About Drew’s Review

About Drew

Founder and CEO

Welcome to Drew's Review! I’m Drew, the founder of Drew's Review.

A little background on me, I'm a digital marketer that specializes in Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce (Including dropshipping and Amazon FBA) and "YouTubing". I even jumped on the artificial intelligence train back in 2021 and have fully immersed myself in it. 

I started making money online way back since I can remember, around 2010.  Since then I have owned my own SEO Agency and have a porfolio of websites powered by affiliate marketing and eCommerce. I also have 3 YouTube channels - aside from the Drew's Review YT channel which I should pay more attention to! 😏. These are "YouTube Automation" channels which I talk a lot about on my site.

I have been fortunate enough to have been mentioned in publications like Yahoo, GoBankingRates, NewsBreak and more.

Drew's Review was born out of a desire to share the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated, helping others navigate the tricky waters of online business. It's been a ride of continuous learning and sharing, all fueled by my passion to help people like you.

My Online Earnings

I earn money online from a variety of different businesses. It all started with affiliate marketing and evolved into other business types after I started making money. You should just start with one, but below is a disclosure of my earnings for each.

  • Affiliate Marketing - I have a portfolio of websites (this is only one of them) that make money each and every month powered by affiliate marketing. I am in different niches from health to finance. The highest earnings I achieved in a month was $24,862.16 
  • eCommerce - In eCommerce,  I have dropshipping stores and also did Amazon FBA. My best month was $16,109.73
  • YouTube - This is a new venture for me as I started creating "faceless" YouTube channels back in 2021. This one is a work in progress but my best month was $2,654.57 - this includes affiliate sales and ad revenue.

My Mission Statement

I'm here to demystify the path to starting an online business, whether you're aiming to make it your full-time gig or just a lucrative side hustle. Financial freedom? That's the dream, and I'm dedicated to helping you make it your reality.

By writing in-depth "how-to" tutorials, guides, and the honest reviews you deserve, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Your success is my mission.

My Responsibility

My mantra? Transparency, integrity, and honesty. In a sea of copy and pasted reviews and unfounded recommendations, Drew's Review stands out from the rest because I believe in truth. I personally dive into each course and software, giving you the lowdown based on my actual experiences.

And yes, I actually buy each course or software I review. Or, I am given access by the course/software creator to go through the material just as if I bought it to give you my unbiased opinion.

I’ve set a high bar for myself:

  • Every piece of content is my own – I do not allow guest posts. I do not allow sponsored posts. Just real, actionable advice created by myself for my specific audience.
  • I strive to remain unbiased, letting neither brand affinity nor commission rates color my recommendations.
  • Your trust is my currency. That's why I pledge to recommend only products that I truly believe in, ensuring that every piece of advice is something I'd give to my closest friend.

Affiliate marketing helps keep the lights on here, but rest assured, my integrity isn't for sale. I only link to products that I've vetted and believe in – because at the end of the day, your success is my top priority.

So by now you're probably asking yourself how you can do all this too.

Well, look, I'm not special either. I don't have magical powers, I don't consider myself a pro copywriter, and I think my writing skills are as average as a bowl of unflavored oatmeal on a gray, drizzly Tuesday. The only thing that separates me from others is that I believe and know that online marketing works, I study it, keep on top of industry trends and execute. 

The minute you start to get discouraged is when you start spiraling downward. 

If you want to make money online, you can do this too because I did. And I still do!

So there you go. Obviously I can't write my entire life story on this page but I think you get the general idea of who I am. I hope that one day you will also have an "about me" page on your website where you can share a similar story.

Connect With Me

I'm all about building a community where feedback and suggestions are not just welcomed but also cherished. Reach out to Drew at drew[at]drews-review.com or connect with me on Facebook. Your voice is what inpires me and pushed me to be better every day.

Drew Mann