to send out personalized (but automated) emails that talk to them rather than coming across as another marketing email. This greatly increases your chances of making a sale.

Once you have your autoresponder set-up, everything is done automatically. All of the customer segregation to ensure they get the right emails, text messages (yep, this system works with text messages), etc. Your goal is to just sit back, relax, and wait for people to buy from you.

The CRM will tell you all about your leads. This includes whether they are continuing with your sales funnel, whether they need to be contacted, or whether you should just give up on them. All of this information is fantastic for ensuring that your business is on track.

For larget businesses, this CRM can be used by multiple users (and you will even get resale rights to it!), so you can track individual staff performances, which is vital if you want your business to expand.

All in all, it is this CRM that will help your business grow rapidly.

How Much Does Lead Conversion Squared Cost?

It depends on the package you opt for. The current price is either $1,497 or $2,997.

However, this is not really the 'full price'. As I mentioned before, there is a virtual assistant included with LCS Squared. They will bill you monthly for their services. Now, at the time of writing, there is not that much information available on how much the virtual assistant is going to cost.

However, I can't imagine that the cost will be all that high, and I also believe that if you are not getting any use out of your virtual assistant you do not need to continue to use them. It is also likely that the cost for the initial use of the virtual assistant will be covered in the first amount of cash you pay for LCS2.

Of course, you also need to remember that you will need to pay for the quality traffic to send to your lead magnet. However, as long as you follow everything your virtual assistant tells you, then you will make this money back many times over. You are really just investing in your company.

When Will Lead Conversion Squared Launch?

Lead Conversion Squared is currently scheduled to launch fully on 28th September 2020.

However, presales are likely to begin before that time. I do not see this release date changing. It has been set in stone for a long time now, and the product is finished. The wait now is more to take into account of the marketing blitz the two creators are doing for their product.

The launch day of the product will kickstart an 'event' of 3-days worth of seminars. It is in these free seminars you will be taught a little bit about LCS2. Obviously, you are under absolutely no obligation to buy. I seriously suggest that you attend these seminars if you are interested in lead conversion. You may find that Lead Conversion Squared is just what your business needs to boost its income.

Is Lead Conversion Squared Legit?

Absolutely! This isn't a 'fly by night' product, it is on target to become one of the biggest launches in the internet marketing world for a long time. None of the producers of this product have EVER produced anything scam-like. They only produce legit products. Products that will help you make money.

Yes. It is a product that is a bit on the pricier side of things, but bear in mind that this is the price you do need to pay for a quality CRM like this. It is worth it.

Of course, if you want to generate leads with this system, then you need to follow their instructions down to an absolute tee. However, if you do this, I am fairly confident that you will make money with it. This really could be the secret to generating leads for your company.

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