Proven Amazon Course Review: Jim Cockrum Training Legit?

Welcome to my Proven Amazon Course Review

My guess is that you are here because you want to build a successful Amazon FBA business and think that Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course is the way to go.

In this review, I am going to take you inside the course because I bought it - so you will be able to see for yourself what you are getting for your money. Click here to skip the review and go straight to my verdict.

I promise you that this will be the most in-depth review of the Proven Amazon Course you will ever see.

I don't just gloss over it like other reviews you may have seen - I will take a deep dive into all the modules and content so you know exactly what you are getting.

Before I jump in, if you're thinking about starting an Amazon business by watching some free videos on Youtube or just doing the research elsewhere - a word of caution. You could end up spending a LOT more money than necessary if you don't get proper training.

This is why you should invest in some decent training and I'm going to show you if this course is for you in my review.

You may have heard that the course is well known and others have had success from it. It's understandable to be skeptical but that's why I am here so let's get started!

What is the Proven Amazon Course 2.0?

The Proven Amazon Course 2.0 is created by Jim Cockrum. He has been selling on Amazon since 2009. The course has 8 different categories of training with a variety of speakers.

You will learn online Arbitrage selling, Amazon Basics, how to build your business and maximize success.

How Much Does it Cost?

You have two options here.

  • $29 a month
  • $499 one time payment (lifetime access)

The Price is Going UP on Jan 11, 2023!

The price of the Proven Amazon Course is going up to $39 a month for new members.

For the one time payment option, it's going up to $999.

Jump in now before the price goes up! You will be locked in at the regular price if you join before Jan 11.

Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Review — First Impressions

When you first log into the course I have to admit - I wasn't even sure I was in the right place!

It looks extremely busy with a whole bunch of modules that don't really have any organization. It's like an an à la carte menu. Anyway, content is what counts.

A Ton of Different Sub-Courses to Learn From

You can see from above and when you click on any one of the above buttons it will display any of the 32 different courses or "modules" that cover that topic. 

You can also click on "All PAC 2.0 Courses" to see the full course list. 

It's a lot to take in, but once you are used to the format and navigation, it's pretty easy.

Categories in the Proven Amazon Course

The categories to learn from as seen above are:

  • Getting Started
  • Arbitrage: Low Budget Sourcing
  • Advanced: Long-Term Strategies
  • Business Building
  • International Sellers
  • Merch by Amazon
  • Support & Resources
  • Live Events
  • Webinars and Workshops

Here is a list of some of the modules. When you click on any category above, it will reveal the modules for that category. Here, I have "All PAC 2.0 Courses" chosen.

By the way, I took these screenshots before going through the material and you can see the progress bar below - this helps you keep track of what you have viewed already so it's a nice touch!

Currently there's a total of 32 modules (not all listed below) and more are added when new material becomes available.

A Variety of Coaches

Unlike most courses where you will have a single coach, PAC 2.0 has a variety of different presenters / coaches.

For me, I find this a bit of a turn-off because I like to learn from one coach only. Some of the presenters are better than others but on the positive side there are no terrible speakers. However, some were a little hard to understand so hopefully you have patience!

Let's Get into the Training...

 So now you have an idea of the structure, what I want to do now is to dive more into detail about what these modules include.

1. Getting Started:

This category includes 8 courses:

  • Amazon Selling 101 (5 Modules) - A step by step guide on how to start the right way, avoid losing money and how to become profitable. List Element
  • Amazon Basics (2 modules) Learn how to set up your account and how to handle inventory.
  • Silent Sales Machine - Learn how to create multiple income streams
  • Online Sourcing Strategies (11 modules) - A course about online arbitrage which gives you multiple strategies on how to conduct this business. 
  • Buy Local, Sell to The World (9 modules) - Strategies include book sourcing, yard sales, Estate Sales, Vinyl records, Auctions & more. You'll learn what products to source and what to avoid. 
  • Proven Performance Inventory 2.0 (11 modules) - How to find high margin products with little competition you can start selling right away. No more guessing!
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing (9 modules) - How to build a profitable business with wholesale sourcing. Learn the entire process with 24 different sourcing strategies. 
  • Proven Private Label 2.0 (9 modules) - Learn how to start your own brand. Learn all the steps to start your own private label product from discovery to the launch phase.

Summary: The getting started courses include about 60 lessons in total from various speakers. From the Amazon Selling 101 course to the Proven Private Label 2.0 course, you're given a lot of great introductory information but even those with some Amazon experience will also benefit. 

2. Arbitrage: Low Budget Sourcing

In this section, you are going to learn all about arbitrage on a budget. Not sure what arbitrage on Amazon is? The idea is simple - find products you can buy cheap and sell for a higher price on Amazon. 

This section is going to teach you just that. 

The courses included are:

  • International AZ 2.0 - PAC for International Students (7 modules) - Learn how to sell on Amazon to the American market from a different country
  • Proven Q4 Plan (1 module) - Learn "over-the-shoulder" sourcing tips 
  • RA Replenish (8 modules) - How to find "replenishable" or replens products to sell on Amazon 
  • Amazing Selling 101 (5 Modules) - This module appears again in this section - probably because it has info on Arbitrage
  • Source. Expand. Automate - (8 modules) - This course covers Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage,  Seasonal Sourcing, expanding internationally & more.
  • Proven Book Sourcing (10 modules) - This course teaches you how to start an offline book sourcing business. Everything is included from A-Z. 
  • Product Sourcing MasterClass (12 modules) - learn about buyout offers, sourcing through local ads, exclusive drop-shipping, Online Arbitrage, ebay motors, local sourcing & more.
  • Proven Online Sourcing Strategies - learn every aspect of Online Arbitrage & gives you multiple sources on how to source products online 
  • Buy Local, Sell to the World (9 modules) - this module appears here and also in the get started section. 

Summary: The courses in the Arbitrage section is for those that are looking to get a head start in Amazon through arbitrage. This is essentially finding products that are cheap and selling them for more on Amazon.

Included are various strategies with Retail & Online Arbitrage, finding Replenishable products, books and more. There's a variety of speakers so each course has it's own flavor and take.

3. Advanced: Long Term Strategies

There are 7 courses in total in this section with some overlap again with some related courses. Here you will learn all about replens (again), sourcing products from China, how to find high margin products, wholesale sourcing, Proven Private Labeling (again) and the Coffee Masterclass. 

Full course list is below:

  • RA Replenish Course (8 modules)
  • Proven China Sourcing (2 modules) - Learn from decades of experience on how to import products from China 
  • Promotional Company Sourcing (3 modules) - Learn how promotional companies are great to get product ideas from and how to launch on Amazon for a low cost 
  • Proven Performance Inventory 2.0 (11 modules) - Brett Bartlett's technique to find high margin/low competition products to sell on Amazon 
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing (9 modules) - Learn what wholesale sourcing is, how to find legit wholesalers, how to approach and talk to them, etc.
  • Proven Private Label 2.0 (9 modules) - also included in the "Getting Started" section
  • Coffee Masterclass (6 modules) - Interested in selling coffee on Amazon? Learn everything you need to know to get your java selling on the world's biggest platform


There are around 50 different training videos in this section with two of them repeating from other modules. That might confuse some but they included them because each separate section is like a standalone course and they include what is relative - hope that makes sense.

The quality of training in this module is decent, it's mostly in video format and some downloadable PDF's.

Again, there's a variety of speakers with some videos that aren't "polished" as a live event for example but overall the information you are getting is decent.

4. Business Building

This is a short course with just 2 modules, Accounting Training and Proven Team Building.

In Accounting Training, you are going to learn real and proper accounting practices that is going to enable you to maximize profit with your business.

You're going to learn what tools and processes to use that will help you generate the biggest gains. Accounting may be boring, but getting help with numbers if you're not a numbers person is going to help. There are 4 modules in this course.

In Team Building, when your business is growing you are going to need to identify the bottlenecks preventing it from becoming bigger and better than it is.

This is something you won't need to worry about if you're just starting out but this course will benefit you when you need to start building a team to help grow your business.

5. International Sellers

If you are a seller that is not based in the United States but wants to sell to that market, then this category is for you.

Again, there is overlap here as the 4 courses are already in other categories. These are: International AZ 2.0, Proven Wholesale Sourcing, International AZ, Online Sourcing Strategies.

6. Proven Merch by Amazon

This course is going to help you with the Merch by Amazon platform. You're going to learn how to master it both optimally and creatively.

There are 3 modules in this course where you're going to learn about Amazon Prime, Trademarks, how to use the dashboard, upload Merch & master the templates.

Additional resources include brand usage guidelines, keyword tools for merch, online photoshop resources & extensions and product page creation guidelines.

Unfortunately, the teaching is all done with PDF's so you won't find any videos here. Nonetheless, the information provided is quite substantial.

6. Support & Resources

There are 3 courses in this section.

Tools & Services - Learn about the estimated sales velocity on Amazon. This is a chart that can give you an estimate of how many items you can sell based on certain data.

You will also learn about Fulfilment Services, get a list of tools, apps & services that have been endorsed by the Proven Amazon Course, and a reimbursements guide.

Amazon Basics - Learn how to set up an Amazon account - basic stuff here for noobs! Learn to sell as a professional or as an individual. This one is a video guide so easy to follow along. You'll get an overview of the Seller Central - your Amazon hub or headquarters if you will.

Ongoing Support - This is a collection of ongoing webinars on a variety of topics such as "the shortest path to success", "where do I start", "ask the experts" and so on.

7. Live Events

In this category, you are going to get access to all the live and recorded Proven Live Events. 

You're going to not only hear from speakers like Jim Cockrum himself but also Brett Bartlett, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Jimmy Smith, Nathan Bailey, Brenda Crimi, Jenny Hunt, Jeff Cohen and more.

You can watch the videos straight from the member's site or download them as well for easy viewing later.

The videos are lengthy, about an hour each and there are tons of them!

Topics covered are case studies, what is Dynasty Building, Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon Advertising Strategies, 7 Ways to Make $$$ From Your Passion, Proven Product Partnering & more.

8. Webinars & Workshops

This section just includes the course "Ongoing Support" which is found in 6. Support & Resources so I am not sure why it is repeated here. It seems like an unnecessary category unless there are plans to add more content in the future. 


The measure of a good course is not just by the content but by the support it provides. Support is good, with a variety of ways to get it. I do like the fact that there are different ways to contact the team or even other members which you don't find in a lot of courses these days.

  • Facebook
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat

Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is very active and at the time I logged in there are over 60,000 members. The last post was just a couple hours ago so it's defintely not stagnant.

Refund Policy

If for whatever reason you don't want the course anymore, simply contact support within 30 days and you'll get a full refund.

Proven Amazon Course Pros and Cons

After going through the PAC course I have come up with a list of some pros and cons you should be aware of.

The Pros of Proven Amazon Course:

  • Very affordable
  • Updates are frequent. When Amazon makes a change, the course gets updated to reflect those changes
  • Lifetime access - updates are free as long as you remain a member. 
  • Facebook group is very active with plenty of members and experts looking to help
  • Training videos are very engaging and easy to follow along

The Cons of Proven Amazon Course:

  • The training is very disorganized and can be confusing to some
  • There's lot of moving parts to run a successful amazon business. 

As you can see, the Pros outweigh the cons. However, to have your own Amazon fba business, it is going to take a lot of work on your part. If you can dedicate at least an hour a day applying what you learn with the program on your business, you should be able to do well. 

So The Big Question is, Should You Buy it?

If you're on a budget and also a complete beginner, I'm going to say YES!

At only $29 a month, it is ridiculously low and you'll even be able to give someone else 6 months of access for free if they want it. This is a limited-time offer so act now if you want to lock it in.

There are much higher-priced Amazon FBA courses out there, and you do get what you pay for but I think the Proven Amazon Course is a great starters course, especially for those that want to know if this business is for them because the risk is just ridiculously low.

Proven Amazon Course Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to the Proven Amazon Course.

1. The Amazing Selling Machine.

This course is very expensive, but is the holy grail of Amazon FBA training. Learn more about it here.

2. Marketplace Superheroes

This course is more affordable at $997. It's taught by Steven Somers and Robert Ricky who have both sold millions of dollars of products through Amazon FBA.

3. Blue Sky Amazon - Sophie Howard

The Blue Sky Amazon business model is more about building your own brand and will take a significant bigger investment. It's very different but it's also a decent option. Read more here.

My Final Thoughts on the Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Jim Cockrum is the person behind the course but having reviewed it entirely, he's definitely not. It may have been put together by him and his team, but really the course is just a collection of modules on a variety of topics from various speakers.

I see some positives and negatives with this model. On the positive side, it does keep things interesting by having different personalities to deal with. The information is also substantial but one conclusion to draw is that the course is very overwhelming and lacks structure.

For some that want a clear path and a lot of hand holding, I think they are going to find this course confusing and a bit of a challenge. 

Having said that, if they already know the direction they want to go in with Amazon, then they should have no real problems finding the right modules to learn from.

Another positive is the price. It's VERY CHEAP at only $29 a month. The course is also offered at a standalone price of $499 so if you want to forego those pesky monthly fees just go all in and pay once - done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

What is the best course to learn Amazon FBA

The best course to learn Amazon FBA is The Amazing Selling Machine. The drawback is it is very expensive. Proven Amazon Course is a good and cheaper alternative.

What is Amazon replens?

Amazon Replens is short for "replenishables". These are items that you can continuously restock over and over again before your stock level at Amazon gets depleted.

How do I start an Amazon FBA on a tight budget?

You can start an Amazon FBA business on a tight budget by the following ways:

1. Start by sourcing products locally. This can help cut down on shipping costs and get your business up and running faster.

2. Look for products that are in high demand but have low competition. This will help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of making a profit.

3. Don't forget to research your products thoroughly. Make sure that you know what you're getting into and that there is potential for profitability.

4. Utilize online resources to help you get started. There are a number of online courses and tutorials that can help you get started without spending a lot of money.

5. Keep your overhead costs low. This means keeping your online business as small as possible until you're able to turn a profit.

Is Amazon FBA profitable in 2022?

Yes, Amazon FBA is still profitable in 2022. You may hear negative opinions about an oversaturated market but the truth is Amazon is so huge that there's still a great opportunity to get in.

Is Jim Cockrum legit?

Yes, Jim Cockrum is legit. He is considered to be one of the most very credible marketers and business coaches in the world.

Does Proven Amazon Course offer 1 on 1 coaching?

No, PAC does not offer private one-on-one coaching. Most people that join the Proven Amazon Course 2.0 are on a budget, so private coaching would not be affordable to them anyway. There's plenty of support in the very active Facebook group so it's not needed.

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