While the name Optavia has only been around for a short while, Optavia isn't a new company by any stretch of the imagination.

It is actually a rebrand of a company that used to go by the name 'Take Shape For Life' which, in turn, was just a name for Medifast. 

The structure behind the company has been around since the 1980s.

I have seen a lot of people talk about Optavia recently, wondering whether it is a great way to start a business.

After all, Optavia promises riches galore, right? Well, that is what I want to take a look at on this page. I want to discuss Optavia MLM and help you to decide whether it is right for you or not.

What is Optavia?

As I said, Optavia is part of Medifast. Optavia is a brand name for a line of weight loss products. Basically, diet plans, and meals. It is essentially a company designed to help people lose weight.

Optavia doesn't sell directly to the end-user, though. Instead, they recruit distributors who, in turn, sell the products on.

When you buy into Optavia, you are going to become one of their distributors. Basically, anything that you do sell, you will collect a commission on.

What Products Do They Sell?

The bulk of the products sold by the Octavia MLM come under a brand name known as 'Fuelings', which are pretty much meal kits.

Low-calorie meal kits, apparently, are designed to include all the nutrients that somebody needs to thrive, while at the same time ensuring that the calorie count is going to be kept as low as possible.

They also manufacture a few products that can flavor water. They are meant to encourage people to drink a lot more water i.e. stay hydrated.

Some of their products come with the backing of doctors. This is going to be relevant later on when we discuss lawsuits!

Is Optavia a Pyramid Scheme or MLM?

Optavia is a multilevel marketing scheme or MLM for short.

Optavia claims that in order to make money through their system, you simply need to sell their products. However, this isn't the case.

You have to recruit people into Optavia, and you will be collecting a commission when they sell products. If you do not recruit people, then you will not make any money.

If you looked at the company structure for Optavia, it would actually be in the shape of a pyramid. 

The people near the top of the pyramid are making all the money, while as you go lower d0wn the pyramid, people will be making less money.

The only reason why it is not regarded as a pyramid scheme is that there are physical products being sold.

If it was strictly about recruitment and bringing new people into the system, it would actually be a pyramid scheme! Basically, Optavia is very close to being a pyramid scheme, but not quite.

Optavia Complaints

The bulk of the complaints leveled at Optavia seem to be the false claims of income.

While Optavia does claim that you can make a full-time income using their system, under 3% of people make enough to have it be a full-time income.

Chances are that anybody entering the Optavia ecosystem now is unlikely to be making more than a couple of hundred dollars a year.

The product quality doesn't get that much in the way of complaints. The main issues seem to be with how expensive the products are.

There are cheaper weight loss products on the market (e..g. Weight Watchers) and they have a lot more brand recognition than Optavia would have.

As I said before, Optavia has also had complaints about the way that it tries to encourage doctors to push their products.

This is how they have managed to gain the approval of so many doctors. Optavia works hard to get doctors in on the system, selling products on their behalf.

Optavia Lawsuit

As near as I can tell, there does not seem to be any direct lawsuit against Optavia. However, this is because they are a newer company. I can only imagine that it will be a matter of time before Optavia has more lawsuits against them. It happens to every single MLM company at some point.

What I can tell you, however, is that their parent company has had lawsuits filed against them. This includes the company that manufactures the products that Optavia sell.

Jason Pharmaceuticals is the company that manufactures many of the products in the Optavia range. This includes the weight loss meals.

Jason Pharmaceuticals has actually lost these lawsuits. This is because the products didn't live up to their claims of helping people to lose weight.

In fact, the only reason people would be losing weight eating the Optavia products is because there simply isn't that many calories there.

You will always lose weight when you have fewer calories going into your system.

What Does it Cost to Join Optavia?

At the minimum, you will need to spend $199 to get started with Optavia. This will get you signed up as a distributor.

You will also be given a ton of information on selling the products, and Optavia will set you up with your own website where people can buy products directly from you.

This isn't the only cost, though. You will also need to buy products from Optavia to sell, and the cost of these can be several hundred dollars per month. 

In order to keep the sales rolling in, you have to spend that amount too. You will not be gaining commissions if you are not spending money, basically.

What is Optavia's Compensation Plan?

Optavia's compensation plan is a bit different to other MLMs.

As you may well know, in order to make money with other MLMs, you will need to be constantly recruiting people and gaining commission from their sales.

However, that isn't the case with Optavia. You will only gain a fixed fee when you recruit somebody (this fee will go up the more that you advance through the company)

When you give the company your $199, you become a health coach (no, this is not a legal qualification), and the idea is that you advise people on signing up to Optavia and using their products.

You will also become a business coach where you recruit people into the system to sell Optavia products. You will gain a commission when they reach certain sales goals.

Interestingly, with Optavia, distributors will not be able to buy products from Optavia at a discount. This means that you will be selling them at the price that you paid for them. It is somewhat odd to do things like that, but still.

This means that you either have to hope somebody buys products through your distributor page so you get a small commission, or you spend the majority of your time recruiting new distributors.

As with most MLMs, the Optavia compensation plan is designed to be confusing. It is convoluted, so you never know what you are going to be earning from month to month.

Basically, sell products and recruit people into the system. If you meet the complicated targets that Optavia has in place, you will make money.

Is Optavia a Scam?

I would say that Optavia products are bordering on being a scam because the company has lost lawsuits regarding their products.

They can help you to lose weight, but not in the way that Optavia claims that they can help you to lose weight.

As an MLM, I am not a fan of any company that hides the true way to make money with them. 

While Optavia will pay out money should you meet your targets, the targets are going to be so tough to reach that most people will end up spending more money on the Optavia system than they earned. You will struggle to make ends meet with Optavia.

Long story short, Optavia could potentially make you money, but you probably won't make anything. It isn't a scam, but it does tread the line pretty close to making scam-like claims.

The same goes for pretty much every MLM that you will ever encounter, though.

Pros & Cons


  • One of the cheaper MLMs to join.
  • Good range of products
  • Newer MLM so you can get in on the 'ground floor'.


  • You probably won't make money
  • Way too much focus on recruitment
  • No discount on products that you buy from them.
  • No recurring commissions


While you could make money with Optavia, it certainly wouldn't be enough for you to live on.

While I can see the reason why some people get into MLMs, they are never going to be a great way to make money. 

If you want to make larger sums of cash, then it would be better starting your own business.

If you do that, I promise you, the money will flow in a lot quicker than it ever would with Optavia. Obviously, I can't stop you using Optavia, I just do not suggest it.

Take a look at either affiliate marketing or dropshipping.

You won't be bothering your family or friends with either on of these businesses. In fact, they don't have to know at all.

I have a lot of resources on this site regarding these, and you can click to the right to look at both of them.