Zazzle Review: Is it Legit and Can you Make Money as an Affiliate?

Zazzle is a site where you can easily make money in a plethora of different ways. In this Zazzle review, I want to purely focus on how you can make money as an affiliate. I am not saying that this is the method which will make you the most money, but it is certainly one of the easier methods you have available to you.

What is Zazzle?

Basically, Zazzle is an online store. It allows designers from around the world to upload their designs. They can then sell these designs attached to all manner of different items.

This includes mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, that sort of thing. When somebody places an order, the item is specially manufactured and Zazzle ships it out. Easy.

Plenty of T-Shirt designs to promote as an affiliate

Obviously, the bulk of the money that you can make on Zazzle would be if you were a designer.

You are able to collect a slice of commission for every item you have designed.

However, making money via that route would require you to have a bit of design talent.

 It would also require you to market your designs like crazy. This is why many people opt to make money with Zazzle's affiliate marketing program.

What is Zazzle like as a Website?

Nobody wants to be an affiliate for a website without knowing if the site is good, right? Well, generally speaking, the quality of products sold by Zazzle is going to be high. People who receive their products are not disappointed at all.

The under 1% refund shows this. However, I should probably point out that Zazzle doesn't really have any control over the designs on their website. They allow anybody to list their designs, no matter how terrible they are. This can make it a touch difficult to find the products that you want to promote when you are an affiliate.

They have a large "home" section where you can choose from an array of products to promote.

Zazzle is, of course, a legitimate and trustworthy company. They have been in the business for a while now, so they certainly are not a scam like some other affiliate programs out there.

What is Zazzle's Affiliate Marketing Program?

Zazzle's affiliate marketing program is just like any other affiliate marketing program. You can sign up as an associate and find products you want to promote. You then link to them from your website, or however else you are planning to do your affiliate marketing.

If somebody buys a product from Zazzle through your link, then you are going to get a commission on it. Simple as that.

There are a lot of products that can be promoted on Zazzle although, of course, the products will lean heavily towards sites which cater to more creative types.

For example; the products found on Zazzle will work well for a website focused on home decor or custom stationery. Yes. These markets can be a little bit crowded, but if you show that you have decent taste and work hard to stand out from the pack, then Zazzle may be a good site to affiliate for.

Affiliate Commission on Zazzle

The affiliate commission on Zazzle is pretty hefty at 15%. There is a minimum payout of $50, and it takes 45-days from the sale being made until the money is free to be withdrawn.

It is a quick process, particularly in comparison to other affiliate programs out there.

One of the things that I personally love about Zazzle is that there is nothing that says you aren't allowed to promote your own products through the Zazzle affiliate program. This means that not only will you be collecting your affiliate commission, but you will also be able to collect your commission on the product that you have designed for Zazzle too.

It is people who go down this route who seem to make the most money when they are working on the Zazzle affiliate program. Although, of course, if you are fantastic at marketing, there is nothing that says you can't make a decent sum of cash promoting the designs of other people.

Is it Easy to Make Money with Zazzle?

Well, as with any affiliate program out there, you are only going to get out of Zazzle what you put into it. Of course, since the product selection is a lot more limited than with other affiliate programs (e.g. Amazon Associates), Zazzle is something that is only going to work in specific niches.

That being said, the products from Zazzle do sell ridiculously well...if you know how to promote them.

As I mentioned before; most people who make money from Zazzle as an affiliate will have websites related to design. A lot of the products sold on the website will be focused on cool home decor products.

However, you could potentially make money if you are running a website related to gifts, or maybe cool t-shirts and the like. The people who make the most money as an affiliate will be those who are coming up with creative ways to market the products.

If you are not a creative type like that, then it could probably be a bit difficult to make any cash with Zazzle.

Zazzle products are very visual, and that means that it would work incredibly well if you stick Zazzle affiliate links on sites like Pinterest or Instagram. Once you get the right followers to either of your accounts there, then you will probably find it easy to sell at least a few products.

Since the Zazzle cookie lasts for 45-days, you should be able to get a fair number of people returning and buying more.

Perhaps the best way to make money with Zazzle purely as an affiliate is to partner up with a designer. Get them to pay you to advertise their products. You get money from them, and money from Zazzle. It is pretty much a 'winning' situation for you here.

Although, of course, you will need to understand marketing and be successful before you can get to this point.


For people who have websites or social media sites in certain niches, Zazzle is a decent, yet 'creative' way to make a bit of cash as an affiliate marketer.

However, if you want to get serious with affiliate marketing and increase your chances of making a lot more money than you would with Zazzle alone, check out my picks for the best affiliate marketing courses out there right now.

With the right training, 5 or 6 figures a month is possible. The best part - my recommendations are VERY affordable and the knowledge you will get will give you an edge over competitors.

Any questions? Comment below or hit me up via my contact page.



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