Recastly Review

Recastly Review – Why You Should Subtitle Your Videos

Getting traffic to your videos is one thing, but keeping them engaged is a completely different monster! Everyone knows that video converts very well, but what if your audience can’t hear your message if the selling is in the audio?

Recastly solves this problem…

Here is my review on Recastly and why I think this product is necessary for any video marketer out there.


What is Recastly?

Recastly solves the problem where videos that convey an audio message that normally cannot be heard, will now have captions on the screen that can be easily read.

Have you ever scrolled through your news feed in Facebook and notice that all the videos have audio turned off by default? That is a conversion killer!

On your mobile phone, if you don’t have headphones on you’ll never hear what’s going on in the video if you are in an area with a lot of backround noise or somewhere like a library where you need to be discreet.

Same goes for other social media where your video is being played. With Recastly, they will “hear” your message loud and clear with easy to read captions. It gets even better, Recastly will allow you to have captions in any language so you can target foreign markets as well!

What are the Benefits of buying this Product?

There are over 2000 video making products on the market today. A lot of these offer special effects to enhance the quality of a video but in sales, the important thing is that you have your MESSAGE get through to a prospect. Would you not agree that this is the most important factor?

If your video relies on audio to get your message across, you are leaving all kinds of money on the table.

With Recastly, you can deliver your message to any audience on any kind of platform and it doesn’t matter if the audio is on or off.

Studies have shown that messages that include both sound and visual subtitles are much more easily absorbed and remembered by your audience.

The other benefit of adding subtitles is to reach an international audience.  For example, your video presentation could be in English but you want to present the captions in German. You could easily do this with Recastly. With using this same video, you can get your message out to a global audience. How powerful is that? I’ll bet you always wanted to market to a non-English audience but didn’t want to pay an expensive outsourcer to do it yet alone all the challenges that go with it. Recastly solves this problem too!

It gets better…

Did you know that seven out of the top ten countries for online sales have people where English isn’t even their primary language? This equates to a Billion Dollar market of active buyers! Promoting to them is incredibly profitable because they aren’t being targeted.

Ok But Subtitles aren’t a New thing, Doesn’t YouTube have it?

Youtube does have subtitles but have you tried them yet? They are not very accurate and you have to spend hours editing it. And, when you upload that same video to Facebook, the subtitles are stripped out.

With Recastly, the developers have spent months on this technology to ensure it is extremely accurate and the ability to choose any language of subtitles that you prefer. No one else is doing this!

Add Voice Overs

Recastly will even let you add automated voiceovers, all built into the software. There are 50 language voice overs available and with 20 different accents.  This saves you a ton of money in itself because you don’t need to spend money for a voice over. Bye bye fiverr gigs!

Combining the automated subtitles and voice overs, you can now maximize your video reach on social media.


Comprehensive training is included with free live webinars that show you how you can mazimize your profits with video.

So remember, in order to make serious money with video, you don’t need flash tools or software that is complicated. You just need to get your message delivered clearly to as many people as possible.

This is why I love this product and fully endorse it.

Recastly is launching soon, click the button below to get access to this amazing product.





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