Mohamed Camara Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 Review

Mohamed Camara is a guy who claims that he can help you to achieve success in the world of dropshipping. He has a YouTube channel that is mildly successful.

Probably not the biggest mentor in the world. In fact, I know he isn't, but plenty of people seem to like what he has to say. So, I decided to set out to discover whether his course Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 is a scam or not.

As of late, he doesn't seem to post much content. There was a time when he was posting regularly but that was a couple of years ago. Some of his recent videos talk about dropshipping with Tik Tok ads which did see some success.

This is something that most of the "dropshipping guru's" did not teach in the heyday of dropshipping simply because it was not available.

Who is Mohamed Camara?

Mohamed Camara is a guy who claims to have grown up in the 'projects', and became successful despite the odds being stacked against him.

I can't say whether this is something that is true or not. It makes a nice 'origin' story, though.

One day, he decided that he wasn't making the money that he wanted and, armed with $400, he started an online store. It was based around dropshipping. In nearly no time at all, he ended up making over $1,000,000, with about $300,000 in profit.

It was at this point that he decided that he had the knowledge to share with the world. That is when he created his first course. As far as I can tell, he has not provided proof of the first site he created, let alone the income that he made.

I would say that most people will have heard of Mohamed through his YouTube channel, or it's possible that you will have heard of him through his affiliates. 

Is Mohamed Camara a Scammer?

This is dependent on how you define a scam. There are some people who will think that Mohamed is a scam, while others will not.

Personally, I would veer towards him probably not being the best mentor in the world.

Since I started writing this review, I have seen several different ads of his appear on Facebook. Every single one of them is jam-packed with typos and spelling mistakes. It is ridiculous, to say the least. Obviously, this doesn't mean it is a scam, but it does show that he doesn't really take pride in the type of work that he is doing.

That being said, if you purchase his eCom Bootcamp course, then you are going to get access to information that will help you when it comes to dropshipping.

It doesn't mean that it is a complete guide by any stretch of the imagination, and it can be argued that it is a little bit too expensive for what you are getting, but you will get something for your money.

Update - I had someone comment below that they tried to get a refund but was ghosted by Mohamed. Although I can't prove this, if this should happen to you, make sure you keep track of everything and contact your payment provider.

Zero to 1K Club

Before we jump into the eCom Bootcamp 2.0 review, it's important for you to know that this is not his first course. In fact, Zero to 1K club was the first course Mohamed put out. 

The course was priced at a ridiculous $1997, all from a guy that pretty much just started his dropshipping journey. There were so many more courses offered at the same time that had a lot more content and cost much less.

eCom Bootcamp 2.0 Review

eCom Bootcamp is now the only course offered by Mohamed. It doesn't look like Zero to 1K is available anymore.. Not that I would have recommended that course anyway. It was grossly overpriced, and it really didn't offer that much for your money.

However. some may argue that eCom Bootcamp is also overpriced. The value of it does vary from $497 to $3997. I must say that if you buy it at the $3997, you are being ripped off. You aren't getting value for your money at all.

eCom Bootcamp is a 6-week course, although you can finish it quicker or slower if you want. I am willing to bet that you will probably get through the content far, far quicker than the quoted 6-weeks.

Although, the value isn't only in the course content (which you can continue to revisit), but in the regular webinars and access to a group filled with other people who have purchased the course.

You can share ideas and the like with them, and all work out what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right. In addition to this, you will get access to some email marketing templates, which claim to be worth a quarter of a million dollars, but I can't really see them being worth that much.

There is plenty of content covered in this course. Well, a decent amount of content. Here, you will learn:

  • Choosing your product
  • Writing sales descriptions that sell
  • Building a Brand
  • Ads

It is worth noting that the whole system here is based around building up traffic using Facebook ads.

It does not talk about any other form of traffic generation. 

This is why I don't really see the value in eCom Bootcamp. There are better products out there. Same if you want to create a brand away from Shopify. This course is not going to allow you to do that. Well, it will, but half the information is going to be useless for you.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Honestly, Mohamed Camara is not as successful with eCommerce as some of the other mentors out there. He freely admits this. He hasn't made millions and millions from eCommerce.

His money has been made by telling other people how to do it. Right off the bat, this is going to tell you that eCom Bootcamp may not be the best way to spend your money.

If you really are convinced by his sales letters and aggressive email marketing campaign (don't sign up to list list unless you want to be bombarded with emails) then you are free to purchase his course. 

However, if you're looking for a more established course from a seasoned marketer, I'd suggest going with eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. You're getting training from someone who is a whole lot more experienced and has many successful students. Highly recommended and scam free.

Drew Mann

6 thoughts on “Mohamed Camara Ecom Bootcamp 2.0 Review”

  1. Hey Drew, Im not sure if your still managing this page. Its now AUG 06, 2022. Im here to say ” I was scammed recently by Mo CAMARA & his ecom bootcamp! There is lots of unhappy Students these last couple of months in 2022. Mo just ghosted Everybody that were asking for REFUNDS! We got stories for you!

    • Wow really? That’s really unfortunate. I would put in a complaint with the payment provider. As long as you can show that you attempted a refund and asked for it within the specified time-frame, I would think you should get it back.

  2. Hi Drew, My name is Alfred from Namibia (Africa)….being from a small country we are often overlooked when it comes to payment gateways (eg. Paypal), Is there still hope for someone like me to get into dropshipping?

    • Hi Alfred. I don’t use paypal for drosphipping anyway. The billing system built into Shopify is all you need really. Paypal is an option but not needed.

  3. Hello Drew, just checked out your review and such. I’m thinking about purchasing the course Elite. But my biggest question is does it cover the actual dropshipping end of it?. Like while testing if i’m getting product from aliexpress its slow customers are unhappy what do you do !. When you see sales just when do you source.. Let me know your thoughts. Thx Michael

    • Hi Michael, yes the course gets very specific and Franklin even addresses that shipping time issue. Keep in mind if there’s anything that is unclear, you can always get your question answered in the support group.

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