The Two Comma Blueprint Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Drew here and i’m back with another dropshipping ecom course review. This time we are going to review The Two Comma Blueprint.

The guys responsible for the creation of this course are Allan Maman and Abraham Engel. Their revenue claims are quite spectacular. They say they have generated over 6 figures – all within a week’s time. Further to that claim, they also said they generated over 7 figures within 6 months.

One thing is common with e-commerce guru’s – they usually tell you only the money generated and never what the advertising expenses are. In ecom- this can be huge.

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What’s The Cost?

The cost of the course is $497.00. Although they do offer a refund if you’re not satisfied, the course material is quite brief. For that pricetag I certainly would expect a lot more course for the money.

If you’re a bit thrown off by the name of the course so was I and then I realized they “borrowed” their “two comma” from Russel Brunson who created Clickfunnels. This comes from the two comma’s in a 6 figure number in case you are wondering.

About the Product Creators

To give you a bit of a backround with the creators, Allan, a 17 year old high school student in 2017 started marketing spinners, first by printing them on a 3-D printer in his high school.

He saw the potential so ended up marketing them through drop shipping. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this and claims to be one of the first to market fidget spinners. I actually marketed them too, but it was towards the end of the craze cycle and didn’t make nearly as much.

You can see the Forbes article here if you want to hear more about the story.

As for Abraham Engel, he just says he’s amazing at Facebook ads. A lot of people can say that, myself included.

So you already know how young these guys are and they’ve got a course already. I am not so sure if they qualify with “guru” status just yet.

The Two Comma Blueprint Review of the Course Material

Introduction of the Course

The first video discusses what any intro video should discuss – what’s included in the course and what you can expect. It’s not a very long video, just 13 minutes long. This is fine for an intro video anyway as the ‘meat n’ potatoes’ is what should be lengthy and detailed.

Setting Up Your Shopify Store

In this module, Allan walks you through the setup of your store. Nothing groundbreaking here as every dropshipping course needs this but there’s plenty of videos online that show you as well. The content is not very long, at around 17 minutes in total with just 3 videos.

You’ll learn the proper setup of Oberlo as well as handling customer support. The videos are brief and to the point.

You can skip this part if you already have your store setup or perhaps you might get a nugget of information that you can use to tweak your existing store.

Product Research Module

The three videos in this module take you through product research. This is probably the most important module of all and one of the first questions a newbie to dropshipping always asks – “what kind of product should I sell?”

Some decent information is given in this section but nothing groundbreaking. I do have other ecom courses that cover these strategies and more – keep reading if you want to know where I’m going with this!

Facebook Ads

In this module, you’ll learn how to setup and run your Facebook ads and campaigns. It’s pretty typical of what you would expect for marketing on Facebook. Setting up your account, setting up ads and testing them is the bulk of this module. Also discussed is how to scale your store, organizing your ads, look-a-like audiences and retargeting as well.

Like other courses, you won’t get a Facebook mastermind group which is a bit of a let down as I find these useful.

So, Should You Buy Two Comma Blueprint?

If you already have some knowledge with ecom, you might get some nuggets out of this course but I just don’t think it’s enough hand holding for beginners. Chances are you are a beginner with dropshipping and ecom so this course is probably a bit of a gamble for you. At the price tag of $497 which isn’t bad, I was expecting a lot more course content than what’s included.

Is There a Better Alternative For Me?

I’m sure you’re asking this question right now right? I did give a bit of a teaser earlier (if you read my whole review) that I have something better for you.

Hands down in my opinion the best value-for-the-money ecom course right now on the market is Ecom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

You can read my full Ecom Elites review here and decide for yourself.

Or just go straight to the official website to check it out.

At only $197 or $297 for the more advanced "Super" version – the value you get compared to Two Comma Blueprint is… well, see for yourself!

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