The Cashflow System Review: Affiliate Marketing Course By Tai Lopez

Serial course creator Tai Lopez has released an affiliate marketing course called The Cashflow System. This will be the focus of our review today and i'll let you know if it's worth the $997 price tag. Seems a lot of courses these days are going for $997!

Tai Lopez claims that the average person CAN indeed make $2500 to $25,000 a month with affiliate marketing.

He says that with his 10 Step Cashflow System you'll be able to do just that.

Before we get into it, Tai stresses that it's important to follow his 3 Commandments of Wealth and I couldn't agree more. They are:

  1. Thou Shalt Have More Than One Stream of Income
  2. Thou Shall Invest Thy Money Wisely in New Trends
  3. Thou Shall Make Thy Money Work for Thee by having the right connections

These are wise words and coming from Tai it's not a surprise. The guy is a walking Encyclopedia. 

He also says that society does not set us up to follow any of these 3 commandments. When you think about it, it's true. We go to school to learn ONE thing by studying for a major in ONE thing. Then we get ONE job in that field of study. That reality does not at all support these three Commandments of wealth.

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The Cash Flow System. What is it?

Essentially with this program you are partnering with Tai Lopez. He's going to provide you with a cut and paste system that he believes will generate $2500 - $25,000 a month.

Step 1:

Establish how you want to get paid. Paypal, wire transfer, etc.

Step 2:

Create your username and bio.

Step 3:

Upload your photo

Step 4:

Generate a canned page provided by Tai that you will use. Understand this is not an original page as others will have the same template. Put this link from your provided site in your personal Facebook, Twitter & Instagram bio section.

Step 5 - 10

Tai will teach you how to give away free advice and training. You'll be provided templates that you can copy and paste and send to people you know.

When people click the link it will go to your page which then goes through a funnel where they are provided a free download on the 3 Commandments of Wealth. 

They then are taken through a funnel where Tai's products are offered to improve their cashflow. This is all tracked so your affiliate ID is maintained through the process.

Products offered include courses in Real Estate, Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing Agency start-up, improve credit, etc.

So the way you would make money here is that when anyone buys that came from your page, you will make an affiliate commission from that sale. It's all tracked so it doesn't matter how far they are in the funnel, you'll still get credit for it.

This System Summed Up

This business model reminds me of a Clickbank course called CB Passive Income by Patric Chan. It's a similar business model where everything is provided to you, you just have to provide the traffic.

News Flash - the hardest part of this whole process IS the traffic!

Sure, the web page and the entire sales process is handled by Tai's team but without traffic they have no business. So essentially they are counting on you to get people through their funnel.

Now I'm not saying this won't work. But how far do you want to go with this? Sure, you could put up that link in your social accounts and awkwardly ask your friends and family to click on it and "check it out" but that's going to come off just weird.

The other option is to do paid advertising and that's where you really need to know what you are doing. From what I understand there is no training on how to do that.

What I really don't understand is why you would have to pay for this system. I mean in the end, Tai benefits from you providing traffic and selling HIS products. He pays you a commission - so all is fair. Why would you have to pay for access?

His reasoning is that if you don't make money with this program within 60 days he will refund your $997. One thing that I didn't quite grasp was that you have to be part of his "gold" membership to be offered the money back guarantee. Bronze and Silver don't qualify. So i'm a little concerned here - maybe I don't know the whole picture but something doesn't smell right guarantee wise.

So Should You Buy Into This?

The truth is, If I'm not going to buy into it I don't think you should either. You're not building a business here. You're not learning anything. In fact you're just a mule.

A traffic mule is what is seems like. Because that's all you are going to be used for.

If you want to build a business that lasts in affiliate marketing, you need to own your own website and have full control of your asset. You can then choose what products you want to promote on your site and so forth.

My Suggestion to You

Please take a look at my blog post on my top recommended affiliate programs here.

If you want to build a real business where you aren't going to be someone's traffic mule, take a look at these ones. They are all excellent choices and each one is slightly different.

Find the one that works best for you. All three will help you build an asset that's yours that gives you complete control. The best part is you can duplicate this and build as many income streams as you like. Afterall, that's what Tai says you should do!

Savage Affiliates

For a one time payment of just $197 or $297 for the "Super" Version, Savage Affiliates is in my opinion the best affiliate marketing course for beginners and advanced users looking to scale their business. Read my review to find out why. I'm a member of the course and feel you've got the best chance to succeed with it.

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