Print Profits Review – Full Review With Bonus

Hey, Drew here with another review. This time, it’s on Print Profits.

Print Profits was created by Fred Lam and Michael Shih, two very respected marketers.

If you want to get into dropshipping, you can potentially profit over 7 figures online without any inventory! How incredible is that?

This business model is quite amazing because it capitalizes on print-on-demand. The training shows you how to do this with 100% automation!

Here is How Print Profits Works:

  • Your customer orders a Tee Shirt design, hat, mug, blanket, etc., all custom designs along with hundreds of others available.
  • After they complete their purchase, you simply get their item printed and then ship it to them!

It doesn’t matter how many orders they make, it could be one or one hundred, or more. You invest zero dollars into their order because you only print the item after they pay for it!

What Does the Print Profits Members Area Look Like?

There is a total of 8 modules. In each module are video lessons. Some are just 5 minutes in length, while others are more intense at just under and hour. Training is VERY thorough so you need to put some time into this.

Newbies will benefit from Print Profits because Fred and Michael walk you through a full print on demand business from scratch.

With many case studies, templates and blueprint formulas, incorporating this into your business is a snap.

Here are the Modules:

Module 1:

  • The Basics
  • Niche and Brand Research
  • Securing a Domain
  • Creating a Logo
  • Setting up Support Email
  • Setting up your Store
  • Setting up a toll Free number & more

Module 2:

This module discusses design and includes topics such as:

  • Design Theory and Research
  • Hiring a Designer
  • Working with your designer
  • How to create your own designs
  • Copyright topics

Module 3:

  • Setting up your supplier apps
  • Pricing psychology
  • FB Fan Page creation
  • Audience Research
  • Google search method & More

Module 4: Facebook!

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Pixel Mastery
  • Ad Types
  • Ad Creatives
  • FB Ad Manager
  • FB Blueprint & More

There are four more modules left and as you can see so far, the training is intense.

Module 5 discusses advanced Facebook Ad strategies and build on Module 4

Module 6 discusses Fan Page management and how to automate messaging.

Module 7 discusses 3rd party tool integration including Clickfunnels, Carthook and Shopify Buy Buttons.

Module 8 discusses Email Marketing, Retargeting and even how to scale and SELL your business for big profits (if that’s what you want to do).


Weekly Live Training

Fred and Michael will hold your hand for biweekly training sessions. Normally these sessions will be about an hour, but will help you on things that you are having issues with.

You can ask them questions too, so they are open to making sure that you succeed!

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Drew Mann

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