Shopify Dropshipping UK Course Review: Jack Kitchener New Ecom Course

You might know Jack Kitchener from Youtube and probably just found out he finally released his new course called Shopify Dropshipping UK.

If you were on the waiting list the wait is finally over. Does that mean you should pick it up? Here we will review his course and see if there is a better option for you or if his course is worth it.

Who is Jack Kitchener?

Jack started his channel about a year ago and has grown to just over 5000 subs at the time of this writing. People seem to like his content  and each video averages a few hundred views. One video titled "How I Went From 0-20K in My First 4 Months" has garnered 12K views - not bad. 

Some topics that he discusses range from short term dropshipping strategies, product saturation, how to avoild dropshipping failures, what products to sell, how to turn visitors into customers, etc. His content is decent but of course not all was divulged because he saved his best for his course.

This is a pretty common trend with a lot of new Youtubers these days. Start a channel, build an audience, gain trust, release a course. 

Although his course would make you think you can only use it in the UK, it actually applies anywhere and location is irrelevant.

Shopify UK Course Review

The total amount of videos you will find in this course is just over 60. Included is direct email support with Jack so I imagine he's not hired anyone to do his customer service. If he's inundated with emails you're probably going to be delayed a bit.

He's also got a private mastermind group which is pretty common and expected. This also includes live Q&A sessions. If you join his course you'll get access to updates and course additions.

The modules in the course include the following topics:

  • Shopify store setup
  • Social Media & Ads
  • How to find Winning products
  • Finding Suppliers
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Print on Demand

The course retails for $522 USD or 397 British Pounds. He does have a scarcity tactic on the page with the usual price of $785 USD. Since the course just released, it's obviously not a "usual" price. Heck I don't blame him for doing that since everyone does nowadays.

Jack does provide some perks with his course such as templates that you can copy and paste or modify to suit your purpose more. 

The training is done in an over-the-shoulder format through powerpoint presentations. You also have a choice to learn from pdf books and its viewable on all devices.

Designed For Beginners

The course is set up for beginners in mind so more advanced users might only get a few tips here and there and will probably be bored with the typical content that you can probably find free on Youtube.

For those that have any problems, you can reference the different support groups available or just send Jack an email.

Based on the content that you're going to learn, do you think it's worth the sticker price?

An Alternative to the Course?

With no disrespect to Jack, you can learn from a relatively new Youtuber that just put out his first course. The other option is you can invest LESS money in a course from a guy that's been around longer, is a 2 Comma Club Clickfunnels winner, a 7 figure earner and has a much bigger following and reputation.

That guy is Franklin Hatchett and his course is Ecom Elites.

Franklin's course has about 120 MORE videos that Jack's course, plus there are much more strategies that you will learn including Google Shopping Ads, Funnel training (along with done for you funnels to use) and chatbot training.

So, you can spend more and go for Jack's course or be the smart one and go with Ecom Elites. Read my review on Ecom Elites and see for yourself. I've also got a video walkthrough on the course you can check out too.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or comment below!

Shopify Dropshipping UK Course Rating
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Brand new course or course that’s cheaper and tested? You decide!

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