Mentorbox Review: Is it Worth The Investment or a Scam?

Chances are you have done a search online for a review on Mentorbox by Tai Lopez and his partner Alex Mehr.  

Here I’m going to tell you more about it and whether or not you should consider buying it.

UPDATE on Mentorbox

Mentorbox doesn't seem to be available anymore. I left up this review just to keep in the archives for those that want to know what Mentorbox was. The link to Mentorbox now goes to a different program called the CashFlow System by Tai Lopez.

What is Mentorbox?

Mentorbox is a subscription service that helps you consume knowledge from books just the way CEOs do.

Many top CEOs in different industries will admit to the fact that they read a bunch of books every week.  Along with Tai Lopez, they speed read as opposed to reading the entire book.  This is because they have developed the ability through skimming to pick out only the important lessons from the book.

Tai Lopez along with other CEOs agree that it is much better to get one or two important lessons from each book gaining 365 valuable lessons a year compared to reading just 20 books and getting only 20 lessons for the year.

With the Mentorbox program you get a guide along with worksheets and videos to show you how to extract the important lessons from a book in just one to 1 ½ hours.

This strategy will allow you to absorb the content of 50 to 60 books a year rather than just a few books a year that most entrepreneurs do.

To ask the question, will gaining more knowledge in a broad array of subjects allow you to make more money like Tai Lopez or an average CEO?

The short answer is a resounding no.

You see, filling your brain with knowledge is good, but this is only going to work if you already have seen some kind of success and a clear direction of where you want to go.

Mentorbox is not going to help you to discover a new business to go into or point you in that direction. It may, but that’s not the point.

Many people get caught up in the whole personal development thing, where they believe more knowledge = more power which equals more money.

If you don’t have the skill to make high income already, then reading books is not going to help. However, if you have that skill, have seen some success, then this additional knowledge through books can help you skyrocket that income.

So if you still think Mentorbox is for you, let me tell you the costs involved and what you get.

Mentorbox Pricing and What You Get

Mentorbox is based on a monthly subscription of $7 per month for the online version and $89 a month if you opt for the materials sent to you physically.

The product covers these four methods of learning:

  • Auditory
  • Reading
  • Kinesthetic
  • Visual

What’s Included in Your Membership?

  • 500+ hours in video lessons
  • Workbooks (downloadable)
  • Access to the learning area online for info on books & lessons
  • Summaries of books in Audio format
  • Speed reading and memory retention cheat sheets
  • Access to the private mastermind group
  • Ability to upgrade to physical version
  • Other study materials & more

If you are Going to Spring for the Upgrade, Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 2-3 books
  • A USB drive with the book summaries
  • Study guides
  • Bookmark
  • Workbooks and Cheat sheets for each book
  • Magnet

f you’ve ever wanted to learn how to speed read, then this course will help you achieve that. It also teaches you how to retain the information and helps you develop photographic memory to recall what you read.

If you can master the above, then you’re doing what the CEO’s do.

Let’s Talk the Pros and Cons of Mentorbox


  • Learn how to speed read and retain the important information for recall later
  • Teaches you how to extract the main and important points of each book
  • The selection of books are carefully chosen for your benefit (no guessing what you should read)
  • Can learn anywhere with the online platform
  • The additional material – cheatsheets, workbooks, etc., helps you learn easier and better
  • Supplementary materials enable you to remember important aspects of each book
  • Will inspire you to read more and gain knowledge quicker
  • 3 day free trial


  • The price may be too much for some
  • Buying the book separately is cheaper
  • Have heard reports of automatic billing if you’re not careful


While Mentorbox is not for everyone, learning a new skill that can help you move forward in life is priceless. If being able to speedread and retain information can help you progress, then perhaps it's a worthwhile investment for you. Knowledge is power, as they say.

Just be careful with re-bills as I have heard some horror stories with over-billing.

How do you Stay motivated and Make Sure Your Mentorbox Doesn’t Just Sit in the Closet?

Look, personal development is something that everyone needs but the thing to ask yourself, is this the right time? I remember when I started my online business way back in the early 2000’s, I wasn’t searching for any personal development stuff, just looking HOW to make money online.

Once I discovered a few different methods that started working for me, only then did I look into self improvement and gaining more knowledge.

I literally tripled my income the following year when I implemented the change from the books and material that I read. If I knew how to skim and retain only the important information like Mentorbox teaches, then I would have progressed further.

If you are at a stage where you currently have a job and want to make a side income, then don’t bother with Mentorbox, seriously.  Unless you want to learn how to speed read and maintain information, then sure. But, if you are looking to buy this product to make you money – it won’t. You need to be actively involved in some kind of business where this new found knowledge will help you move forward quicker.

Want to Just Make Money Online?

Look, if the reason you are here is to better your life and make some money with an online business, then save Mentorbox for later.

The skills you will pick up with Mentorbox will be much better suited once you are actually making money with whatever online business you want to get into.

So if you are either sick of your job and want a way out, or perhaps you need more money to buy a home or just provide for your family - the time is now to get started.

Your 4% raise at your job is not going to cut it. Getting a 2nd job is not the answer either. What kind of life is that?

Satisfaction comes from being an entrepreneur and calling the shots. And making a shitload more money than what any job can pay you.

I was in this position years ago and thank god for the internet. If it was never invented i'd still be at a shitty job. The good news is that most people couldn't be bothered. They are content with their job. You, on the other hand, are not. You're one of the few.

What you should do next is read my article showing you different online businesses to choose from.

It will guide you through some ideas where you'll be able to make a decision what is best for you.

Drew Mann

19 thoughts on “Mentorbox Review: Is it Worth The Investment or a Scam?”

  1. guys if you are about to buy any product from mentorbox or ENTREPRENEUR ACADEMY that is the same company.

    watch out they will charge you more then you planned!

    I boght the 7$ package and mentor box charged me more then 200$.
    and they not responding to my mails.

    Im gonna make every one know what a scam company is it.

  2. To be frank, i also tot a good business should at least offer a free trial for 3days but theirs is a dollar before signing up so they can get your details. But i still love Tai Lopez 67 STEPS program…….it was a great one compared to the mentor box.

    • Agreed. I thought the 67 Steps program was pretty good. It doesn’t teach you anything practical but teaches you life skills which are equally important if not more.

  3. I was about to sing up for the trial but I decided to do some googling first before I didn’t get why they weren’t offering a free trial. What were they hiding? You saved me from signing up for a fraud! Thank you

    A real business will offer a FREE trial. They want to get your credit card number so that they can charge you as they please. It’s just sad to take advantage of people like that. I’ve reported their ad to facebook too.

  4. I agree, what a schlep that I didn’t read this before signing up an hour ago. They running a 1 dollar special for 3 days and before I knew it they took 90 euros from my card claiming that I selected a membership option which I did not. I want my money back. Tai Lopez should stop running these ads if their intention is to hoax people.

    • Sorry to hear about your bad experience Mat. Hopefully you’ll get it sorted. You can always call your bank too to reverse the charges. As long as they advertise a money back guarantee you won’t have an issue.

  5. Mentor box is a fraud. They trap you with promise of access to a lot of books and courses with a cancellation and refund offer that is never honoured. I subscribed for one such offer a year ago and realised within a few days that it was a scam with little value in their so called courses that are difficult to access and are not worth the money. I asked for a cancellation but was told that the subscription cannot be cancelled and for one year I will have to use it as their policy does not allow refund.

    In December 2019 I contacted [email protected]. Com and reminded them to cancel my subscription as I was dissatisfied with inability to access the service and had found it not useful. Despite promise to cancel my subscription it was renewed on 25 Jan 2020 and money was charged to my credit card. Several reminders to Alex Mehr and support has not elicited the response and refund.

    Mentorbox is a SCAM and a fraud. Do not join it under any offer. Getting your money is out of question and forced renewal is the norm. Do not give any authorisation for payment through your credit card.

  6. I too signed up for their USD 59 per annum subscription. But they debited me USD 89 and I got enrolled into their entrepreneur academy for an additional USD 19 something.. I did write to them for a reversal which they did promptly. But never could understand why these wrong debits in the first place.

    • There was probably some hidden add on that was checked or something. Really have to be careful when transacting anything online these days!

  7. I signed up and immediately cancelled. I emailed them my desire to cancel and “IVY”
    responded that it was taken care of. NOT so as I am still being billed.
    Perhaps I need to cancel the card I used so that the payment will not go thru.
    What do you suggest??

    • Hi Donald,
      That sucks that happened. I’ve never had an issue like this before with subscriptions but my guess would be to call your bank and report the unwanted charges from day 1. They should be able to fix that for you. I did have a double charge once from an Airline which is totally unrelated but as long as you can back it up that you should not be billed you should be able to recoup those charges I would imagine.

  8. Ive just joined. They offered me $7 a month OR $59 a year. I opted for the $59 a year, quite a saving on the $7 a month.

  9. Drew,
    While Mentorbox advertises $7 monthly subscription fee for online version (after free 3-day trial period) they actually bill for $59. After signing up and submitting payment, the customer does not receive confirmation of the billing—so one only discovers the $59 charge on one’s personal banking statement. This seems to be a common complaint on the forums. It also takes a bit of navigation to locate their “Customer Experience Manager” address. I did receive a full-refund, but no explanation for the billing charge. Thank you for your non-biased review.

    • Thanks for your comment Sharon. Glad you got that sorted out. No one should experience billing issues like this so I hope Mentorbox takes this into account and fixes the issue before they really get a bad reputation.

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