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Welcome to my Salehoo Review.

It looks like you've been searching for more information on Salehoo or a review on the product. 

I promise not to disappoint as I have a Salehoo membership so i'll be able to demonstrate the product for you to see if it's something you should buy or not. 

Although Salehoo offers help with finding products and suppliers for people that sell on Ebay, Amazon, personal blogs, etc., we are going to focus on how Salehoo can benefit you for your ecommerce drop shipping store. You are able to find wholesalers as well, where you can buy in bulk and have it shipped directly to you.

Most people that are new to the drop shipping game focus on finding products just on Aliexpress. There's nothing wrong with that as it's a great place to find products and drop shippers. 

Having a variety of drop shippers that are vetted by a third party outside of Aliexpress is a great advantage to have. Essentially, this is what Salehoo does.

Salehoo Review

Let's dive into the features and benefits of Salehoo to see if it's for you

Choose From Over 1,000 Trusted Drop Ship Suppliers

You'll be able to find the right drop shipper within Salehoo. These companies are kept within their database and have all been vetted throught their own vigorous process.

You will be able to get the drop shippers contact information, see their range of products, quality levels, where and how they ship and even see customer service reviews. If you've ever had to deal with a nightmare supplier, you can be confident that all the ones provided by Salehoo are legit.

Here's a screenshot in the members area where you can see how easy it is to contact suppliers. It's all done within the interface.

As a dropshipper yourself, you can sort the suppliers on Salehoo via minimum orders. Many suppliers offer very low or zero minimum orders.

Some suppliers require an application fee, but stay clear of them and just focus on the 70% of suppliers that don't require this. 

Here's a screen shot from within the members area where you can find suppliers to drop ship based on the category:

Product Categories

Salehoo has a plethora of categories to choose from and below are just a few of them.

So as we can see, whatever niche you are in, you should have no problems finding a dropshipper to work with. You may even find additional products that you normally would not find on Aliexpress.

Or, you could use their product list as research to find new products to sell then see what suppliers you can drop ship from.

Market Research Labs

As an ecom store owner, you need to always keep your eyes open for new and exciting products and be able to spot trends. This takes a lot of practice, trial and error and it doesn't always work out but you become less prone to making mistakes when you get good at it.

Salehoo has a section where a team collects data on sales, profits and trends. As a Salehoo member you get access to this product data so you can see what products are selling.

This certainly is great help to the newbies in drop shipping as you'll be able to cut down on manual product research. Although you should still do this, having Salehoo do the legwork for you is a great way to find potential winning products.

Below I show you one of the features of the Research Lab where you can find products and see how they are doing. In this example I chose the niche "home improvement" with a sale rate up to 25% and cost from $0 - $45. I also included low, medium and high competition which you can also further drill down to. (sorry it's a bit blurry!)

Perfect For Beginners

I don't know about you, but when I started my first drop shipping store it was in the general niche and although i got some great ecom training I still wish I had an easier way to find products and drop shippers. 

I didn't know about Salehoo at the time but wish I did. Don't get me wrong though - it's essential to understand how to do product research and have a great chance at finding winning products on your own, but Salehoo kinda compliments this whole process in my mind.

Even if you find a product on Aliexpress, you can use the Salehoo tools to see how it's doing on the market. 

The staff at Salehoo are also very willing to help. Their whole platform is built with you, the customer in mind - to achieve success. Afterall, they want you to renew their $67 / year membership and that's not gonna happen with a bad product.

Training and support is managed by experts in the field of e-commerce who manage their own stores and have done well, they aren't just trained staff they picked up from the street.

So, Do you Need Salehoo?

As a beginner, do you need Salehoo? I think it will cut down on your research time yes, and if the $67 fee doesn't bug you, it's a no brainer for even a noob. It also allows you to search for products outside of the conventional Aliexpress route that EVERYONE else is doing, so you do have an advantage out of the gate. 

I do need to stress that if you have solid eCom training, you probably don't need Salehoo right away but could be something down the road to invest in.

SaleHoo Pros & Cons

  • Many great brands to choose from such as Sony, Adidas, etc
  • Customer service is top notch
  • Suppliers go through a virorous screening process so rest assured you will be dealing with legitimate suppliers
  • Backed with a 60 day money back guarantee
  • If you are starting out, you can still use Salehoo for low minimum orders
  • One time yearly fee with no monthly costs or hidden fees
  • Salehoo supplies 1.6 million products compared to 16 million with Worldwide Brands
  • There are marketplace fees incurred when using Salehoo to buy products and then sell them on Amazon or Ebay. This isn't exactly a con with Salehoo, but you'll need to understand the fees with third party platforms that could cut into your profits.

Salehoo Guarantee & Refunds

You have a 60 day window to decide if you want to keep Salehoo or not. That's a very generous policy because on average for products like this you are looking at a few days to a month at max for refunds. Seems like they really stand behind their product and are confident you'll keep it.

SaleHoo Review Conclusion

For those who are looking to build their dropshipping business and don't want to use products from AliExpress, Salehoo is a great option. 

With over 1.6 million products to choose from, you are going to have a lot of products at your disposal to test with. Best of all, you don't need to store any products as the suppliers will handle the dropshipping for you.

Drew Mann

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  1. Are there any other reliable platforms to source products for drop shipping, or it’s mainly AliExpress and Salehoo that are the two main players?

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for the reply! The content on this site has tremendously value for beginners like myself who is trying to venture out into the online entrepreneurship world. Coupled with the fact that you actually care enough to answer all the questions on here is commendable!! I salute you and thank you so much for giving back to online community!
    One thing I didn’t see is a subscription to this blog. (maybe I missed it)
    I would definitely be interested in subscribing to this site to get updates on any new posts!:)

    • Hi Vinny, thank you for your positive feedback, much appreciated! I don’t have a subscription per se but you can grab either my affiliate marketing or ecom cheatsheet. It is a bit hidden but you should find it upon exit of most ecom or affiliate marketing pages.

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