About Me

Hi there, I'm Drew and welcome to my Internet Marketing blog.  

I quit my day job in 2013. Is this something you wish to do also? To be able to work anywhere in the world with just a laptop is an amazing feeling and I am living that dream.

If this is your dream also, maybe I can help or at least be an inspiration.

Below is a pic of my beat up laptop (it's travelled a lot!) while "working" in Thailand in a very remote part of the country. What an experience that was!

Do you want to do the same? All you need is motivation, a laptop and an internet connection. The rest is up to you really.

I am not here to guarantee you making millions but what I can say is that with a little (or a lot) of work, you can make money online.

I know this because I got my first taste of making money online way back in 2001.

The feeling that you get from waking up in the morning to discover that you made money while you were sleeping is incredible.

Yes, that did happen to me and it changed my life forever.

One thing I can tell you is that it also changed my opinion of myself. I became more confident and noticed that I wanted others to feel the same way too.

I Want You to QUIT Your JOB!

Well, not really...

Not until you start making money online anyway. I too had a job and left the corporate world to persue my dream of entrepreneurship.

When I made my first dollar online I still had a job and then the inevitable happened - eventually I quit when I scaled up.

The reason I kept it so long was because I was programmed to believe that i needed a job.

When I try to explain to my friends and family that I wanted to go into Internet Marketing full time they looked at me like I was crazy!

It's embedded in our core beliefs passed on from generation to generation that you need a job to have a stable life. This is not the case but unfortunately most people go to a job that they hate and keep asking themselves if there is anything better than this. Most of the time it is NOT another job either.

Don’t Think Like Everyone Else

A few years ago I read an article from the Huffington Post about why you should quit your job.

Now, it's quite relevant even today considering it's several years old. Take the article for what it is and I am not endorsing anyone to ever quit their job.

What I am saying is lay the foundation to quitting your job if that is what you want. It will be foolish to think you can quit and guarantee success online after quitting.

Don't be a numbskull, that is not good practice.

I have ran into people working in Chiang Mai Thailand in co-share working spaces and coffee shops where they quit their job to persue the "laptop lifestyle" with no clear plans.

They were inspired by people making money online and felt they could do it themselves - good for them for trying, but...

If you just leave your job and everything behind, the stress will get to you everytime you fail. And you'll fail a lot. But - you learn from those failures and never do them again.

So please, be stable with job replacing income for at least 6 months before you decide to quit and become a digital nomad.

And for those without a job - find one first, please. Even if you put 100% of your job earnings into your business it is better than eating away at your savings.

What’s Next?

So why did I create this blog so late in my internet marketing career? To be blunt, I am going to have a section on this site which will review products that I believe work.

Do I want you to buy the products? That is entirely up to you but really the purpose of this blog is to provide education, not sell you some crap.

If you have heard of authority blogs they are blogs that provide quality content. That is my promise to you. I will show you the way in which you can succeed online and will only recommend courses that can help.

So again, welcome to my site. I am glad you have read this far. Please look around, I have plenty of helpful tips from SEO, E-Commerce, affiliate marketing, etc., and honest course reviews.

Should you decide to buy a course I recommend from one of the links on my site, I may or may not make a commission from that product. I see this as a win-win though because I can put the money into other courses that I review. I buy these courses so I can provide a non-biased opinion after reviewing them. 

In exchange for buying anything from my site means you can count on me for being there for you if you need any help. Simply email me from my contact page.

So I do wish you the best of success and a lot does come from motivation from within.

You can have your hands on an amazing course but remember this one thing. The hardest part is the start. Once you get past this, there is no stopping you.

Check out this article here where I give you some examples of online businesses you can start today.

All the best,


Drew Mann