About Me

Hi there, I'm Drew Mann and this is my story and a bit about me.

But first, let's get this out of the way. I'm a digital marketer and have been for well over a decade now. I have been fortunate enough to have been mentioned in publications like Yahoo, GoBankingRates, NewsBreak and more. I owned my own SEO Agency and have a porfolio of websites.

On to the more interesting stuff...

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and had a pretty much normal upbringing along with my younger sister and older brother. (Yep, I'm a middle child!) I rode dirtbikes as a kid and enjoyed doing a lot of outdoor stuff. When I finished high school I went to the University of Toronto and graduated with a business degree. Shortly after that I was able to find a decent job in the finance field.

I was thrilled. But, that didn't last long. Something just didn't feel right.

Every day at work was a chore to me. I've always had an entrepreneurial mindset (I even did the Amway thing when I was 18) but went the route like everyone else and got myself a job. (Because that's what we are told we should do right? From our parents to our friends and peers. Anything else is just weird to them!)

But - it got pretty boring fast. I wanted to have the freedom of working for myself. That's when I started to do a little research. I opened up Google and typed "how to make money online".

At first I was skeptical. There were some shady characters online trying to push opportunities that just didn't seem real. But then I decided I needed to try something becuase I sure as hell was not going to have a boring office job for the rest of my life!

So, I invested 20% of my earnings from each paycheque (paycheck if you're 'Merican)  in courses and software - all that made promises of making internet riches.

I can tell you that I wasted a lot of money on trash courses and software. I fell for the "push-button", promise-you-the moon type of hyped up courses and software. It's embarrassing to admit it.

However, not all was bad. There was a lot of talk about SEO and affiliate marketing that piqued my interest. So, I dove into that more. 

Fast-forward to 2013, I always told myself that if I can make at least $500 more a month online than what my job was paying me for at least a 6 month period, then I would leave.

I had a portfolio of websites monetized with affiliate marketing and ecommerce. They were doing well. And, they met that threshold. So - I submitted my resignation and gave my 2 weeks notice. The last two weeks were the best days at my job because I knew it would be over soon.

So. What did I do next?

Being that I no longer had to make money from a specific location (aka a job) I decided I wanted to go as far away as possible for at least a two month period and just grind it out every day.

So where did I go? Thailand!

Thailand is now my second home. I have a condo in Bangkok but I also go to Chiang Mai a lot which is a hub for digital nomads like me. Here is the view from my condo in Bangkok, in the On Nut area.

If you want to move to Bangkok I suggest this area. Rent for condos is fairly cheap compared to other areas and the On Nut area has everything you need from food, bars, transportation (BTS skytrain & MRT) entertainment and plenty of coffee shops to work remotely from. My favorite is Amazon, (not THE Amazon) but it's a growing coffee chain all over Thailand.

Below is a pic of my beat up laptop (it's travelled a lot!) while "working" in a very remote part of the country. What an experience that was!

By the way this was taken quite a few years ago. My site looked very different back then!

I made my money through building and maintaining websites and blogs in both eCommerce and affiliate marketing. I still do today and this blog is just one of them.

I power this blog through affiliate marketing and my formula is pretty simple. I buy courses and software, put 'em through the ringer, test them and evaluate them. If I feel they are a good fit to promote to my audience, I will recommend them.

Not everything makes the cut. Since I got burned with terrible products in the past, I know what that feels like and I can't ethically recommend something that sucks - even if pays out huge commissions!

A lot of people are interested in online education so I focus a lot on buying and reviewing courses. You can see some of my best work here:

My reviews over time started to get quite a bit of attention online.

As a result, I've been mentioned in many articles from popular (and reputable!) websites.

Here's just a couple:

So by now you're probably asking yourself how you can do all this too.

Well, look, I'm not special either. I don't have magical powers, I don't consider myself a pro copywriter, and I think my writing skills are as average as a bowl of unflavored oatmeal on a gray, drizzly Tuesday. The only thing that separates me from others is that I believe and know that online marketing works, I study it, keep on top of industry trends and execute. 

The minute you start to get discouraged is when you start spiraling downward. 

If you want to make money online, you can do this too because I did. And I still do!

So there you go. Obviously I can't write my entire life story on this page but I think you get the general idea of who I am. I hope that one day you will also have an "about me" page on your website where you can share a similar story.

If you have a question, a gripe, or just want to say hello, head over to my contact page in the footer below. Email is best.

Drew Mann