ODi Productions: Affiliate Marketing Courses Review – Is he a Scam?

Looked up affiliate marketing on YouTube recently?

Well, if you have, then it is likely that you will have stumbled across ODi Productions.

This guy, with almost 250,000 subscribers, is pumping out regular content on the business of affiliate marketing.

Yes, a lot of what he shares is clearly designed to funnel you into buying one of his courses, but you will also be surprised at the amount of 'free' information he shares.

I figured that it was time to put together a little review of ODi Productions. That way you know who he is, and a little bit about what he brings to the table.

Who is ODi Productions?

Weirdly enough, ODi Productions never really started out in affiliate marketing. He just stumbled into it. When he made his YouTube channel, it was purely to promote his music.

This eventually resulted in him promoting certain brands of headphones and he often references his site Recordingnow.com. When this started to gain traction, he started to talk a little bit more about internet marketing and started to put out videos like that.

Nowadays, his channel is evenly split between music and affiliate marketing. Bit of a weird combination, but it seems to work for him, so who am I to complain about that?

While ODi Productions does still make money from affiliate marketing (you can see his website dedicated to headphones and his YouTube links), I have no doubt that the majority of the income is now made through the courses that he has put together.

These are some pretty expensive courses, and they are promoted like crazy by affiliates all over the globe. I could not find specific information on how much ODi Productions makes each month, but I have no doubt that it is well into the six figures. He does talk about income on his channel and sometimes shows you actual results.

The Style of ODi Productions

ODi Productions is all about affiliate marketing. One concern that people tend to have about his products is that they try to get you to act as an affiliate for certain products (notably, his own).

It is also worth noting that his courses tend to be very YouTube focused but, once again, you don't really need to use that as your way of making money. It is just one of the traffic sources he is willing to share. He does include more information about other traffic sources, so it is not a total bust on that front.

They are also - very expensive.

Affiliate Marketing Champ

This program from ODi Productions is now closed, but it was a huge program back in the day. It is the exact program that put ODi Productions on the affiliate marketing map.

It doesn't really make sense for me to go into too much depth on what this program brought to the table here because i've reviewed it already in greater detail so go ahead and check out my Affiliate Marketing Champ Review.

Passive Income Lifestyle

Passive Income Lifestyle is just the improved version of Affilate Marketing Champ but you get a whole lot more thrown in. 

You also get one-on-one mentoring in a weekly webinar. You get checklists. You get software you can use to research niches. Basically, everything that you need is included with Passive Income Lifestyle.

It is an improvement over his first course and if you want to learn more my Passive Income Lifestyle review goes into greater detail.. I can't say that it is cheap, but I guess the question is, should you whip out your credit card and toss out $2500 for it? That price is RIDICULOUS! My guess is he jacked it up so high so that people won't buy it and get his next course instead.

Affiliate Evolution

Affiliate Evolution is ODi Productions latest course at $997. It's much improved as well and manages to pack in a lot more information. Since ODi Productions has now produced quite a few products, I found that Affiliate Evolution is a whole lot easier to follow than the previous products. This is because most of the education involves you going through case studies.

Affiliate Evolution doesn't just tell you what you need to do, but it shows you based on real world examples. You also get a ton of bonuses thrown in for good measure. It isn't the cheapest course in the world and the price is supposedly doubling soon - probably a scarcity tactic but who knows.

It aims to help to teach you everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing in just 4-weeks. However, the focus is more on paid advertising rather than SEO or free traffic methods. So, you better have some funds to cover the ad spend.

Read my Affiliate Evolution Review for more details.

Are ODi Productions Products Recommended?

I think ODi does a great job on his channel by entertaining you with his cars and also motivating you to get into affiliate marketing.

After reviewing his courses, I feel they lack substance and just don't go into the detail that you need in order to crush your competition and really succeed in this business. If you've read any of my reviews of his courses you'll understand this better. The links to them are plastered all over this article so do check them out.

Another thing is that instead of updating his courses, he simply makes a better version and markets it as a new course. This forces you to buy again - if you must buy into his brand.

On the other hand, Franklin Hatchett (another Youtuber) does not do this - his updates are free and doesn't "rebrand" his Savage Affiliates course to make you pay again.

Learn more here.

This is why I prefer Franklin's teaching over Odi's - he just seems more genuine. But, even bigger than that - his course kicks ass. He's got much more content - almost 200 videos in training and - it's much cheaper! Just $197 for the standard course and $297 for the more advanced Savage Affiliates Super.

If you're discouraged because you were hoping to find some good news on Odi - don't be. If you must buy into his brand then be my guest. I've been around the block and invested thousands of dollars in courses over the years (and make a damn good living with affiliate marketing) so I do know what I am talking about!

Click here to see my Savage Affiliates Review. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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6 thoughts on “ODi Productions: Affiliate Marketing Courses Review – Is he a Scam?”

    • Thank you for the reviews, I just read it all. And to be honest I just bought Kevin David Shopify Ninja Masterclass and it is very good and easy to understand. He explained it all with very carefull especially about FB ads. It was bit expensive for me ( I libed in Indonesia ) but it’s worth it. And after I read your reviews I’m interested in investing on Fganklin Hatchet course before I started dropshipping. But what do you think between Kevin and Franklin course? Do I have to invest in Franklin Hatchet course too? I’m planning on doing this business full time and I want to get more informations about it all I need to make a first sale. Thank you

    • I don’t think you need two courses but that’s entirely up to you. Franklin’s course has a ton of content – over 200 videos so there’s a lot to learn. It’s much cheaper than Kevin David’s course though but offers just as much if not more.

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