Choose Your Path: How Your Personality Type Determines Your Success

One of the most important things I find that people overlook is choosing the right path.

In internet marketing, you need to choose which line of business to get into based on your personality.

I will tell you about a personal experience of mine that might shed some light on this topic.

When I started to get into SEO, I listened to some of the top guru's (I paid almost 10K for this course) and that the quickest way to make money is by starting an agency.

Agreeably, you can start with no money, you just need to hustle and get clients.

So, I went with what he said and started my own agency.

I hustled to get clients and managed to get a few and was doing well, ranking on the first page in Google for my own agency site and getting lots of exposure.

However,  I felt that I was headed in a direction that just didn’t suit me.

I realized after that I didn’t want to deal with people face to face anymore and deal with issues like getting calls whenever something went wrong or have to explain why rankings dropped, etc.

Also, I love to travel and when you are dealing with local clients, it’s a bit difficult to communicate with them when you are in Thailand.

This is when I came to the realization that what I was doing did not match my personality and lifestyle. It was holding me back.

My focus then changed.

I decided that affiliate marketing and e-commerce were much more suited for my personality.

Perhaps you might feel the same way.

What’s in it For You?

So, what does this mean for you?

If you want to make money online, don’t just go where the money is or what someone tells you to do.

Do what you feel suits you the most. If you enjoy talking to people, don’t mind cold calling, striking up conversations with people, etc., then you’d be great at starting your own agency in either SEO, social media or both.

If you prefer to reach a broad audience of people you don’t have to have direct contact with (and probably never will) then you need to either get into e-commerce or affiliate marketing.

Don’t make the mistake I made, match your personality and lifestyle you want to have with what you want to do. I still have a few clients that are amazing but my focus is on affiliate marketing and ecommerce.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture yet?

It’s like when you decided on a career. Was it the right choice or did you feel there was something else you were more suited for?

Final Thoughts

If this has resonated with you, my site has a lot of reviews on different courses and software to help you get ahead.

Getting an education is important as it will prepare you much quicker than learning everything on your own.

I have spent thousands of dollars on courses and software and can easily spot the bad from the good. I pass this info onto you.

You’ll notice that some reviews I make on my site are positive, while others not so much. I want to provide you with value, not fluff. 

I hope this has helped but If you're not sure which direction to go into, check out my article on my top 7 recommended business ideas.

If you have any questions, comment below or feel free to reach out to me directly. I reply to everyone.

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Drew Mann

8 thoughts on “Choose Your Path: How Your Personality Type Determines Your Success”

  1. I am grateful that you saved me from spending a ton of money on Rachel Rofey with your detailed and insightful research. I am exploring all the information on your website to guide me to a more appropriate and less costly humble beginning. You rock dude!

  2. I just signed on tonight and downloaded your cheat sheet. I’m so looking forward to learning from you. I’m already excited about learning just from the ideas on your first page. I’ll come back often and check-in.

    Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be in your community. Oh, BTW I’m in affiliate marketing. I tried eCommerce where I made my product and then sold for places like Mary Kay, Scentsy, etc. Didn’t like it.

    • Hi Phyllis, you can’t go wrong with affiliate marketing as it’s the best way to make money online in my opinion. You’re in good hands! Enjoy the cheat sheet 🙂

  3. Hello Drew,
    I first I just want to say that I think your site is awesome! I wish there were more people like you reviewing courses and helping folks out. Thanks! – I’ve picked some poor courses in my time.

    The question I wanted to ask you was how quickly can someone get started making money as an Affiliate Marketer? To be a bit more specific, I mean like starting up and earning say around 3 or 4 Grand a month.

    I only ask because I’m about to lose my job due to redundancy – and the thought of looking for a job just to work in that isn’t fulfilling and for an employer that doesn’t care has worn me out.

    I’m good with working hard for it, just want an expert opinion.

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Tony, believe me you are not alone I get this question a lot. I did a blog post on this subject which you can check here –
      To summarize, there is no one that can answer that question because there are so many variables involved. This includes your effort, investment, choosing the right offer, choosing the right keywords to target, audiences, paid ads vs SEO, level of competition etc., the list goes on and on. Anyone that can give you an answer to that question is simply lying to you with some kind of motive. I always say that the best candidates are ones that have an income coming in and can work on this part time without stressing out. I’m sorry to hear about your situation but if you get another job and work hard on the side in your affiliate marketing business you could end up walking away from your job on YOUR terms. Hope that helps and do check out that article I wrote. All the best.

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