Profit League Review: Jeff & Jessica Samis – Worth the $3999 or a Scam

Welcome to my review on the Profit League, a high ticket cost course created by Jeff and Jessica Samis where you'll learn to earn money from local businesses. If you're not a keyboard warrior and like to mix it and mingle with business owners, this could be for you.

Overall, this business model is pretty basic. You'll run Facebook ads to a landing page which you'll set up in Clickfunnels. Now keep in mind there are alternatives to Clickfunnels but the course is only going to teach you on this platform so you will need at least the basic package which is $97 a month.

If you grow (which I hope you do!) then you'll have to upgrade to the Etison package which is $297 a month. This will allow you to have unlimited funnels. The basic package only allows you 20 which may seem like enough but it can fill up quickly.

If you need to upgrade you should be making money anyway so this expense should take care of itself - unless you're charging peanuts to your clients!

Course Review

The whole process starts with a webinar where you'll be left with the decision to buy into the course or not. The $3999 USD price tag does seem like a lot of money, but if you can get clients then this expense should be taken care of at some point.

So if you decide to buy into the course, what's next?

If you are completely brand new to marketing that doesn't matter because you will be taught everything you need to know in this business. Here are some of topics you'll learn:

  • How to write killer ad copy
  • What software you'll need
  • How to structure a sales page
  • Design concept
  • Setting up Facebook Ads
  • Clickthrough rate

To sum these up, the ad copy is what you'll see in Facebook. You've probably clicked on them before as they are essentially ads to "bait" you into clicking then taking you along the sales process - or funnel as they are commonly referred to now as.

This is why you'll need Clickfunnels because it will support this process.

You will also need to learn how to set up Facebook ads for your client. This is an important step as the targeting needs to be correct otherwise you're just wasting yours and your clients money. Don't worry though - this is all explained in the course.

Clickthrough Rate is based on how many people click on your ad (after seeing it) and ending up on your landing page which is your goal. If this is not high enough, you're just wasting money.

Core Training in the Course

You're going to get a lot of Facebook ads already created that you can use. Now, I know you probably think that these have all be used and saturated in the market already, but remember you're targeting local clients, not doing a national campaign. Chances are these ads will not be saturated in the market and location you're going after unless it's a huge coincidence.

You will also get 2 calls a week on live calls for coaching.

Lead generation training is also offered where you will understand the psychology of dealing with a new client and how to close the sale. You'll learn the exact words to say and how to deliver them for maximum effect.

You will also learn how to set up email campaigns to market to those that are in your funnel. This is important as most people don't act right away, so "warming up" these people in your emails is important.

Facebook training is the big one so you'll learn everything you need to know regarding this platform. Facebook is your key tool in this course, along with Clickfunnels.

Some Negatives and Challenges of the Profit League

One of your biggest challenges is going to be managing your Facebook campaigns. You really need to ensure that you are not going over budget. If you do, you're cutting into your profits and if you get to this point you no longer have a viable business.

You also need to keep on top of your email campaigns. You'll need to ensure that you have good open rates and you're "inboxing" - in other words not going to the spam folder.

Ensure that visitors are going through your funnel and actually making an impact financially with your client. If your client gets increased volume by means of more calls to his/her business, website visits etc. but they aren't converting - he/she is going to see you as an unecessary expense at some point.

The biggest one is - finding clients.

Without clients you aren't going to make any money. The course creators say one way is to run ads for free for a few days for a prospective client and see how it goes. If they get some sales, you could probably win them over. If you don't - you're out of pocket for the ad spend.

Final Thoughts and if You Should Invest in This Program

In my blog post titled Choose Your Path I warn you about the dangers of choosing the wrong type of business to get into. Please read this before making any decisions.

So Who is this Course For?

If you're an extrovert and like to talk to people, don't mind cold calling, selling, and a sh*tload of customer service, then this business model could be for you.

Business model aside - you are only going to learn paid ads for your client. If your client wants to increase his web traffic via SEO - you're not going to learn that in this course. If you have this skills already then you could use this as an upsell tactic.

The Bottom Line...

Look, this course ain't cheap! It's 4 grand. 4 GRAND! let that sink in for a moment. That's a lot of money for someone starting out and there's no guarantee that you'll get clients.

If you are absolutely dead set on getting this course and want to do this business model, you will learn a lot in this program - there's no doubt about that.

However if I have convinced you it's not for you and realize now that you want to do something else, then there is good news.

Check out my blog post Online Business Ideas.

Here you will get some other ideas that might help you with your decision. Just please don't jump into something because of the "promises" of the money that you can make.

You need to do something you will like. You are just fooling yourself if you think that you can change your mind and that all will be ok. That is not setting yourself up for success.

Do something you can see yourself happy with. You'll actually make more money this way - trust me!


Drew Mann
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It’s an expensive course but you will learn all you need to know to start a local lead generation business via Facebook ads. Please read carefully to see if this is for you.

4 thoughts on “Profit League Review: Jeff & Jessica Samis – Worth the $3999 or a Scam”

  1. Wow. $3999! Paul James offers excellent training for less than half of that along with his proprietary software(s) that helps you find clients. He even has a ton of free training that is actually enough (in my opinion) to start yourself off. See his youtube channel. Thanks for the review Drew!

  2. Jeff Samis is a complete fraud. I encountered this guy and he’s as arrogant as they come. I’ve read many negative reviews of his system.


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