Savage Affiliates VS Commission Hero – Which Course is Better?

Can't decide between Savage Affiliates or Commission Hero?

That's ok - because as a student of both courses, I'm going to be able to give you the answer by the time you are doing reading.

Or, you can skip to the end to find out.

Both courses differ quite a bit, and a lot will depend on what you want to learn which will also influence your choice.

I will though tell you which one I think is best.

Overview of Both Courses


Savage Affiliates

Commission Hero


$197 - $297



Franklin Hatchett

Robby Blanchard




Refund Policy

30 Days

After 1 year


Differences Between Savage Affiliates and Commission Hero

Both courses are similar, yet different. in Savage Affiliates the training focuses on showing you how to set up your own website using Wordpress. If you have never used Wordpress before, do not worry because you'll get training on how to set this up.

With Commission Hero, the focus is building a landing page using Clickfunnels then driving traffic to those pages using Facebook Advertising.

If you want more details on the specifics for each course, I have separate reviews for each course which go into a lot more detail below:

If I was to give a high level impression of both courses, I would say that Commission Hero is much more simpler. If you are ok with spending $97 a month on Clickfunnels and just building easy landing pages & advertise on Facebook, then I believe Commission Hero is for you. 

However, with Savage Affiliates, you will have a few different options to go about affiliate marketing.

Sure, you also get Franklin's funnels (need a Clickfunnels account) to building landing pages but you also get taught how to build a website (an authority site in a niche) learn keyword research, niche research, how to earn affiliate commissions using platforms such as Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo and more. 

You also get a section on "Launch Jacking" which is where you review a product that is about to launch (during the high interest phase) and how to earn big commissions selling products such as Bluehost.

So to summarize, Savage Affiliates is better if you are looking to build a website and get traffic through free or paid sources, where Commission Hero is laser targeted on Landing Pages with traffic from Facebook.

Getting Traffic - Course Comparisons

In Savage Affiliates, the focus is building an authority website and monetizing it with affiliate links. With Commission Hero, focus is on building landing pages and getting traffic to it from Facebook.

Savage Affiliates covers a lot more tactics to get traffic to your site. For example, you'll learn paid traffic methods with both Google Ads & Facebook Ads. You'll also learn some free traffic methods and how to get organic traffic with SEO.

Without Traffic, you have no business!

With Commission Hero - the traffic focus is on Facebook Ads only. For me, i'd want to get as much training in many different methods to get traffic to my site. So for this reason, Savage Affiliates wins here.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Both Commission Hero and Savage Affiliates train you how to make sales using the Clickbank platform. However, Savage Affiliates also has a module on Amazon and also mentions other platforms to sell on as well.

Savage Affiliates again has an edge here because you're going to learn to promote products not just from Clickbank which has been known to have high refund rates. Robby does go into other platforms you can use, but Franklin has an entire module on Amazon Associates (their affiliate program) and how to make money with using this platform.

The Course Creators

There is no clear "winner" when it comes to the instructors themselves. Both Franklin Hatchett and Robby Blanchard are very well versed in affiliate marketing and have a no-nonsense approach to training. 

Both are easy to learn from and they speak clearly and also leave out any technical jargon that you may not understand.

Both Courses are great for noobs and for those with some affiliate marketing experience.

They also have some credibility because Franklin won a couple 2 Comma Club Awards from Clickfunnels and Robby has the crown for being the #1 seller on Clickbank. 

Franklin Hatchett

"Done for You" Resources and Web Tools

In Savage Affiliates if you get the "Super" version you will have access to some "done for you" pre-made funnels that Franklin has used himself. These are proven funnels but you will need to customize them for your brand and product.

Robby also provides landing pages and images that you can use for your promotions.

One thing you need to understand though is that in order to get these you will need to subscribe to Clickfunnels which starts at $97 a month. It's not cheap, but hey if you're making money from it it's just another business expense which you have to expect. It's tax deductable too.

How Much Money is Required to Start Your Business With Each Course?

To put this simply, either one could end up costing you the same - depending what you want to do. 

If you buy Savage Affiliates and go the "authority website" route where you don't need a Clickfunnels account, the costs to set up a site are as follows:

  • Domain Name - $10
  • Hosting - $35.40 1st year (discounted deal i have with Bluehost)
  • Wordpress Premium Theme - $35
  • Email Responder - $15/month
  • Optional - Ahrefs (tool for research on competitors, keywords, etc $99/month 

So as you can see, to start a fully developed website all it's just going to cost you about $100. Sure there are other costs associated such as Ahrefs or a tool called Keysearch and an email responder like GetResponse which is going to be necessary if you want to do things right.

My page on costs associated with starting a website has more details on this.

As your business grows you will need to invest more into it but to keep costs down you can do things like writing your own content and doing your own outreach. 

But for now, let's just focus on the start-up costs.

With Commission Hero, you are going to need Clickfunnels which is $97 a month. In Savage Affiliates - this is optional.

In Commission Hero you will also need to invest in Facebook Ads, which is NOT an option as it is with Savage Affiliates.

So in summary, the operating costs for your business between the two courses are going to be about the same - only if you are going to Clickfunnels/Facebook Ads route.

If that still doesn't make sense, feel free to contact me and i'll clear anything up.

Key Differences Between the Courses

Here are the main differences between the Courses:

  • Price: Savage Affiliates is MUCH more affordable
  • Traffic: Savage Affiliates teaches free, organic, Youtube, and paid traffic options in both Facebook and Google Ads. Commission Hero focuses on Facebook traffic only.
  • Amount of Content: The "Super" version of Savage Affiliates has just over 200 videos - much more than that of Commission Hero
  • Refund Policy: Savage Affiliates can be refunded after 30 days, With CH you have to wait a year
  • Landing Pages/Funnel Training: Commission Hero's Funnel and Landing page training is more robust (because this is 100% of the focus)

What Course is Better For You?

In the end, I am going to give Savage Affiliates the edge here. 

The reasoning is simple - PRICE & Diversity of TRAINING.

There's a ton of training in Savage Affiliates, did I mention over 200 videos? Since it also covers the training that you get with Commission Hero, it's the reason why I prefer this course as your choice. You get options. With Commission Hero you don't.

If you're ready to start your online business and now know the differences between these two courses, there's no better time to start than now.

Drew Mann