Best Dropshipping Course for 2021 – Reviews of the Top 5

Welcome to my best dropshipping course review for 2021.

Do you want to succeed in ecom?

I have purchased and reviewed 18+ dropshipping courses and have compiled a list of the ones that I found to be best.

In the list below you will find my course recommendations of the top 5 for 2021.

I have separate reviews for them as well so you can get more details on each course.

On this page you will learn:
  • What the top 5 dropshipping courses for 2021 are
  • Which one is my recommendation & why
  • Pros & Cons of each course and a link to a full review
  • What you need to know before buying an ecom course

I’ll also discuss the creator & coach of each and will go into other details that I trust you will find valuable.

You’ll notice a vast price difference between some of these but keep in mind that does not mean the pricier the better. See for yourself what I have to say about these courses.

Best Dropshipping Courses 2021

Ecom Elites is best designed for beginners. You'll learn how to create a Shopify store from scratch and how to find products.

Once you find a winner, you will learn to scale it for bigger profits.


$197 - $297


Created by proven marketer. Comprehensive training & regularly updated


Video training only, no text

Overall Rating

In my opinion, Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites is the best dropshipping course for 2021.

This course is suitable for beginners looking to start an ecommerce store on Shopify.

Why it's Great:

  • Plenty of student success stories
  • Regularly updated
  • Inexpensive - one time payment & no monthly fees
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Support included & active Facebook community
  • Lot's of different methods to get traffic to your store, not just one or two like with other programs
  • Created by well-respected internet marketer and dropshipper Franklin Hatchett (he does this stuff, not just teaches)

eCom Elites has so much content and with over 200 videos covering topics such as Facebook & Instagram Ads, email marketing, chat bots, product research, Google Shopping Ads, sales funnels and more. 

You can be assured that every aspect of getting your dropshipping business going is included at price lower than what you'd expect.

I believe this course should be priced much higher than the $197 price tag and especially for the eCom Elites Ultimate at $297 (which is new including Google Ads & funnel  training) as it competes with higher priced courses.

On top of that, you even get a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Accompanied with a Facebook group for support and ongoing updated content, it’s the hands down winner.

2.  Product Winner Blueprint - Tristan Broughton

Product Winner Blueprint is for those with a dropshipping store already.

It will teach you to find winning products and scale up.




Very detailed instruction on how to find winning products & how to scale your store.


Not suitable for beginners & those that don't have a store yet.

Overall Rating

If you have an ecom store already or at least know how to set it up properly without needing a course to walk you through all that stuff, PWB could be for you. 

Tristan Broughton created this course and it's core focus is finding that winning product to scale and cash in from. It's a great course with some new methods I have seen and really drills down product finding and converting.

He has also created his new Google Ads eCom Academy that you can bundle with Product Winner Blueprint for $497 or buy separately at $397. It's a no brainer to get the bundle package if you are serious about scaling your store.

Remember that this course requires that you have a store setup already.

If you are completely new, you should consider eCom Elites instead.

3.  eCom Success Academy - Adrian Morrison

The eCom Success Academy is also suitable for beginners but comes with a high price tag.

Focus is on dropshipping inexpensive novelty items and print on demand.




Very comprehensive training and taught by Adrian Morrison - he actually does this stuff and does it well.


VERY expensive / no refunds

Overall Rating

Adrian Morrison is a big name in the eCom world. He has made millions in dropshipping and has proof to back it up.

Ecom Success Academy or ESA for short is packed with value and is laid out very nicely.

Here are some additional benefits you get with your membership to ESA:

  • Includes art licensing where you can create print on demand products. It also includes his "Sizzle Product Sniper Software" which I used myself but there's other ways you can do the same thing without this software.
  • You also get weekly training with his "Profit Power Hour Webinars". This is closed off and available to students only.

I purchased this course myself 4 years ago and have a full review on it as well so do check it out. 

The course has been updated a few times since then so nice to see that updates are free.

It’s pricey at $2495 so unless you’ve got the money to spend, you should probably stick with eCom Elites

4.  Dropship Lifestyle - Anton Kraly

Dropship Lifestyle focuses on "Evergreen" products from known manufacturers. They do not teach you to source "trending" products. Typically this is more "high-ticket" dropshipping.


$2997 - 4997


Dropship Lifestyle offers direct support to help you choose a niche, products & store setup.


VERY expensive, refund is action based

Overall Rating

I was hesitant to include Dropship Lifestyle in my recommendations but felt it was necessary because not all people are interested in selling "trending" or inexpensive novelty items from China.

Dropship Lifestyle focuses on "evergreen" products which are items that have been selling years ago that still sell today.

This can be an advantage, but at the same time the competition is fierce. You'll be up against big names competing for the same products.

However, Dropship Lifestyle has a more "hands on" approach where they will help you choose a niche and tell you if it will be successful.

Key Points:

  • Drop Ship Lifestyle® Theme supplied to build your store - no guessing on setup 
  • You choose a niche - Dropship Lifetyle will provide feedback if it's a winner or not
  • With their scripts, you can become an Authorized Retailer for big brands
  • They claim to have "proven" traffic system to get eyeballs on your store

Pricing is at two levels for Dropship Lifestyle.

The basic subscription will cost you $2997 and gives you access to all the training modules, private apps and DSL's dropshipping software.

The $4997 Ultimate package gives you an "almost" done for you store where you'll have more hands on training, including private calls with Anton Kraly. 

This option is for those that prefer Dropship Lifestyle do the heavy lifting for them but it also comes at a much higher price.

5.  Netsphere - Arie Scherson

Netsphere is a dropshipping course by Arie Scherson. This 20 hours of training shows you how to find winning products, launch and scale Facebook ads and work with influencers. It is suitable for beginners and reasonably priced.




Affordable, comprehensive training. Suitable for beginners


No refunds, focus on Facebook ads only

Overall Rating

Youtuber Arie Scherson's newest course - Netsphere, promises to help you build and scale a Shopify store with the dropshipping model.

His course is well structured but in the world of dropshipping doesn't really reveal any groundbreaking strategies that you may already know if you bought another course.

If you only want to focus on Facebook ads, then you might want to consider this course because as for traffic, that's really it. You will get some traffic from influencers as well though because that's another thing Arie teaches.

In my opinion, i'd probably choose eCom Elites over this one because eCom Elites has a ton of Facebook training as well as Google ads training, influencers, SEO, social media and more.

If you are a huge fan of Arie and like what you have seen on his Youtube channel, then perhaps this could be an option for you.

The Clear Winner...

You might have figured out by now that the best dropshipping course for 2021 is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

Here are the reasons why eCom Elites is better than the other courses.

  • Lowest Price
  • Over 220 videos of training - more than the other courses
  • Teaches more traffic methods than just Facebook - others' main focus is Facebook
  • Updates are free and course stays current (relevant for 2021)
  • Refund guarantee (some of the other courses don't offer refunds)

I do want to mention that the other courses would not have made this list if they were crap! There are no losers on this page and you can't go wrong with any one of them.

It is your choice which one you go with but I do hope you take my suggestion to heart. I'm a member of eCom Elites as well as the others and can say that it ticks off all the boxes and just makes the most sense - especially if you are new.

Top Dropshipping Courses Conclusion

I'll be adding more recommendations as I see fit. As you can see I don't include all the courses I review on my blog here, as not all of them qualify as a good investment in my opinion.

Things have changed and some courses from 2020 are no longer available so that's why they are not on this list. These ones are your best option going forward in 2021!

Before you buy any course...

A good instructor that actually walks the walk and isn't full of talk is what you need.

The money you save on a good & less expensive course can go towards ads, and since a lot of focus is on ads, more investment in this area greatens your chances of finding that first winning product. It gets easier from there.

Remember, all these courses have the same goal in mind - to help you find that winning product and to scale. There is no "secret sauce" with the higher priced courses that separate that from the lower priced ones. Let that sink in. Why would you spend more then?

That's just being foolish and I know my readers are much more savvy than that 🙂

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If you have any questions, drop a comment below or just contact me. I answer all inquiries.



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