5 Best Amazon FBA Courses For 2024: Is There a Clear Winner?

Hey there! Welcome to my best Amazon FBA course review for 2024.

As a member of 9 of the most popular Amazon FBA courses out there right now, I was able to view all the material and spent well over 40 hours doing so. I included the top 5 of those in this list. The others didn’t make the cut.

How will I rate these courses? I will base it on the following criteria:

  1. How long has the course been online
  2. Does it receive updates? Outdated?
  3. Who created the course?
  4. Reputation
  5. The student community, student success
  6. How content is delivered
  7. What extras/bonuses if any
  8. Is it suitable for beginners?
  9. Quality of training/deliverability
  10. Length of course, modules & topics covered
  11. Is the price justified?

By choosing one of these courses that’s best for you (and your budget) you’ll be VERY WELL prepared to start a business in Amazon FBA.

No experience is necessary and you could end up with a thriving Amazon empire business!

Let’s get into this!

The 5 Best Amazon FBA Courses for 2024

1. The Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)- Best Overall Amazon FBA Course

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This is the course I bought and the one that virtually saved my business. I can’t thank the founders Jason and Matt enough, along with the great support community.

Here’s a quick overview:

Course Creators: Jason Katzenback & Matt Clarke

Training format & length: 180 Hours -Video training

Suitable For: Beginners and intermediates

Pricing: $997 for the Foundations Program and $2997 for ASM – available payment plan.

Refunds: 30 day money back guarantee

Rating: 4.9/5

The Amazing Selling Machine is arguably the most popular Amazon FBA course out there which made its debut in 2012. The community boasts over 30,000 members and growing. It’s expensive at $2997, but with the company claiming students earn an average of $60,000 a year in revenue, that cost is negligible.

The creators, Jason and Matt, are successful e-commerce Entrepreneurs that have generated 7 and 8 figure businesses online.

The main trainers of ASM are Mike McClary, Dan Ashburn, and Rich Henderson. What’s special about these guys is that they also have generated between 7 and 8 figures on Amazon – after going through the Amazing Selling Machine training.

So they don’t just teach this stuff. THEY DO THIS STUFF. Wouldn’t you want to learn from someone that is a successful Amazon seller rather than some guru that can’t prove he’s had any success? Or worse, is someone creating a course just to make money from it?

Learning from those that are successful is the key to success. You simply model what they do, and put all your energy into it.

With ASM, you’re going to get 180 Hours of Video training in their latest version of the course with is ASM 13. There are 9 modules that are designed for beginners that teach you step-by-step. You’ll get full support from the ASM community and personal support from the ASM Mentors.

So if you’re concerned that all this training will go over your head, don’t. I found the course very easy to follow. The layout is great, the quality of the videos is very professional and each lesson builds on the next one. There is no picking and choosing here. It’s like reading a book. Everything falls into place in well-executed training.

What’s Included in the Course:

  • 9 Modules of core training: 180+ hours of training with the latest strategies from 7-figure Amazon sellers.
  • Personal Support: Get personalized support from highly successful Amazon FBA sellers whenever you need it. Who wouldn’t want that!
  • Access to the Private Resource Vault: ASM’ers win big by accessing a wealth of resources from personal contacts to private discounts. The vault is worth the price tag of the course alone!
  • Worksheets, Scripts & Templates: Get the most success possible by learning how to negotiate with suppliers so you get the best price. Learn what keywords are going to drive more traffic to your listing, resulting in more sales and more money! So much more in this section.
  • Access to the ASM Community: I found the community to be full of so many helpful people. Many of them are top sellers willing to give you a hand. You’ll find many insider strategies here.

On top of this, if you buy the Amazing Selling Machine, you get access to their live networking events. This includes workshops and Sellercon, which is a 3-day event where you can learn new strategies, meet other entrepreneurs and get access to many resources to boost your FBA business.

Access to the Tool Suite

With your membership, you get access to the tool suite. These tools will help you get sales numbers, find products with an opportunity tool, analyze products to see how they will compare with other sellers, find hidden opportunities, and more. You won’t find these tools outside of ASM. They are a huge asset to your business.

Pros & Cons


  • Most popular and proven course in the industry
  • Many success stories from students
  • Modules all include actionable steps and less theory
  • Supportive community
  • Up-to-date training
  • Private coaching


  • It’s not cheap!
  • With a lot of training, some may feel overwhelmed

Want more detail on the course? Check out my Amazing Selling Machine review.

In conclusion, after taking the course myself and how it helped me, I have no doubt it will do the same for you. Yes, it’s pricey. But that is because it’s effective. It’s not on the top of my list for the best Amazon FBA courses for nothing. It’s earned its place.

2. Marketplace Superheroes “Ignite” – Affordable Alternative FBA Course

Course Creators: Steven Somers & Robert Ricky

Training format & length: 100+ Hours -Video training

Suitable For: Beginners and intermediates

Pricing: $997

Refunds: 30 day money back guarantee

Rating: 4.7/5

Marketplace Superheroes is an excellent affordable alternative to ASM. It’s got over 100 studio-quality training videos suitable for new sellers. The training takes a methodical approach with easy-to-understand instructions. You will learn everything from sourcing, importing, and branding high-margin products.

What I also like about this course is that it’s not US-based centric. It doesn’t matter what country you are from or what country you want to sell in. The training will teach you to sell globally or with a focus on one country.

The founders, Robert & Steven, have sold millions with Amazon FBA. As I previously said, it’s important to learn from those that actually do this stuff.

Along with that, it looks like the training works because MPSH has many successful students that have sold over $30 Million worth of products globally. Any course would love to have numbers like this to boast. It shows the strategies work and their students are actually making money with the strategies taught.

The focus of this course is ensuring that your product sourcing is sound and that you find the best suppliers. These two important pieces are the foundation of a good business.

What’s Included in the Course:

The course makes it easy for beginners to understand the content. It covers everything you need to be successful on Amazon. Some of the topics covered in the course are:

  • The Mindset you need to succeed
  • Product research
  • How to properly negotiate with suppliers
  • Setting up legal entities
  • Getting samples to test
  • How to build a winning listing
  • & much more

The main course is called the Marketplace Heroes Core 2.0 System. This is where it promises to take you from zero to hero. In other words, a current non-seller, to a fully fledge global Amazon seller.

There are 2 phases in this training:

  • MPSH Ignite Phase 1 – Embark: This contains 6 modules teaching you all about the Amazon Interface & how it works, the research phase, finding & dealing with suppliers, how to craft your offer, product research and more.
  • MPSH Ignite Phase 2 – Evolve: This section teaches you all about logistics and importing. You’ll also learn how to optimize your listing, establish your brand, forming your business entity and more. There’s a lot of boring stuff, but important stuff here. You’ll get through it because it’s explained well.

What I like about Marketplace Superheroes:

  1. It costs $4000 less than the Amazing Selling Machine. The savings allows you to put more money into your business.
  2. The course is structured in a methodical format, in easy-to-digest content. There is little fluff with condensed information that is results-driven.
  3. For product research, you are given a tangible set of criteria and methods that help you weed out products you should not be looking for.
  4. No need for expensive tools: Using their methods, you won’t really need to use any other external market research tools like Helium 10, which helps you save money.
  5. Access to the Superhero Ecosystem: This tool is awesome because it’s got everything you need to manage your FBA business. This holds all of your product information, supplier details, a product profitability tool for each product, create purchase orders & invoices, etc.
  6. 4S Product Gauntlet: This tool validates product opportunities. It literally can tell you if you should or should not proceed with the product.
  7. Save on Shipping Costs: MPSH has their own freight forwarding company so as a member you get access to this – which save you a lot of money compared to other companies. Bonus!

What I Didn’t Like About MarketPlace SuperHeroes

The course has a lot of great coaching and it’s presented in a way that is easy to understand. However, there is no private mentoring like you would find in a course like ASM.

The community is somewhat active, but it’s not on the same level like ASM either. This could be the reason for the lower price tag I am guessing. Paying for mentoring can be expensive so this is why I am guessing they are selling the course for much less.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to follow training
  • Access to the Facebook group
  • Priced right
  • Included tools are a big plus


Overall though, I think it’s one of the best Amazon FBA courses for under $1000. For those that want a great course for their Amazon FBA business but don’t want to invest $5000.00, this course fits the bill. It’s taught by experienced Amazon sellers, very detailed training, included tools, and a great community around it.

3. The Wholesale Formula – Best For Selling Brand Name Products

The Wholesale Formula is a course that is only offered once a year. All the other courses on this page are available for purchase year-round.

The Wholesale Formula is opening once again in 2024
Sign up for the FREE Webinar Here

What’s different with The Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula focuses on helping you create a wholesaling business on Amazon by buying products directly from the manufacturer. You won’t be private labeling any products and instead, sell branded well known items.

The advantage here is that chances are people will recognize the brand you are promoting. As and you know, it can take a long time for people to trust a brand but once they do, they will buy.

So it doesn’t teach the traditional wholesale model where you deal with a middleman. Instead, it uses the reverse sourcing wholesale model where you deal with the manufacturer directly.

This course is taught by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost. Together they have revenues of $36,000,000 on Amazon.

There are 5 modules in the course and the training is held over a 9-week period. The training is done similarly to a college course, with a beginning and end phase. All the training is recorded and available online to members. You also get full updates.

So if you are looking for something different to private labeling and retail arbitrage, you might want to consider The Wholesale System.

You can check out my Wholesale Formula review for more details.

4. Blue Sky Amazon – Best for Building a Brand

Course Creator: Sophie Howard

Training format & length: 35+ Hours -Video training

Suitable For: Mostly intermediate sellers

Pricing: $3,495

Refunds: 30-day money-back guarantee

Rating: 4.6/5

You’ve probably seen the ads with Sophie Howard on Youtube. This is a woman who knows what she’s doing. After all, she did come from a corporate background apparently sold one of her Amazon businesses for a reported 7 figures.

Blue Sky Amazon is a very unique course and it’s one of the best Amazon FBA courses for branding. It’s actually 2 courses in one and includes:

  • Product University
  • Amazon Navigator

Both of these together total about 35 hours. Blue Sky Amazon is very different from most FBA courses and especially the ones on this list. She gets you to focus on products that are unique and exclusive. The focus is more on branding than anything else.

This formula allows you to sell on Amazon a lot longer by building a long-term, recognizable brand that could prove to be a lot more valuable.

So the main difference here is that Blue Sky focuses more on branding, rather than other courses where they focus on finding and selling a variety of products. Makes sense?

She also teaches a very complex sales funnel, where you bring your customers through a sales journey that builds a lasting relationship. This is all done by lead magnets, capture pages, and Facebook strategies.

She focuses a lot on “telling a story” with her products. The reason she does this is that she has discovered that the more emotionally connected people become with a brand, the more they trust it. This translates to a lot more sales. Having trust these days is essential for the life of any business.

She also teaches you some basics like how to get set up on Amazon, how to create your brand, your store, etc.

Sophie has a module dedicated to “unearthing” hidden and unique products for selling on Amazon. She shows you 8 different unique strategies you can use to find products. She even found products while on vacation in Indonesia. You won’t have to travel to find products but it gives you a sense of how unique her training actually is.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique training not found anywhere else
  • Strong focus on building a lasting brand (which you can sell for big bucks)
  • Focus on highly optimized listings
  • Two courses in one
  • Excellent sales funnel strategy for building a customer base


  • Content can be confusing as it’s a bit disorganized
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Practical advice is lacking. A little too much theory & mindset
  • No Facebook or other community to fall back on for help

Bluesky Amazon is something I can’t recommend for those new to Amazon FBA. I think this would be a great course for someone that is already doing some online selling on Amazon but wants to focus more on building a brand. If you do want to learn more, be sure to check out my Sophie Howard Bluesky review.

If you’d rather have a more practical approach to Amazon FBA with a structured blueprint to follow, a strong community with mentoring and support, go with ASM. It’s slightly more expensive than Blue Sky but may be more suitable for you.

4. Proven Amazon Course 2.0 – Best Cheap Amazon FBA Course

Course Creator: Jim Cockrum

Training format & length: 10+ Hours -Video training

Suitable For: Mostly beginners

Pricing: $29 a month or one-time fee of $499

Refunds: 30 day money back guarantee

Rating: 4.4/5

The Proven Amazon Course 2.0 by Jim Cockrum is 34 Amazon courses all rolled up into one. It covers EVERYTHING with selling on Amazon including:

  • How to sell merch
  • How to sell coffee
  • How to private label
  • How to sell in other countries
  • How to sell books
  • Retail arbitrage
  • How to sell replenishables (replens)

The above is just scratching the surface. There’s so much in this course most people feel overwhelmed when they first log in.

Here’s just some of what you’ll see:

This course covers so many topics and as I mentioned above, there are currently 34 courses like the ones above. If there is something particular you would like to learn about Amazon selling, chances are there is a training course within PAC 2.0 for you.

Everything you could possibly need to get going is included in this course. And, it’s at a fraction of the price when comparing it to the “big boy” courses.

It’s one of the best Amazon FBA courses for those on a budget. It’s just $29.00 a month.

What I like about the Proven Amazon Course

I like the price because it’s affordable for everybody. I also like the vast variety of training available. When it comes to reputation, Jim Cockrum has been selling on Amazon since 2009 and has built a solid reputation among Amazon marketers.

The course surprisingly has no upsells which is very common with low-cost-entry courses.

The community is strong, boasting over 60,000 members.

As a member, you can also attend live events hosted by Jim Cockrum. You won’t see this with most other Amazon FBA courses.

Support is great, with the option to communicate via Facebook, email, phone or even chat.

Modules I liked and Worthy of Mention:

  • Buy Local, Sell to the World: In this training, you learn how to find books, yard sales, Auctions, and selling with retail arbitrage. It’s perfect for beginners. Find something local and sell it on Amazon!
  • Proven Private Label: Learn how to create your own brand. Learn everything from product research, to finding suppliers and getting your product launched on Amazon.
  • RA Replenish Course: How to make good money selling replenishable items. This is a great way for new sellers to break into Amazon.
  • Merch Course: Is selling T-shirts and other merchandise something that interests you? This course teaches you how to do that on the Amazon platform.

What I don’t like about PAC 2.0

First off, is the overwhelming nature of how the course is laid out. When I first joined, I was totally thrown off about where to start.

I am used to a methodical training format as found in most courses. Starting from an introduction to module 1 through the rest. The Proven Amazon Course does not have a structured format like that. You simply pick one of the courses and start from there.

I think people learn best from a structured format so some may struggle with this. Also, there may be some basics that you’re not familiar with that may be discussed in one of the courses. So if you don’t have the basics down, you’ll feel lost.

Another issue is the trainers. The trainers are essentially “guest trainers” that teach all the different courses. Jim Cockrum is NOT the sole trainer in PAC 2.0. Instead, you’ll get experts in a given field training a course. This is ok because these people are selected based on their success, but if you don’t like the training style you might be thrown off a little.

The course has a lot of training and it is still good in my opinion. However, If you need structure and price is not an issue, then you should really stick with ASM.

If you want to learn more, do check out my Proven Amazon Course review.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lots of training & variety of topics
  • Many different ways to sell on Amazon
  • Great price


  • Confusing format
  • Lacks structure
  • Training not as in-depth as higher-priced courses

5. Private Label Masters – Tim Sanders

Course Creator: Tim Sanders

Training format & length: 2o+ Hours – Video training

Suitable For: Mostly beginners

Pricing: $4997

Money-Back Guarantee: Not Clear (read the fine-print for details)

Rating: 4.3/5

This course focuses on what the title of it suggests – Private Labeling. PLM is one of the best Amazon FBA courses for private labeling. You won’t find any retail arbitrage or yard sale selling techniques with this course. It’s all about building your private label brand.

What I like is that you don’t need to have any experience with selling on Amazon or with private labels. Tim will teach it all to you with very methodical, step-by-step instructions. It’s also good for some experienced Amazon sellers that want a different approach or just more training in private labeling.

Tim Sanders has a good reputation and runs his own Amazon business. So he actually DOES this stuff and doesn’t just teach it. He’s had great success with Amazon FBA even though he only started in 2016.

What’s Included in the Course:

Tim teaches 6 different components on how to sell private label products on Amazon. He says that by using his “Compound Layering” technique, you should be able to create a 6 figure Amazon business, all within 6 months. The training consists of the following:

  • How to find products
  • Sourcing products
  • Shipping
  • Create your product listing
  • Advertising
  • Product launch

The core training builds on each of these 6 parts. It is done in video format through a total of 8 modules. It is easy to understand, even with the more complicated aspects such as sourcing products and creating your listing.

As far as support goes, you are going to get access to a Facebook group once you join the course. The community is active and helpful. You also get access to Tim with weekly Q&A live calls.

Things I am not crazy about:

The price. It’s expensive! However, if you join right away on your discovery phone call, you are entitled to a $1500 discount. My advice is to ask for a higher discount. My experience with these types of “phone call deals” is that you can negotiate.

You are also limited to just private labeling. You won’t be taught other strategies like retail arbitrage found on much cheaper courses like PAC 2.0.

Pros and Cons


  • Positive student testimonials and success stories
  • Helpful and active private community
  • Comprehensive & easy-to-understand training
  • Great for beginners
  • Tim has a good reputation


  • Expensive!
  • You have to pay $49 a month for a private Facebook community after 6 months (this sucks!)
  • Product supplier sourcing is outdated
  • Should have more focus on branding

For more on Tim’s course, check out my Private Label Masters review.

Closing Thoughts

If you can afford the price tag, I would seriously go with ASM.

ASM is the Grand-Daddy of all and will give you the best chance to build a successful Amazon FBA business. If affordability is a problem, then choose something more suitable for you based on this list. Remember, this is all about the best Amazon FBA course and I would not include any duds here. I think the best lower-cost alternative to ASM is MarketPlace Superheroes, but the other options will do you fine.

With these training options, I have no doubt you can build a profitable Amazon business regardless if you are a beginner or not.

What to Look for When Buying an Amazon FBA Course:

You’ve probably seen many cheap courses for FBA online through Udemy and other platforms. A cheap, $10 course is just not going to cut it. They are likely outdated, written by people that just try to make a profit and don’t have a favorable reputation.

Let me ask you this. Would you trust throwing a grand or two on a big order from a seller based on training from a $10 course? I didn’t think so.

Stay the hell away. 😉

Instead, this is what you should be looking for:

1. Reputation of the Founder/Creator

The reputation of the person that put the course together is the FIRST thing you should look at. You need to do your research and find out things like:

  • how long has he/she been around
  • do they actually do FBA or TALK about it
  • do they have student success stories
  • do they have a lot of followers
  • is there any trash talk or red flags?

One thing I constantly preach with any Amazon FBA training course is to make sure your instructor walks the walk. You want him/her to be knee-deep in Amazon selling and actually has proof to back up earnings. Do not fall for a flashy sales page with some guy sitting on the hood of a rented Lamborghini. Do not fall for a well-polished sales video promising you the world but offering little proof they were successful.

What you want is someone (or a group of someones) that have built successful Amazon FBA brands. You want to learn from them. Not some Joe just trying to sell you a freedom ticket.

You can spot people like this usually by Googleing their names. You should be able to see if they have held any industry-related conferences, have written any books, or have been in any legit publications. If you can find all or any of the above, they should be legit.

The guy on the hood of a Lambo likely is not.

2. A Thriving Community

An active and thriving community of real people (not bots) is proof that the product you are considering buying is worth it. If there’s no interaction or very few posts, then chances are it’s not great. That’s a red flag.

Now, granted you need to buy the course before you get access to these communities, but some of these courses will have a free community you can join. See what the activity is like there. You can also go on places like Reddit or forums where you might get some feedback on the community.

If you hear all good things, then chances are the course is a hit with the members. If you get the feeling there’s a lot of trash talk, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

A great community is going to help you achieve success with your online business. You’ll find motivation there, plus some helpful tips, and be able to ask questions. If you’re in a jam, you’ll find help to get out of it.

You’ll also build relationships with people in the community which could go a long way. You might even be able to “team up” with an experienced seller on your next project.

3. Training Format

I believe that (and this is especially for beginners) that the roadmap to success depends on how the training is laid out.

If the training is poorly organized, and lacks any sort of progression, then you might be left confused and unmotivated to continue. Proper format should start with an introduction, telling you what you are going to learn, actually teaching you that in easy-to-condense modules, then motivating you to take action.

I’ve seen too many courses where the training is a mish-mash of topics just tossed in. People learn best when it is structured.

4. Product Sourcing Training

Finding the right product(s) is so instrumental in building a thriving business.

Imagine investing in a product only to find out it’s a complete dud after you’ve invested all your hard-earned money?

Talk about a sinking ship.

Before you choose a product, you’ll need to know if it’s going to be successful. A good Amazon FBA course is going to help you choose wisely. So don’t go and spend all your time building your store, optimizing your listings, and spending money on Facebook and Amazon ads only to let it all come crashing down in failure and defeat.

Your product IS your business. It’s the number one thing that you build your entire business around.

The best courses teach you how to find products that are bound to be profitable. You’ll find gems that are in high demand but have little to no competition. The benefit here is greater success with lesser risk.

To sum it all up, the best Amazon FBA courses all have one thing in common – the quality of the content. I’ve bought many courses and the pattern with bad ones is they all seem to be the same. It’s just low-quality, spun content that is mashed together and bundled in a “course”.

Be sure to do your research and I trust the info in this roundup review for FBA courses has helped. If you’re pumped and ready to start your FBA business, I’d suggest you get started with ASM.

Why Should You Invest in an Amazon FBA Course?

I know what you’re thinking – “this Amazon FBA venture is going to cost me a lot of money”.

Am I right?

The truth is, yes, there are some up-front costs involved before you’ll ever see any returns. Most of this is training and your first shipment to the Amazon fulfillment center.

I first learned Amazon FBA for free through Youtube and some personal blogs, even some forums. I thought I knew it all but then failed until I got trained properly.

So yes, you can find Amazon seller training for free online but it is putting you at risk for failure. Getting free training for a business like this is like buying a used car without having a mechanic check it out first. You don’t want to take the risk. If you fail you’re going to give up. And, I don’t want you to give up. I want you to succeed.

A good course is going to give you the roadmap to success. Every step you take will be the right one and you’ll be confident when it comes time to make that first product investment.

Any obstacles that you encounter can be dealt with through the support community. Most courses offer webinars where you can ask questions and get direct help either through the coaches or other experienced members.

Frequently Asked Questions on Amazon FBA Courses

What is the best Amazon FBA Course?

The best Amazon FBA course is ASM – the Amazing Selling Machine by Jason Katzenback & Matt Clarke. It has an excellent reputation, has been around since 2012, and has many success stories. It’s the best for finding products, suppliers, building your brand, optimizing your list, and growing your online store. It’s not cheap, but not many courses can compete at the same level.

What is the best way to learn Amazon FBA?

The best way to learn Amazon FBA is to immerse yourself in the best training available. It is not wise to follow any free guides online, because these are outdated and can be full of bad advice. A proper course will give you the best chance for success.

Are Amazon FBA courses worth it?

Amazon FBA courses are definitely worth it. This is because of the complexity involved in setting up your Amazon business properly. There are many moving parts and a good course will help you with product research, dealing with suppliers, ad optimization, and more.

Is Amazon FBA worth it in 2024?

Yes, Amazon FBA is still worth it in 2024. With no signs of Amazon slowing down and being the #1 marketplace on earth, you can’t go wrong with selling on this platform. It can be competitive, but with the right know-how, many sellers see tremendous success and profits.

Drew Mann

2 thoughts on “5 Best Amazon FBA Courses For 2024: Is There a Clear Winner?”

  1. Hi Drew,
    Your blog is fantastic, and the most informative and decent content I have read so far regarding courses and online training. Having done a lot of research myself because so much of what you read online is junk, I can see by the courses you recommend that you do really decent and honest revues. Thank you its so refreshing.
    I just have one question. I see this info is from 2021, would you still recommend Market Place Superheroes highly for 2023? I have been looking at this course quite a bit of late so was just interested to know if they still rank as highly as before.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    • Hi Mandy, thanks for the positive feedback, very much appreciated. Also, thanks for bringing this up because I just realized I didn’t update the year when I updated this post, it has now been corrected. Marketplace heroes is definitely legit which is why it’s still on this list. So yes, can’t go wrong with training from Robert & Stephen.

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