The Digital Gangsta Review: Is this Course Worth $1,997?

You're considering buying "The Digital Gangsta" by Julie Stoian but not sure it's worth the price tag. Spending almost 2K of your money is a hefty price to pay if funds are an issue.

Nonetheless, I spent 10 hours picking apart the course and here is my review of the digital marketing masterclass course.

The author, Jule Stoian is not a newcomer trying to make a quick buck. She does have a pretty good backround in marketing and has been a consultant and tech coach. You may also know her through her brand - Create Your Laptop Life.

She is a digital marketing strategist that has helped countless numbers of business owners learn how to develop skills and strategies needed to build profitable online businesses.

Julie originally started as a writer and blogger, quickly getting the attention of large media outlets like The Washington post and New York Times. During a phase in her life back in 2014 that faced challenges, she needed to build a business quickly.

With her knowledge on internet marketing, she is a success story as a 7-figure marketer.

Getting into the Digital Gangsta Review

As you already know from the title, the course has a price tag of $1997. You also have the option of paying in 9 installments @ $249 for a total cost of $2241.

There are 9 modules with videos, worksheets, templates and handouts. 

Let's take a look inside:

  • Module 1 – Digital Marker’s Vault
  • Module 2 – Brand Development
  • Module 3 – Creation of Programs and Offers
  • Module 4 – Lead Generation
  • Module 5 – Art and Science of Copywriting
  • Module 6 – Pre Sale and Launch Process
  • Module 7 – Product Development After Launch
  • Module 8 – Going Evergreen
  • Module 9 – Bonus Content and Social Strategy
  • Bonus Facebook Course
  • Various bonus videos & livestreams

Now, let's break down each of the modules.

Module 1 – Digital Marker’s Vault

Here you will learn internet marketing basics such as setting up your Facebook pixel, creating Facebook audiences and creating funnel building strategies. For a course that offers Facebook marketing teachings, this was very light in comparison to other courses. Feel free to message me if you would like a course that's heavy on Facebook marketing.

Module 2 – Brand Development

If you need help on creating a brand/logo, this section will certainly point you in the right direction. 

Module 3 - Creation of Programs

Just one video is found in this section, the rest is audio recordings. It's still worthwhile listening though as ther are some good pointers. Still, video is much better as I find your attention span is greater.

Module 4 – Lead Generation

This module discusses lead generation through things like giveaway strategies, eCourses, webinars, quizzes, etc. There's also a section on Facebook that details livestream, groups and bot strategies.

Module 5 - Art and Science of Copywriting

If you are not familiar with copywriting, this section will help you with understanding how to use it to your advantage. Proper copywriting can make a huge difference in any campaign so this is a good section to really get a good grasp of.

Module 6 – Pre Sale and Launch Process

This section goes into preparing yourself for the launch. It shows the proper course setup, pre-launch content, preparing your product, webinar setup, sales page, lander design and more. Important to note that there are no videos in this module, just handouts and audio.

Module 7 – Product Development After Launch

You'll learn in this section all the housekeeping tasks for your business such as dealing with cancellations & refunds, customer support, onboarding and more.

Module 8 – Going Evergreen

If you have a Clickfunnels account you will love this section. If you don't, you might groan a little. Unless you just crawled out from under a rock, you probably know about Clickfunnels - and the price that starts at $97.00 a month - that ain't cheap!

Anyway, it's an option to get and it is a great product. So this section will teach you how to set up your business running on autopilot, doing the work for you in your sleep essentially.

Module 9 – Bonus Content and Social Strategy

You'll learn how to use the various social platforms like Youtube, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. SEO is also discussed. It's a worthy section if you're weak on social media but it's nothing you can't learn from free publications online.

Bonus Facebook Course

As a bonus, you'll learn some more Facebook strategies. Covered are Facebook Ads & Livestreaming. There's also a case study that outlines a Facebook Messenger funnel.

Digital Gangsta Refund Policy

You'll have to go through a lot of pain it looks like if you want to get a refund. Julie makes it clear that you have to "prove" you've gone through all the material with "evidence" and also prove somehow the methods haven't worked for you. If the 2K refund is worth this hassle then go for it but if this doesn't sit well with you - heck just take a pass on this course.

Final Thoughts on The Digital Gangsta

If you can come up with 2K and still have money left over to get a Clickfunnels account and pay for ads, go for it. However I do caution you. As a complete newbie I think you will get something out of this course but a lot of the information is very basic in nature and is covered elsewhere.

In my opinion I wouldn't pay 2K for this course. Don't get me wrong, her content is good and she knows what she's talking about, it's just that I haven't seen any groundbreaking strategies in the course.

Drew Mann

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