Ecommerce Accelerator Review: Salehoo Dropshipping Course

Welcome to my eCommerce Accelerator review.

I'm a member of this course and spent an entire week going through the course material. I've been running an ecom store since 2017 and always looking for new ways to improve it. This course is definitely a game-changer when it comes to dropshipping.

I will rate this course based on quality of content, effectiveness, how up-to-date it is and value for your money.

Let's drive right in!

What is the eCommerce Accelerator?

The eCommerce Accelerator is a dropshipping to wholesale course that comes to you from the creators of Salehoo. Salehoo originally started off as just a directory of dropshipping suppliers, but they now also provide training for beginners to help them build a profitable ecommerce business.

Who Teaches the eCommerce Accelerator?

The training in the eCommerce Accelerator is done by Sarah Li. Sarah was chosen because she herself has created four multi-million dollar ecom stores in just 3 years.

Sarah has successfully used Salehoo's unique system to pre-verify all the products and niches she tests on her stores. As a result, each one of her stores have surpassed 1 million dollars in revenue.

Because of Sarah's success and knowledge of the Salehoo platform, she was the perfect choice to teach this course.

How eCommerce Accelerator is Different Than Other Programs

There are many other training courses out there that teach you how to start your own eCommerce/dropshipping business. However, these courses don't provide you with any tools. And - they only teach you the dropshipping model. So, it pretty much ends there.

With the eCommerce Accelerator, you are not only taught how to launch an online store, but you're given the tools to help you do so. These tools include the SaleHoo Market Research Labs, where you can find trending and low competition products.

You're also given a dropship tool that imports products directly into your store. 

Also inlcluded is the Salehoo Directory Tool that has over 8000+ suppliers from all over the world. They've also been pre-vetted so you don't have to do any research on them to know if they are reliable or not.

You're also taught their "3-phase dropship to wholesale" process. While most dropshipping courses only teach you dropshipping, with eCommerce Accelerator once you have found a winning product, you'll buy that product in bulk and move to a wholesale model. 

This allows much faster shipping times and also greater profits on each item sold. What I like here is that you aren't just buying products willy nilly, you're testing them first and then only wholesaling products that are selling well.

No other dropshipping course I am aware of provides tools like these and teaches this type of method.

That's how eCommerce Accelerator has a leg up on other courses. And - it's the right way to do dropshipping in 2023 and beyond. The old model doesn't cut it anymore.

How Much Does the eCommerce Accelerator Course Cost?

The cost of the course is $267. This gives you lifetime access to the course and to all the SaleHoo tools as well.

You also have the option of a 3-pay, at $89 a month for 3 months.

What I like about the 3-pay system is that $89 x 3 = $267. Most other courses that offer a monthly payment option always ends up costing you more than if you were to pay the one time fee. 

So why not just do the 3-pay. It ends up costing you the same. It's very fair.

What About Refunds?

If for some reason you're not ready to follow through with setting up your store, you can ask for a refund within 30 days. What I like here is that it's a "no questions asked" refund.

Most other courses will ask to show that you've made an attempt to start your store, or prove that you didn't make any sales, etc. before getting a refund approval. With eCommerce Accelerator you don't need to. Just ask.

What's Included in the eCommerce Accelerator Program?

When you buy the eCommerce Accelerator, you not only get the course which includes 8 modules of training, but you also get access to SaleHoo Dropship, The SaleHoo Directory and SaleHoo Educate.

SaleHoo Dropship

Salehoo Dropship allows you to find hot products from dependable suppliers. This tool allows you to add products to your store with just one click. It kinda replaces "Oberlo" if you are familiar with that tool.

SaleHoo Directory

The SaleHoo Directory is a database of 8000 plus vetted suppliers and 2.5 million products. It includes the Directory and Market Research Labs that allows you to find profitable hidden products that no one is selling yet.

SaleHoo Educate

Salehoo Educate inlcudes the Dropshipping on Shopify course.

Dropshipping on Shopify - This is actually the same course as the eCommerce Accelerator, but it does not include the tools. So, you could get the same course but without the tools for only $47. However, the tools are needed if you're going to want the best chance for success. If you buy them after, it will cost you more.

I am not sure why SaleHoo Educate is included with the eCommmerce Accelerator because the Dropshipping on Shopify course is the same course. This left me a little confused. The course can be bought separately without the tools as I mentioned above, so not sure why they would include this since you have it already.

16 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Ecommerce Accelerator Course by SaleHoo

1. You Get Tools Included

As mentioned above, this is not just a course, but it's a system. Not only do you get training and a blueprint to build a profitable and sustainable eCommerce business, but you get the tools to make it a reality.

Having these tools is essential if you want to see any degree of success. You could still start your ecom business without them, but I think it would end up costing you more money and time in the long run.

2. Taught by a 7-figure Earner

Salehoo was smart to have someone that actually "walks-the-walk" with ecom to teach the course. Instead of just having one of their employees or some unknown to teach the course, they chose Sarah Li teach it. As mentioned above, Sarah Li has a few multi-million dollar stores that she operates. She also uses SaleHoo's tools so you're getting first-hand experience.

3. Salehoo Has Been Around for 10 Years

SaleHoo isn't a fly-by-night company that just started. They've been around for 10 years already and have a lot of ecom experience. Plus, the owners themselves have created 6 and 7 figure online businesses. It's a company that has been built on practical, real-world experience.

They've been featured in Forbes, Huffpost, CNBC and more publications.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

If for some reason you're not happy, you are protected with a 30 day money back guarantee. So there's really no excuse not to join.

5. 24/7 Support

If you ever get stuck, you can click on support at the bottom right and get connected to live chat. The agents were quite helpful with questions and I was able to get connected with minimal wait times.

6. You'll Learn How to Find Winning Products

Sarah recommends you sell products that solve a problem. She's discovered from her multi-million dollar ecom stores that these are the products that do best. A lot of other ecom courses tell you to find "hot" products, and yes, these do sell, but they are usually novelty items that fade after the trend is over. Products that solve problems are considered evergreen and will always have demand.

Along with her other strategies, you've got SaleHoo's tools as well to find winning products. So combining Sarah's experience and SaleHoo's tools, it's a winning combination.

7. You'll Learn how to do Proper Market Research

You can't sell anything without being able to define your niche and audience. In this course you'll learn how to find a niche that works with you and understand who your audience is. 

You'll learn how to use Google Trends to find winning products, research your competition to see what they are doing (and succeeding at) and what the exact keywords are to increase your traffic. 

8. You'll Learn How to Create an Online Store From Scratch

You don't need to learn to code or have a technical backround. You're taught how to create a store using the Shopify platform. Shopify makes it easy to set up a great looking store that anyone can do. There's tons of support available if you ever need a hand.

When creating a store, you are taught how to come up with a store name that will resonate well with your audience, how to create a logo, mission statement and slogan. 

You'll also learn how to set up SaleHoo dropship on your store. When it comes to products, you'll be trained on writing product sales copy that converts, using Sarah's proven methods. 

Everything is taugh here to have a fully functioning store and nothing was left out. All the bases were covered well which even includes all the navigational stuff like headers and footers. If you don't know what that is, don't worry - all is explained in an easy way.

9. Pre-Launch. What to do Before Your Store Goes Live

Before you do any promotion, it's important that you've got all your bases covered. You are going to learn everything that you need before going live.

Things like:

  • creating a Facebook Business Account
  • Social proof for social media
  • Setting up your Facebook pixel
  • Optimizing social media posts with the Later app
  • How using coupon codes can increase conversions
  • How to set up email automation and pop-up forms

Having your store look professional is important but so is everything else that runs to support it. All the training is provided so that your store is ready when you launch. A first impression is important, and the course prepares you well to ensure that everything looks just right.

10. You'll Learn How to Scale Your Business

In order to make real money, you need to scale. This course doesn't just teach you how to make a few sales here and there, but how to scale it to a big operation. You'll learn scale strategies that incorporate not just Facebook ads but Google ads and Influencer marketing strategies.

But it doesn't stop there. Things like retargetting, analyzing the numbers, fulfilling your orders in an efficient way are all taught. 

The course seems to cover all the bases without leaving anything untouched.

11. They Have a Lot of Positive Reviews

SaleHoo already has a great reputation and the same can be said for the eCommerce Accelerator course. There's plenty of positive reviews online and here are just some of them:

12. Additional Guides and Resources

When you purchase the eCommerce Accelerator, you get access to a lot of additional resources which go beyond the course. This includes free guides such as getting started, what to sell, selling on eBay & Amazon and more.

All this information is frequently updated. So you'll be able to find out what's trending and what products you should focus on.

While everything is covered in the course, this is just some additional information that you've got access to. If you're ever stuck, you can just reach out to chat support for instant answers to your questions.

13. $100 Google Ads Credit

With your subscription to the course, you are given $100 worth of Google ads credit which is free. If you choose to advertise on Google, you can get started with this $100 bonus credit. That knocks $100 bucks off what you paid for the course!

14. Included Templates Makes Things Easier

One of the challenges faced with new ecom business owners is setting up the legal and policy pages. You need to make sure you get this right. Fortunately, you get templates for these pages so most of the work is done for you.

You also get an "Influencer Outreach Template" which will help you sound like a pro when you reach out and collaborate with influencers. This is going to help you save money and get deals closed much easier than if you were to do it on your own. Influencers can tell if you're new to the game and try to take advantage of you. With these templates, that's gone out the window!

15. This System Isn't Taught Anywhere Else

The eCommerce Accelerator isn't just dropshipping or private labeling. It's a lot more than that.

The course has a proven 3-Phase System that no one else teaches. It begins with a discovery phase where you identify fast selling products. The next phase is where you are shown how to shortlist those products and find a guaranteed winner. Phase 3 is where you'll get the tools to find pre-vetted suppliers for those products.

It's no longer a guessing game and no longer a risk by dealing with unvetted suppliers like in the old days.

16. It's inexpensive!

One of the main reasons why many people can't start a new online business is because some courses are just so expensive. This prevents them from even getting started.

This is not the case with eCommerce Accelerator. You can get started for just $89 split into 3 payments. Or, you can just pay $267 up-front. As I mentioned earlier, I really like how you don't get penalized by choosing a payment plan and paying more like with other programs. Both plans work out to the same which I think is great.

On top of that, after going through the material, I think Salehoo can charge 3-5 times more for the eCommerce Accelerator and I still think it would be worth it.

Wrapping This Up

So there you have it. I hope you got something out of this eCommerce Accelerator review and can now make a decision. 

It was hard to find any faults with the course. I'm still not 100% done completing it because there are plenty of other resources I mentioned that I still need to check out. However, from what i've seen so far, it's VERY different from other courses offered today.

Dropshipping has indeed changed. If you're not doing what eCommerce Accelerator teaches, you're going to be left behind.

Get started today for just $89

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Drew Mann

6 thoughts on “Ecommerce Accelerator Review: Salehoo Dropshipping Course”

  1. Hi Drew,

    I am new to dropshipping and from reading your review on eCommerce Accelerator it seems it would be the best course for me budget wise, but I know with any business I would need money to get started after buying the course. Can you please tell me a ballpark figure of how much I would need excluding the cost of the course in order to get it up and running $1000, $2000. I just don’t want to buy the course and not have enough money to get what’s needed in order to have an online store. I also would like to know in your review it states that I would have to start doing wholesale can you elaborate on that.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Patricia, thankfully with dropshipping you won’t have to ever buy or store products so that zero’s out that cost. You’ll need a domain, a Shopify subscription (basic is fine) and that’s about it to get started. So you’re looking at under $100 to start. Your main expense will be ads which you have 100% control over. As for tools, when you buy the course, Salehoo includes tools to help you find winning products and vendors. As for wholesale, that’s only an option if you wanted to really scale it up. You’d only do that with a winning product but still an option – you can continue with conventional dropshipping. The profits will be a bit less but you won’t have to store anything. Hope that helps.

  2. Good Morning Drew. How many user licenses does Ecommerce Accelerator include at time of purchase of the course?

    Thanks in advance for your response


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