ProfileMate Review: Get Leads From Instagram and Turn Them Into Customers

So I bought ProfileMate, an Instagram email snatching software created by Luke Maguire, a top seller on JV Zoo and other platforms.

Is this tool any good and can it ethically get emails from people interested in YOUR niche or service?

In this ProfileMate review I am going to show you how it works and tell you if it's worth picking up or not. 

What is ProfileMate?

ProfileMate is a tool that allows you to find people on Instagram in your niche. It allows you to ethically contact them via email to promote your offer/service.

You can find them with a hashtag search, followers of a certain profile, or find users based on likes/comments of any post. The targeted list can be used for affiliate marketing, ecommerce or local marketing. The current cost is $67.

Who is Luke Maguire?

Luke Maguire is an Australian marketer and software developer. His main goal is to develop products to help people with their busiesses and of course the bottom line - to make more money. He's not a serial software developer and only releases one or two products a year. 

With ProfileMate, he saw an opportunity with Instagram that people could benefit tremendously.

It's not just with affiliate marketers but even those in ecommerce and local businesses. It's an all around tool that almost anyone or any business needs.

How Does ProfileMate Work? Let me Demo it For You!

I think the best way to explain it is with an example.

Let's pretend that you have an ecommerce store that sells toys for dogs & cats. With ProfileMate, you are going to find people that have an interest in dogs & cats and likely have a pet of their own.

ProfileMate is going to help you find those people and then you are going to be able to get their email and then contact them.

You might think straight off the bat that this is spam. It's not. You see, for people to have their email listed publicly on their profile, they had to of agreed to be contacted. ProfileMate cannot extract emails of people that don't want to be contacted.

That's the loophole and that's what makes ProfileMate so powerful.

You can find users in 4 different ways:

  • Follower Following - these are users that follow a given profile
  • Hashtags
  • Locations
  • Likers Commenters of Post - extract users that liked or commented on a post

Let's continue with the example of your pet ecom store.

We are going to contact people that follow the Instagram profile - "itsdougthepug"

Step one is to find users by clicking on the "Find Users" within the software.

You are then going to choose the "Follower Following" option. This is going to extract all the users that follow "itsdougthepug".

Next, you are going to type in the instagram account where you want to extract the followers and click "analyze follower/following".

I let it run for just a minute and you can see already that it has already pulled 3636 accounts so far, 2168 public accounts and 1468 private accounts.

Note - you can omit the private accounts when you download all the users. 

Once you have enough users (you can't download them all at once due to restrictions and keeping your account safe) you can then extract all the users into the next tool which is going to analyze those users.

The tool will provide you with a downloadable excel (CSV) file where you will copy all the usernames and pop them in the tool.

I completed that step aleady and arrived to the above screen. here you can choose to include any or all of the following properties for your usernames:

  • Post Count
  • Phone Number (if present)
  • Biography
  • Business Category Name
  • Public Email (if present)  *** the big one!
  • City (if present)
  • Follower Count
  • Is Business Account
  • Engagement Rate (last 12 posts)
  • Phone Country Code (if present)
  • Following Count
  • Is Private
  • Link in Account (website)

I entered a total of 1749 usernames into the tool and was able to get 116 emails from that. That's a very tiny sample size of this account's followers of 4 million!

I found that for every 10 users, you should get at least 1 email, or roughly 10% but it does vary. If you were to extract all the users from itsdougthepug, you could potentially have 400,000 people to contact.

How to Contact People

So now that you have a sizable list, it's time to contact those people. As far as what autoresponder to use, there are many alternatives but the one that Luke suggests is called Mailvio. I might be switching over to this platform too because it's cheaper and the deliverability rates are very good.

This is why I suggest you get the VIP training as an upgrade because you are going to get detailed info as to how to use an autoresponder properly.

It's important to note that when you contact these people that you do it in a way to build instant rapport.

For example, with our example instagram account, you could say something like this:

Hi [first name],

I noticed that you also follow itsdougthepug on Instagram. Isn't it the best Pug profile on Instagram? 🙂

I'm also a huge lover of Pugs and other dogs in general and I just wanted you to know we are having a huge sale on dog toys at our store - x.

Here's a coupon code you can use on top of our already great discounts, You can check us out at @insertyourbizhere.

Ask yourself this question. If you got an email like that out of the blue would you not agree it is much better than something like, "hey, here's my store, buy something!"

Building rapport with the people you reach out to will go a long way.

If you get ProfileMate just to spam people with offers, it's just not going to work.

Aside from this example, you could also use it for affiliate marketing.

Let's say you find a product on Clickbank that is a fat-loss program. You could find people on instagram interested in fat loss and collect those leads.

You could then offer them something for free, like an ebook on the 10 fatty foods to avoid. You'd then get them in your funnel, warm them up and then pitch the product.

Don't be a dumbass and just send offers immediately. Your open rate will suffer and you'll probably be marked as a spammer.

Offer people value which builds trust, then provide a good product that doesn't suck and solves a problem. That's how you build a business.

ProfileMate Upsells

There's a few upsells in ProfileMate but I didn't buy them all. 

Upsell #1 - VIP Training $67 (one time)

This one I got because of the value you get. You will get deep training on how to take the info you find on ProfileMate and how to make money from it. It takes a deep dive into how to set up an affiliate marketing business, ecommerce business or even a local marketing business - all with using ProfileMate.

Along with this is a live 10 webinar training series with Luke where he addresses questions and goes into much greater detail to help with your success.

Upsell #2 - VIP Searches $47/month

I also bought this upgrade.  This upgrade alows you to 10x your search results. Because there are limitations on how many searches you can do to keep your account safe, with this option you'll go through proxies on the backend (you'll never see this as it's automated) 

It's the difference between collecting 300 emails in a single day to 3000. 

With this upsell you'll be able to search users using hashtags and location posts. You can't do that with the front end product.

Upsell #3 - Whitelabel 10 Account Key - $197

This one I did not get. Not because it sucks or anything but because I am out of the local marketing game for a while now so I don't have use for it.

For those of you that want to really move your local marketing business in a very positive direction, you can get this option and whitelabel ProfileMate as your own and sell the licences to 10 businesses. 

You could train them on how it works and they will do all the work, you just collect a monthly fee. You could probably sell it anywhere from $200-$500 a month or more for each license. That's potentially 5 grand a month if you can get 10 on board at $500 each.

Upsell #4 - Whitelabel 50 Account Key - $497

If selling 10 businesses a whitelabel copy of ProfileMate isn't enough, then you can get 50 licences for just $497.

I won't do the math on how much you can make here but i'm sure you will have an idea.

Oh and I also didn't get this one but you might have interest in it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it work with both Windows and Mac?

Profilemate is a chrome extension. This means it will work on a Mac, PC, or even Linux. You just need to make sure you have the Chrome Browswer installed.

What is included in the VIP searches upsell?

Without the upsell, the data through ProfileMate is discovered using your own IP address. This means there are some limits that need to be imposed. If you get the upsell, the traffic is directed from thousands of IP's on ProfileMate's end. This means much more data and also 3-4 times faster.

Can I get Emails from each user on Instagram?

No. Not every user will have and email/contact button in their bio. On average it's about 10% of all Instagram users that will include an email where they can be contacted.

What Format is the data downloaded in?

All the downloads are in a CSV sheet. This can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets.

How Can I use the data from ProfileMate?

The data you get from Instagram is very targeted. When people like a post it means they are very engaged with that genre. ProfileMate will get you the contacts of these people so you can contact them with your offer. You can also use ProfileMate to find influencers in a specific genre.

Using ProfileMate with Facebook

Here's something that is super powerful that I didn't even think about before I bought ProfileMate.

You can upload your targeted email list you got from ProfileMate to Facebook as a lookalike audience. 

Get what I mean? How powerful is that? If you are using Facebook ads already, you could really benefit with using ProfileMate even just this way.


If for some reason ProfileMate doesn't work for you, you can get a full refund within 14 days. This includes any upsells you might have bought.

Here's an even crazier thing. If you try it for 60 days and it still doesn't work for you, Luke will DOUBLE your money back!

So do I Recommend ProfileMate?

After using it for a few days now, it's been working flawlessly.

I admit, it does get annoying when you hit those daily limits, but you can switch between 3 Instagram accounts so you get more searches one one of them maxes out.

Normally I find that 'push button' software is scammy and that was my initial impression of this product.

However, when you understand how powerful this is, and how you can laser target users of a genre with stupid simplicity, it's a no brainer.

This software is going to help you skyrocket sales for your affiliate marketing, ecommerce, or your agency if you USE IT CORRECTLY!

I really believe this which is why i'm going to use it to help build my various online businesses.

If my opinion changes, i'll definitely update this review.

But for now, I highly suggest picking it up. The refund policy is solid so y0u've got nothing to lose but your time.


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